janoskians fantasies

First time you see eachother after you break up:

A/N: haven't done these in ages so i thought i would start again, this ones a shit but yeah. Oh and btw im not saying James is like this, i was just so bored of reading imagines where he was the really sweet one. 


You and Beau broke up over a proposal. Beau proposed to you however knowing you never wanted to get married. When he proposed to you, you saw how much he wanted this, and it was the one thing you wanted least, even if he was the love of your life. So you gave Beau thanks for the gesture and told him you couldnt string him along like this because he would always want more, whereas you was content for how things were. Beau protested that he was fine too but you didnt believe him, therefore let him go. You first saw each other when you was wandering around a bed shop when you bumped into each other. There is no anger towards each other, you just genuinely miss each other. You both know that if you decided to try things again, you would end on bad terms. You are unwilling to show your true feelings. You both laugh over something Beau told you and both flop on a random bed. Beau then says “You know, (Y/N), I think id miss you even if we’d never met”


You and Luke broke up because he had suspicions you were cheating on him, all because you could never say you loved him when he always showered you with i love you’s. You put his mind to rest that you were not cheating, but he still demanded that you tell him that you loved him, but you just couldnt, even though you very much did. Therefore Luke said he thought it was time he found someone who could love him, because as much as it hurt him, you couldnt. You and Luke saw each other the first time after your break up at a charity event.  Seeing him at the event hurt you more than ever, forcing you to leave quickly during a speech which had full attention, however everybody’s switched to you. Luke came chasing after you, knowing it was him you immediately turned round and said “I love you. I’m totally and completely in love with you. And I dont care if you think its too late, im telling you anyway.”


You and Jai ended things very badly in your relationship, there was huge rows and everything. The rows had been going on for months before you two had actually decided to end it though. The first time you saw each other after your break up was in the following few days. You went to his house to pick up a few things you had left there. He allowed you to do this but when you were about to get in your car to leave he said “When did it all get so bad? Why did this all start? Im sorry about the arguments, im sorry about not being a good boyfriends, im sorry that i hurt you so much it made you fall out of love with me.”, to which all you could reply was “I never stopped loving you, I just stopped showing it”


You and James ended it because he was flirting with alot of other people. You put up with alot of shit with him, he often humiliated you and was just a horrible boyfriend to you. But it wasnt like that when it all begun. Anyway, the first time James saw you after the break up was when you was on a date with another person. You was on a dinner party and he ruined it, he hated seeing you with someone else. So he pulled up a chair and just made alot of things up about you, turning your date away and making them leave. You paid and stormed down the street with him shouting his vows of love at you. “(Y/N) Why dont you just come back!? I cant be fucking without you” making you turn around and scream back in anger “Because I deserve somebody who gives a shit!”


You and Daniel ended because he got in a huge fight with some men at a bar over you. They were looking at you and he didnt like it, so he took on these men and got beaten to a pulp. This wasnt the first time he started a fight over someone looking at you though, and you got sick of it. This time Daniel ended up in hospital and you were at breaking point. The first time you saw Daniel after the break up was when you bumped into each other in the street. It was dark so he wanted to walk you home, you didnt say no, you were happy to see he was ok from the fight just weeks before. You reminisced over good times that you two had shared together, when it started to heavily rain, however neither of you cared. You reached your door where you and Daniel were about to part, but before you went in, Daniel looked you straight in the eyes and said “If this was us meeting for the first time, id do it all again. Everything. The fucks, the fuck-ups, everything.”