jansokian imagines

~Jai Brooks Imagine~

“Okay of to your dorms everyone” the teachers said as about all 30 of you stood up fron around the bondfire.

You noticed jai smiling across the fire at you everyonxe in a while and you couldnt help but blush like crazy. Youve had a crush on him forever, but youve always tried to put it in the back of your mind, cause you know he’d never want to be anything more than friends. Let alone if he even likes you.

The girls walked to their dorm and the boys to theirs oppitite yours. As you all walked in you saw the teachers go into theirs as well. A few of your friends were looking out the window, “what are you guys doing?” You asked confused getting into your bunk. “Shhh” your friend laughed pecking over the window, instantly when the teachers dorm light turned out the boys cracked open your dorm door, everyone, including jai.

“Omgod what are you guys doing!” You said covering yourself up, “shhh”.

“Spin the bottle!” One of the girls threw her hands up. This game never ended well, and honestly the only person you wanted to kiss was j—-. Your thought were cut off by your friend tash shaking your arm, “(Y/N) you in?” She asked excitedly, “um, sure” you said getting out of the covers as you all sat in a circle. You notice jai look over at you across the circle, smiling down when he realises you noticed, you feel a blush spread across your cheeks.


You’ve been playing for a while. “Okay jai your turn?” His friend billy nudges him rubbing his hands together. jai laughs a bit, reaching to the middle of the circle to the bottle. He gives it a big spin, it seems like its never gonna end.

The bottle slowly starts to slow down on the carpet, until it comes to a complete stop, on you.

You can see jai is in shock and doesn’t know what to do. He slowly looks over at you across the circle hesitating stand up, you nervously stand up walking over to jai as he mets you. You’re standing inches apart. “You don’t have to do this” he says reassuringly, “it okay” you say giving him a small smile.

He takes your cheek in his hand, brushing his thumb across you skin he slowly leans in. As your lips gently blush against each other you can feel a smile appearing through the kiss, “ohhhhhhhhhh” everyone teases. You and jai smile disconnecting your lips

“I think thats it for tonight everyone” billy laughs standing up, everyone starts to stand up, jai slowly walks backwards, “night” he mouths, theres still a smile on your face.

As all the boys slowly creep out the door billy runs over to you. “He likes you!” He whispers

“No he doesn’t billy, it was just a game” you say looking down, “(Y/N) trust me!” He says grabbing ahold of your shoulders, “I’ve known jai for most of my life, he likes you ” he smiles shaking you a little, a bigger smile appears on your face. You ran out the door quietly you see jai about to walk into his dorm, “jai, wait ” you whisper running across the courtyard to him. “Whats up” he whispers confused to you standing in front of him. “I forgot something” you say out of breath, “what”

“This.” You wrap your arms around his neck placing a passionate kiss on his lips, he kisses back, “woah” he says with his hands around your waist as you disconnect. “I like you jai, a lot” you blush smiling. “I like you too” he beams pulling you close and placing a kiss on the top of your head

Finally, you have the boy you’ve always wanted.

A/N: hope you liked this thank you to the person who suggest it sorry its so late but hopefully you liked it:/ xx