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Beau Imagine for Anonymous!

You and Beau had been going out for several weeks now and you couldn’t be happier. Beau was never the over the top jealous guy but every once in a while he would give a guy a dirty look if they came too close to you. Today Beau decided to take you on a date to the nearest amusement park because you loved going on all the rides and seeing Beau’s protective side when you got scared. You had worn something casual but cute. You had some high waisted shorts, a flowy tank top tucked in, and high top converse. You had always been  pretty and got noticed by all the guys so naturally- in public they would give you stares. Near the end of the day at the amusement park you ran into your ex-boyfriend and you two stayed close because you just thought that dating wasn’t meant for you two. When you saw him you ran up and gave him a hug and introduced him to Beau. You chatted with him for a couple of minutes and then went your separate ways. For the rest of the night you had the feeling that Beau wasn’t very happy anymore. So when you left and were in the car you asked him why he was so upset at the end of the day and he said “I know you still have feelings for (y/ex/n).” “No I don’t? What makes you think that?” “I saw the way you looked at him, (y/n). Don’t lie to me and just tell me you still like him.” He said bluntly. “Beau you know that (y/ex/n) is still my friend I don’t get why you have to be so jealous.” “Because he’s a little shit and wants to take you away from me!” You knew that Beau was jealous but now he was just being disrespectful. “How dare you, Beau! I’m devoted to you and if you don’t think the same way then maybe we should just break up!” you yelled not realizing what you had just said. Before you could change your mind Beau said- “Fine. Maybe we should.” You rode in silence for the next couple of minutes and then he dropped you at home and drove away… He was really going to leave. You went up to your room and cried your eyes out ignoring any calls or any of your family that tried to comfort you. After hours of being upset, you finally fell asleep.

3 weeks later.

You had tired your best to get over Beau but something inside you wouldn’t let him escape your mind. Even though you two hadn’t spoken, you still missed him. You thought about him every day and thought how thing could have been different if your ex hadn’t shown up. Tonight your best friend decided to take you clubbing to forget about what happened. You did your hair and makeup and put on a short red dress that Beau always loved on you. You had to admit. You looked awesome and you hoped someone would come along and help you escape this heartache.

When you got to the club you immediately got a drink and headed out to the dance floor. You were having a great time when out of the corner of your eye, you saw a familiar face. It was Beau. You whipped your head around in search for him. You turned around hoping that he hadn’t seen you but he did and he started walking towards you. You didn’t want to look immature so you held your ground. When he stopped in front of you and looked you in the eyes you felt weak at the knees. He always had that effect on you. His mouth started to move but you couldn’t hear him in the club over all of the music. You leaned your head in and listened more closely to hear what he had to say. You faintly heard “I miss you” and you invited him to come outside with you so you could talk things over. He agreed and you left.  When you two sat down you could feel the tension. After a few seconds of silence, he said to you- “I messed things up and I know that. All I want to do is be with you because you’re the only girl I have every truly loved, (y/n).” You felt he was sincere and that was all you needed. You knew you couldn’t stay away from Beau and your heart was telling you that this was meant to be. “I love you too Beau.” And with that you two went home for a night just the two of you and caught up with each other and thing fell back into place as if nothing ever happened.

Hope you like it! (:


The Janoskians

Imagine#106: Your on your period- Jai

Jai knew that you had bad days when your on your period and would always try not to piss you off at any cost.

I was laying here as the stupid cramps got worse. I started crying my eyes out because of these stupid cramps. “ Awww baby” Jai said s he saw my crying. He got into bed with me and wiped my tears away. “ I don’t know how bad it hurts but I will try to make the pain go away I promise” Jai said and rubbed my stomach. He tried his best making the pain go away. 

He would kiss you and cuddle with you when it got to much. “ Oh babe thank you” I said and he just kissed me. “ It’s alright love I just want you better” he said and I nodded. Jai put on a movie and started to get some foods for us. he smiled when he saw me cuddled into his pillow. “ Hey that’s my pillow” He said and I laughed when he laid on top of me. He passed me the bag “ Ohhh my fav” I said and grabbed a skittles out of the bag. “ thank you baby” I said and ate. he tired to grab one but I smacked his hand away. 

“ No mines” I said and he chuckled. he took one and popped it into his mouth. I stuck my middle finger and he just grabbed my hand and kissed it. “ Nice try babe but you missed” I said and pointed at my lips. he smirked and kissed me on my lips. I laughed at how silly he is and he smiled. 

“ i’m glad that your here to make things better babe” I said to him and he pulled me close “ Of course love i wouldn’t want my girl being hurt now would I. Plus I love spending time with you. no matter what mood you’ll be in I’ll stick by your side” He said and I smiled at him. “ well thank you Jai your the best boyfriend anyone could ask for” I said and he smiled at me. “ I love you” He said and I grinned “ I love you too” I said back. We just had a lazy day at home and nothing could be better than spending time with him : ).


This Freaking Song // All The Boys

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            “Baaaaabe,” Luke moaned from the TV room. 

            You walked into the room to see what was the matter.  “What’s wrong with you,” you laughed at the sight of your boyfriend Luke face down on the couch.

            “I’m so fucking bored…” he trailed off, still with his head buried in the couch. 

            “So call up one of the boys, I’m busy today.  I gotta go to the mall and then to the grocery store,” you told him.

            “Can I come with you …” he replied looking up at you. 

            “No!  The whole time you’re just gonna annoy me,” you said before going into the bathroom to shower. 

            “I promise I won’t be annoying!  I swear, babe,” he said following you to the bathroom.

            A few moments later, you opened the bathroom door, in your towel, and looked straight into his eyes. “You swear you’re not gonna be annoying.  And for once you’ll act like a normal boyfriend?”

            He nodded his head in agreement, and then smiled at you. 

            “What are you smiling about,” you asked him.

            His smile widened, then continued to stare at you up and down in your towel, and said, “So… you wanna take that towel off and meet me in the bedroom?”

            “Luke!” You yelled, slamming the door in his face. 

            “You wanna drive or should I,” you asked him while heading out to the car. 

            “I’ll drive,” he responded, giving you a kiss on the forehead, while taking the keys out of your hand.  He then opened the passenger door for you.

            “Luke… Babe, we’re not going out to a five star restaurant.  We’re just going shopping,” you told him. 

            “You told me to act like a normal boyfriend, so I’m just keeping up with my part of the deal,” he replied, with a cute smile. 

            You just rolled your eyes, smiled, and got in the car.  Luke gently closed the door behind you, and you two were soon on your way to the mall. 

           “I’ll carry that for you babe,” Luke offered.

            “Luke, you’re already carrying practically all my bags.  I got this one,” you replied. 

            “I got it Sam, I’ve got pretty big muscles… and you’re just a wee little cute girl so…” he trailed off giving you a little wink and a smile while flexing his muscles. 

            “You’re so weird today,” you replied before giving him a peck on the lips.

            “I’m just trying to be a normal boyfriend like you wanted me too,” he responded.   

            In your head, you grew a bit perplexed.  All day, Luke was doing things to be a “normal boyfriend”.  When you said you wanted him to be “a normal boyfriend for once,” you didn’t expect him to take it so seriously.  You just said it in spite of the situation and the context of the conversation.  It was nothing meant to be taken seriously…

             Eventually you finished shopping at the mall, and set off for the grocery store.  You had your list of the things you needed.  Your list consisted of the usual things like fruit, milk, meat, and sweets.  Luke grabbed a cart, and helped you gather up the items you needed.  Usually if Luke would go shopping with you, which was an extremely rare occurrence, he would ride along the cart like a child, but instead, he just rolled it around like a normal person.  All day Luke was acting all sweet and “normal”.  You knew you told him earlier that morning that if he wanted to run errands with you, he’d have to not be so annoying and childlike like he usually is, but maybe you were wrong.  You liked how funny and dirty Luke was.  You didn’t fall in love with him for his sweetness, though of course he was very sweet and a true gentleman towards you, but instead you fell in love with his crazy personality.  You loved the way he’d always say perverted things.  You loved how he’d always be playing stupid jokes on you, and his need to pull stupid shenanigans in public.  He was Luke Brooks for goodness sake! He was part of the Janoskians with his crazy two brothers and friends.  Stupid shit was what he does.  He wasn’t a normal boyfriend.  You didn’t want a normal boyfriend.  You wanted your Luke. 

            In the midst’s of your thoughts, you stopped Luke before he could do anymore “normal boyfriend” things.  “Babe, what are you doing,” you finally asked him. 

            He looked confused… “What do you mean?”

            “All day you haven’t been yourself… is it about what I said this morning,” you asked.

            “I thought you were mad at me to be honest… like you’re tired of me being… me…” he confessed, shrugging his shoulders. 

            “Luke!  Babe, no!  I didn’t mean anything when I said that.  I was just talking shit.  It didn’t mean anything,” you told him, wrapping your arms around his waist, and kissing his neck.

            “I know I’m immature, and perverted. I can change that if you want.  I love you… I’ll do anything for you; I can change if you want.  If it means that much to you, I can change… I promise,” he replied.

            “Luke… sweetheart,” you said looking up at him, still with your arms wrapped around his waist, “The first thing I fell in love with was your perverted and immature personality.  And I don’t ever want you to change that.  I love you just the way you are,” you continued, smiling up at him.    

            He smiled, and then looked down at you, “but you also fell in love with my huge dick too right?”

            You laughed and nodded your head in agreement.  “Definitely…” you responded. 

            “Wanna go to checkout so we can go home and…. Ya know…” he trailed off, kissing your neck.

            You nodded your head, and you both took off for the registers.  The entire trip home you couldn’t keep your hands off each other.  Let’s just say Luke really took care of you like no other “normal boyfriend” ever could….

            A/N Hey Sam! Sorry this took forever! The holidays got me so off track and I’m so sorry!  But I hope you liked it! Much love –Courtney xxx


This Freaking Song // Jai Brooks

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This Freaking Song // Luke Brooks

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This Freaking Song // Beau Brooks 

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Your trying to concentrate on your driving, as you’ve just passes your test. Your not the greatest, but you wanted to show off to Beau so you said you would drive you and him to Maccas. You keep messing up with breaks. FOR FUCKS SAKE! You shout, slamming your head down on the car wheel and it beeps. You look at Beau and just burst out laughing. He can always cheer you up.