janto sims


(since I have no idea how to do the fancy inserting photos in different spot stuff, I’m going to do it in this format for now.  If you know how to do that fancy stuff with pictures saved to a computer, please message me because I am lost!)

Pictures 1 and 2:  Ah, Ianto’s hair.  The bane of my sim creation existence.  Which one do you prefer?  I went with #1 for now.  And their traits are:

Ianto: Ambitious, Great Kisser, Workaholic, Hopeless Romantic, and Neat

Jack: Flirty, Brave, Handy, Charismatic, and Athletic

Picture 3: I started with my favorite starter house, “El” Urban Sprawl.  I had to downgrade a little bit to afford bar stools, but besides that it all worked out well.

Jack joined the military career and Ianto joined the business career.  And when they got back, I might’ve indulged myself a little…..(Pictures 4 and 5)

Picture 6: But then, of course, meddling neighbors came over to “welcome us to the neighborhood”. It worked out well though; Jack got to know Jack Bunch (a coworker).

After dinner, they had some much needed couple time (7, 8, 9) ;)

Picture 10: Goodnight boys!

Let me know which hairstyle you prefer, and what you want them to do tomorrow (besides work)! See you tomorrow!


Ah, how cute!  Ianto dreaming about Jack…adorable (picture 1).  Wait a second, what is that distinctive music that I hear?

….I forgot to buy a burglar alarm.  Thankfully, Ianto proceeded to call the police and then phase through the wall when the authorities arrived (picture 2).  Jack wanted to fight the burglar himself, but the policewoman was already there.  You know what my favorite part of robberies is?!  When the sleep schedule is completely thrown off and neither Jack nor Ianto gets enough sleep or a shower.

I queued up some cereal for both boys, but they barely got to finish it before running out the door.  (pictures 3 and 4)

Nothing much happened at work, Jack has to read a book and Ianto was late because it took him half an hour to change clothes.  When they got home, I was ready to send them off on a date!

….(picture 5)

Never mind then.

After their naps and subsequent showers, they settled down for a nice, healthy meal of bread and jam (pictures 6, 7, and 8).  Ianto took that time to discuss the date they’d planned for that day and how they’d have to reschedule for tomorrow.  ‘Night, boys!


Do you want them to get a pet?  If so, what type of pet?  And what should it be named?

Where should they go on their date?

See you “tomorrow”!


A new day!  Jack started out the day with some complaining about his dirty dish from last night.  (1)  Doing well, Jack.

Ianto took the initiative to clean up the dishes for Jack while Jack read his book for work.  (2)  He also took a shower before dashing off to work.(3)  Jack has a day off work today, so I had him take the time to develop his athletic skill at the gym. (4)  It got busy very quickly. And of course, it’s important to shower after working out so your boyfriend doesn’t complain. (5)

When Ianto got home, Jack headed home himself to reunite! (6) (okay, so I like seeing them kiss.)

And who needs a car when you can have a horse?! (7, 8)  Thank you so much @violet-ray-of-sunshine​ for the name suggestion, Alice Guppy after one of the girls that recruited Jack.  The boys will be learning to ride the horse soon enough.

Aw look, they’re dreaming about her already!  (9)


Bore da, Jack and Ianto!  They started off their day with some silent breakfast eating and of course a shower and some hay scattering (1, 2).

Both Jack and Ianto went to work as usual (and left Alice to her own devices) but there was an explosion at the military base so Jack got a promotion and a day off work.  I had him jog home in order to improve his athletic skill. (3)

When Ianto got off work, he started reading his career book his boss assigned.  (4)  They both ate lunch together (5, 6) after spending some quality time attempting to befriend the horse.

I am totally not obsessed with these two kissing/doing other things (7, 8).  Ha ha ha I’m not creepy.

Aw, they tired themselves out.  Nos da!