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In related news – According to ……

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PHV Blogger Elizabeth Cantwell / January 2016 / (-$6): Slow Going

(I know this isn’t a proper poet photo (and don’t worry, I was at a stoplight!) but it feels to me like the beginning of this year has felt so far, as a writer: side-lit, sneaky, with something alive over my shoulder.)

And yes, as the title of this post indicates: I don’t have much to show for my efforts yet! But it’s no surprise to me that I haven’t earned any money at this point - after all, as I’m sure all the other bloggers here will be noting, poetry journals tend not to have the fastest responses. So, while I haven’t received any acceptances yet, I also haven’t received any rejections! Silver lining?

I used this month to start writing some new stuff, and I also polished up some older poems that I’d written over the summer, decided were bad, and never submitted anywhere. Those babies all have new paint jobs and are OUT THERE doing their thing.

I didn’t submit to a ton of journals this month, mostly because I wanted to make sure that my submissions felt good to me and were in the tone of the journals I was aiming at. But I’m happy about the ones I did submit to! As you’ll see below, I made one submission to a non-paying market, simply because I really like the journal and just felt like a few poems I had right now could maybe successfully fit their vibe. We’ll see.

Date: January 2016

Paying Journals To Which I Submitted in January: (3) Black Warrior Review, Colorado Review, Sycamore Review,

Non-Paying Journals To Which I Submitted in January: (1) Fence

Rejections: 0

Acceptances: 0

Money Spent in January: $6.00 (Black Warrior Review - $3 submission fee; Colorado Review - $3 submission fee)

Money Earned in January: $0.00

January TALLY: -$6.00

Total Money Spent in 2016: $6.00

Total Money Earned in 2016: $0.00

2016 RUNNING TALLY: -$6.00

Elizabeth Cantwell is a poet and teacher living in Los Angeles. Her poetry has appeared in a variety of journals, including PANK, Anti-, The Los Angeles Review, and The Literary Review. Her book of poems, Nights I Let The Tiger Get You (Black Lawrence Press, 2014), was a finalist for the 2012 Hudson Prize; she is also the author of a chapbook, Premonitions (Grey Book Press, 2014).

Have a Hart Day - January 2016 Wrap-up
Here is the wrap up for Have a Hart Day events in November

THANK YOU to all Have a Hart Day volunteers! Without you, these events would not happen or be as successful as they are.

Nashville, Tennessee
– 4 Volunteers helped move and check over 500 boxes of beverages and over 1,900 pounds of food to be distributed to families in the metro-Nashville area     @nashvillehahd      (group pic not available)

Lansing, Michigan
– 14 Volunteers sort and pack 7,200 lbs of food for distribution to shelters and families throughout the Greater Lansing area

Austin, Texas
– 2 Volunteers helped unload about 300 trees @haveahartdayaustin

Atlanta, Georgia
– 6 volunteers helped sort 7,745 meals which is 6,454 meals

San Francisco, California
– 10 volunteers helped repacked 14,924# of senior meal boxes and 2,800# of oats. A total of 17,724 pounds of food (x)

Berlin, Germany
— 2 Volunteers accepted new donations and sorted through them, and organized a few dozens of bags and boxes of clothes.  @hahdberlin

Toronto, Ontario – 6 Volunteers sorted and packed ~3000lbs of donated food; enough to serve ~200 food bank clients at Daily Bread Food Bank           @have-a-hart-toronto

Dallas, Texas
– 3 Volunteers helped pack up 5000 meals for students in need! 1800 bags total for 1800 students!     @have-a-hart-day-dallas

– 5 Volunteers helped to prepare and pack food for 5000 less fortunate families and elderly     @haveahartdaysg

Houston, Texas
– 8 Volunteers finished 480 backpacks which equals 2,280 meals, then sorted 6,542 meals sorted which equals 5,451 meals. All together meals done was 7,731 (x)

Washington DC
- 12 Volunteers worked along side 2,000 other volunteers in service projects like making no sew blankets for hospice care, paracord bracelets for veterans, bookmarks for libraries, cards for children in foster care, and crocheted squares for more blankets to be distributed!                       @have-a-hart-day-dc

St. Louis, Missouri
– 2 Volunteers helped prepare 260 lbs of produce for storage and later sale, uncovered 1 greenhouse of plants so they would get more sunlight, helped feed chickens and gather eggs        @stlouishahd

Metro Detroit, Michigan
- 8 Volunteers bagged grapefruits at Gleaners Community Food Bank of Southeastern Michigan in Detroit, MI   @hartodetroit

Lubbock, Texas — 3 Volunteers helped sort, assemble, and price donations at Lubbock Habitat for Humanity ReStore         @haveahartdaylbk

Seattle, Washington —
10 Volunteers helped prepare breakfast and lunch to the Ballard community      @haveahartdayseattle

 (1/30) – 9 Volunteers helped to distribute flyers around the supermarket to encourage the public to donate food to the FoodBank Singapore    @haveahartdaysg

Los Angeles, California — 9
Volunteers Filled orders and distributed donated food/toiletries to 110 families in need           @haveahartdayla

Melbourne, Australia - 6 volunteers packed14 pallets of food for distribution @melbournekitchenettes

If you’d like to volunteer be sure to visit Official Have a Hart Day FB Page for upcoming events. Or visit the Upcoming page on this blog.

Interested in creating an event for your city?
Send an email to volunteer@hartomedia.com to apply to be a City Captain