janoskian official

friendly reminder

it’s okay to:

  • like the lead singer/most popular member the most
  • be a new fan
  • be an old fan
  • not find a member attractive
  • like their music and not their personalities
  • like their personalities and not music
  • not know the names of the members yet
  • not know the names of the members at all
  • not like a song
  • like their most popular song the most

it’s not okay to:

  • make someone feel bad for not being a god damn cookie cutter fan. being here “first” and having different opinions doesn’t make you better than anyone else.

LoudKidz Official:  Janoskians & LoudKidz “Wake Up Prank”
Janoskians & LoudKidz getting Daniel in the “Wake Up Prank” in Norway on the JahooJahaaTour 


Pop Trigger: Janoskians Official Interview About EVERYTHING
The Janoskians come on Pop Trigger to talk about their new film, “Janoskians: Untold And Untrue”, and more!
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