anonymous asked:

5 favourite Janoskian blogs & why? xo

ejaiculation: kat’s like my best friend on here she’s so nice and fuNny and wOW who can forget her perfect edits ((luke can’t)) ily

lukeslovely: ari’s blog is perf and so is she she’s just so nice i love her so much seriously iLy

janoskiansinthewilderness: they’re really nice i’ve always loved their blog and their edits are amazing :)

melsbournes: she’s my little lesbian and i love her posts ok fab/10 keep going gurl doing great idec that she’s multi soz

janoskianscrocs: jesus christ their blog is asdfghjkl i love their edits so much they’re so perfect and funny omfg

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who are your favourite janoskians blogs other than your friends?

i consider anyone i’ve talked to my friend haha so you mean best friends who i’m super duper close with ok great yay :-)

  • janoskianscrocs
  • janoskiansinthewilderness
  • janocunt
  • are-those-apples
  • kissmeluke
  • glenboys
  • ilovethosejanoskianboys
  • lukecum
  • brookiesjai

i’m too lazy to list more blogs omf but these are just a few blogs I’ve always loved (◡‿◡✿) x