I feel like I haven’t posted about the boys (the janoskians) in awhile, so here’s a relatable photo yeah idk


Hey guys omfg thanks a bunch for the 3k like!!! omg!!! 3k woo!!! im literally peeing myself thats like 3000 people that bothered to have my blog on their dashboards holy moly. hey guys!! thanks so much for the 3k and i couldn’t be anymore grateful for all of my friends whom i’ve met in 2013 and I cant wait to see what 2014 has in store. with that said here are just some blogs that made 2013 pretty incredible and made my dash fun: 

a-g: +beaunut, +beaurection, +beausfucked, +beausotp, +blowingbeaudry, +calumsexual, +calxxi, +cutejye, +datinglukey, +ejaiculation, +electrabeau, +erectluke, +floralbeau, +fuzzyirwin

h-m: +hailskip, +irswin, +ivyashton, +janobourne, +janocunt, +janokian,  +jjanoskianboys, +janoskimoans, +janoskingdom, +janoskiweed, +janostupid, +janotube,  +jvstindrew, +jyebrukz, +kingzzayn, +kisshemmo,  +lukerbrooks, +lukesbeaut, +lukesbigcock, +lukesclit, +lukesfairy, +lukesigh, +lukes-lahme, +lukeslamb, +lukesfab (shoutout to katie for making the gifs for my ff ilysm), +lukestiffy, +lukewtf, 

n-t: +omfgjaidon, +prostiluke, +punklukes, +sahyounieh, +sahyourie, +sexmeluke, +sexyjaidon, +spiderluke, +suckinghemmo

u-z: +ughluke, +whoreskip, +youstube, +yousetuber,  +yvutubes

the lil weirdos;

+beaubrooksofficial, +jaibrooksofficial, +lukebrooks

So yes um if i forgot anyone once again that just means talk to me more or if we already do talk alot then ill add u in but pls do not yell at me if i did that could also mean that im just dumb and forgot when in my heart i actually love u alot so yeah. again thanks to everyone here for making my dashboard lovely and full of disgusting shit it really means alot and thanks for putting up with me everyday ilysm :)))

So I decided to make a follow forever since I finally reached 1k!! I know to some of you it’s not a lot but to me its heaps. When I made this blog I didn’t think I would ever reach 10 followers let alone 1000! I love you all and im so sorry if I missed you out. btw thank you katie for making this edit for me ily

(if you are in bold you are secretly one of my favs)


5hopelessboys, beaumas, beaurection, beausotp, beausqueen, beavbrooksofficial, blowingbeaudry, cutejye, cuteluke, dareoskians, ejaiculation, fuckbeaus, fvckingbeau, glenroylegends, hailskip, hornyskians


jaibrookscock, jais-onesie, jaisheart, jamesyammaniggah, janoeskian, janokian, janoholics, janosass, janoshrooms, janosilver, janoskiansblog, janoskiansidek, janoskiantattoos, janoskimoans, janoskiweed, janotube, jjanoskianboys, kissmeluke


lukeatmemeow, lukebrooks-yalla, lukebrookseyes, lukeduh, lukesbeaut, lukesbigbanana, lukesbicep, lukesbigcock, lukescent, lukesfab, lukesfairy, lukesflirt, lukesigh, lukeslamb, lukestiffy, lukeyofmyheart, melbourne-beau-ty, melburnes, mylittlebeau-tie


ofdomenic, okjaidon, omfgjaidon, perksoflukebrooks, prostiluke, puked-rainbowss, sahyounieh, sahyourie, secutejai, sexifiedluke, sexmeluke, sexyjaidon, unicornbeau, we-are-the-fagnoskians, wefuckedonatrain, yammounii, youguysarejanoskians, youstube

and of course lukebrooks, beaubrooksofficial, jaibrooksofficial

thank you all for making my dash wonderful