janoskians outfit

Picture Preferance #2

Tweeted Selfie (Janoskians):


@(Y/T/N): Why so mad babe? x @Luke_Brooks


@jaibrooks1: Lazy day with my dork (;


@Brooksbeau: She stole my outfit we about to fight!


 @danielsahyounie: I am the luckiest guy in the world look at this beautiful girl!


@James_Yammouni: @(Y/T/N) Makes me do weird things…..

Playing in the Snow

Playing in the snow with _____. 

Since i’m out of school due to a fucking blizzard, and i don’t have any requests, i thought i’d do this

Just fill in the blank with whoever you want (:

let me know who you pick? ya know, if you want to idk 

Hope you all like it!

Leave outfit requests in my ask, I do all of them!

I need one^^

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