Imagine#66: Your drunk- Jai

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The boys took you out because it was your birthday. you had one too many drinks with the boys and you are just plain drunk at this point. Jai being the caring boyfriend had watched over you and wanted to take you home.

“ come on yn your drunk let me take you home” Jai said to me and tried to take me by my arm. “ No your not my boyfriend Jai is and he is gonna bring me home” I said and laughed. “ I am Jai come on yn” he said and I smiled. “ Omg Jai there was another guy that was trying to take me home” I said and I hicciup and Jai smiled at me. 

Jai took me home and he slipped off his shirt. I grabbed his shirt and took off my top and put on his shirt and shorts. “ Omg where is my boyfriend.” I said and Jai looked at me weird. “ Luke tell me were he is” I said and looked at Jai. He cracked a smile and played along. “ He went out come on yn cuddle with me” He said and I shook my head. “ your not my boyfriend Luke Jai is and I love him where is he” I asked.

He smiled at me. “In the bathroom i’ll get him” he walked out and came back in. “ Omg Jai yay! your back Luke was in here” I said and laid on the bed. He just shook his head and crawled into bed with me. I played with his hand and kissed it. “ Maybe I won’t remember telling you this but I really do love you Jai and want to have a family and a little puppy and oh the boys can be the uncles but we need to get married before any of that-” Jai cut me off and kissed me.

I smiled and pulled away. “ I love you” I said like a little kid.He laughed but kissed me again. “ I love you too yn very much” I smiled and fell asleep. The next morning I had a huge hangover and took some medicine. I walked into the kitchen and made me and Jai pancakes. I scrolled through my Ig and saw that Jai posted a pic of me. “ So even though you were drunk as hell last night I love you so much babe” I smiled and went to give Jai some pancakes. 

I went on his side and kissed him “ wakkkkee up” i said and he fluttered his eyes open. he looked at me and smiled. I kissed him on the lips and gave him the plate full of food. “ Thank you for watching over me last night handsome.” i said and he pecked my lips and smirked

Luke after the boys tell him what he said while drunk #17

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You were hanging out with the boys last night and went to a party. The next morning you woke up on their couch and sat up, rubbing your eyes. You had a huge headache and groaned a bit.

“Someone had a bit too much,” Luke teased walking into the room with the other boys.

“Bro, you were wasted last night,” James said to Luke. You got up and headed to the kitchen to get some water, making sure to listen to their conversation because drunk Luke was always the best. “Do you even remember what you said to y/n ?” James said in a whisper tone.

You smirked but pretended to not know what they were saying. James and the boys went on how Luke was saying how beautiful you were and how much he liked you. They shut up when you came back into the living room and sat down next to Luke on the couch.

Luke pursed his lips and looked at you out of the corner of his eyes.

“Say aye if your hungover and want pizza,” Jai said coming into the room making it not so awkward.

“Aye!” everyone said at once.

Imagine#65: Your a fan- Daniel

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you loved the janoskians ever since your friend showed you the lahme video. You loved Daniel and he was really sweet.

Yn went running early in the morning in LA. She loved to take morning jogs or runs. It makes her relax. As she was running she was listening to lahme and she was sing it. Someone ran beside her and she smiled at them and continued running. the stranger tapped you on the shoulder and I took off my earphone. “ nice voice love” I heard and I replied thanks and jogged. He chuckled and jogged by me “ so your a fan?’ the guy asked and I nodded. “ who wouldn’t love them Mostly Daniel” I said. “ awww well thanks babe” He said and I stopped and looked to the side of me. “ omg how humiliating” I said and turned bright red. He chuckled and hugged me. 

“ don’t worry I thought it was cute” He said and I giggled. We continued with our jog and I went home. Daniel wanted to hang later and I said sure. I got the house clean and went to set up the living room. I made alot of snacks and changed into something more presentable than boxers and a tee shirt. I heard the doorbell ring and I answer it. “ hey love” Daniel said and I hugged him. He gave me a kiss on the cheek and we headed to the living room. “ you don’ mind if we watch a movie” I asked him. “ movies sound great” He said and sat down. I sat down next to him and played the movie.

Soon we were on our 5th movie and I was falling asleep. I turned down the volume and looked at Daniel. his head was on my shoulder and I chuckled. I was gonna grab a pillow for him but he pulled me back and mumbled. “ No yn stay” I smiled and just cuddled with him. Maybe this will be a great day.