Scenario #1 Meeting his family

Luke- you had just got home when you got a text from luke saying come to dinner tonight and meet my family. you of course couldnt resist. Luke came by at 6.30 and picked you up, you were meeting his family at the restaurant. ‘You looke beautiful’ he said in his austrlian accent, you were nervous and Luke picked up on this, ‘babe dont be nervous they will love you i promise’promise’ you said in a shy but sweet tone. ‘promise’ luke replies. The night was amazing you got on so well with Gina, jai became your partner in crime and beau was the boy you always talked to when you had something on your mind.


Jai- you had been dating Jai for about 3 weeks and you lived in sydney so you saw each other very little, jai invited you to stay for the 2 week holidays of course you said yes it was hard to be so far away from jai. Jai told you to bring nice clothes as he was going to take you and his family out to dinner so he could introduce you to his family. at dinner luke was cracking jokes about jai missing you so much, beau was being sweet and so nice Gina was amazing she was lovely and so welcoming she remminded you of your own mother and jais nonna and nonno absolutely adored you. ‘see babe i told you they would love you, but not as much as i do ’ he says oh so seducing. 'thankyou jai’ you smile at the ground and he lifts your head up and kisses you passiontely


Beau- meeting beaus mother and brothers was kind of an awkward situation. it was a hot summers day and you were in a full make out session with beau in the pool wearing his purple snapback he wanted you to wear as it matched your swimmers. as you and beau were quite distracted you didnt notice Luke, Jai and gina come home. when all of a sudden you hear jai and luke clapping and cheering and gina is standing next to them. you quickly got off beau and apologised to Gina who just laughed at you and said 'its nice to find a girl as wild as beau’. you just laughed and looked back at beau embarrassed but jai and luke were still laughing and teasing you so beau and you definitely got revenge by pushing them in the pool.


James- james had invited you to the park, you were actually excited as you walked to the park you noticed that it wasnt just james at the park but his whole family nan, pop, cousins everyone! you got butterflies and felt so nervous that you were going to be sick luckily you didnt. you werent good with meeting new people james came rushing over and started introducing you to his family at first you were shy and didnt really say anything but by the end of the day you were laughing and having a lot of fun playing on the play equipment with his younger cousins and even having a good conversation about when james was little with his grandparents. you felt 2 strong arms wrap around you and you knew exactly who it was. 'my family loves you, you were amazing today babe, and seeing you play with my younger cousins makes me even more excited for when we have kids’ you couldnt help but blush and plant your lips right onto his.


Skip- skip had invited you to the beach thinking it was just going to be the 2 of you you took a bikini as skip has seen your body before in a bikini as skip drove you down the beach you noticed alot more people on the beach, stepping out of the car intwining your hands with skips he lead you over to the huge group of people, his family and even friends were there. you definitely felt uncomfortable. everyone started stripping down and making their way to the water when skip turned around and noticed you still sitting on the sand he came up to you. 'babe whats wrong?’ you hesitated but replied 'babe i didint know your family and friends were going to be here so i brought my bikini and i am so fat and disgusting’ skips face turned angry and looked you deep in the eyes and replied in a stern but calming voice ’you look beautiful and dont ever say that again’ you stripped down into your bikini and jumped on skips back as he ran down into the ocean and threw you into the water. it was an amzing day and you and skips mother were talking the whole time.