janoskian boys

Love me like you do

Eyes hazy. Heavy breathing. The temperature rises. He slams me to the wall not being able to wait any longer. Playing with my red lacy undergarments running his hands all over my skin. My legs pulling him closer. My heels digging into his leg. Releasing a raspy moan as he leaves kiss marks up and down my neck and all over my chest. Picking me up moving my hot sweaty body to the couch he slid on top of me. Purring as he grinds down hard on me. Grabbing my hands roughly pinning them above my head as he pulls my panties down then his pants. My eyes cloud as I let out a pleasure filled scream. I feel every nerve in my body fill with pleasure. But I couldn’t let him see that. “Submit to me” he growls out coming down to my neck. I bite back my moan as he goes rougher. He suddenly stops after a moment and flips me onto my hands and knees. He re-enters pounding harder than ever into me I grab onto my mouth holding in the pleasure erupting all over my body. “Submit to me” he barks out slapping my ass. I let out a moan not being able to hold it anymore. With that I sealed my deal. I was now his and only his. I could feel his smirk,” good girl” he purrs to me as he let’s me reach my end. My end bring a bright haze over me. Drifting off after he finished with his arms around he whispers,” Your mine. Only mine. I love you more then anyone. And forever will “.