janoskains imagines


Your trying to concentrate on your driving, as you’ve just passes your test. Your not the greatest, but you wanted to show off to Beau so you said you would drive you and him to Maccas. You keep messing up with breaks. FOR FUCKS SAKE! You shout, slamming your head down on the car wheel and it beeps. You look at Beau and just burst out laughing. He can always cheer you up.

Beau Imagine for Anonymous!

You and Beau had been going out for several weeks now and you couldn’t be happier. Beau was never the over the top jealous guy but every once in a while he would give a guy a dirty look if they came too close to you. Today Beau decided to take you on a date to the nearest amusement park because you loved going on all the rides and seeing Beau’s protective side when you got scared. You had worn something casual but cute. You had some high waisted shorts, a flowy tank top tucked in, and high top converse. You had always been  pretty and got noticed by all the guys so naturally- in public they would give you stares. Near the end of the day at the amusement park you ran into your ex-boyfriend and you two stayed close because you just thought that dating wasn’t meant for you two. When you saw him you ran up and gave him a hug and introduced him to Beau. You chatted with him for a couple of minutes and then went your separate ways. For the rest of the night you had the feeling that Beau wasn’t very happy anymore. So when you left and were in the car you asked him why he was so upset at the end of the day and he said “I know you still have feelings for (y/ex/n).” “No I don’t? What makes you think that?” “I saw the way you looked at him, (y/n). Don’t lie to me and just tell me you still like him.” He said bluntly. “Beau you know that (y/ex/n) is still my friend I don’t get why you have to be so jealous.” “Because he’s a little shit and wants to take you away from me!” You knew that Beau was jealous but now he was just being disrespectful. “How dare you, Beau! I’m devoted to you and if you don’t think the same way then maybe we should just break up!” you yelled not realizing what you had just said. Before you could change your mind Beau said- “Fine. Maybe we should.” You rode in silence for the next couple of minutes and then he dropped you at home and drove away… He was really going to leave. You went up to your room and cried your eyes out ignoring any calls or any of your family that tried to comfort you. After hours of being upset, you finally fell asleep.

3 weeks later.

You had tired your best to get over Beau but something inside you wouldn’t let him escape your mind. Even though you two hadn’t spoken, you still missed him. You thought about him every day and thought how thing could have been different if your ex hadn’t shown up. Tonight your best friend decided to take you clubbing to forget about what happened. You did your hair and makeup and put on a short red dress that Beau always loved on you. You had to admit. You looked awesome and you hoped someone would come along and help you escape this heartache.

When you got to the club you immediately got a drink and headed out to the dance floor. You were having a great time when out of the corner of your eye, you saw a familiar face. It was Beau. You whipped your head around in search for him. You turned around hoping that he hadn’t seen you but he did and he started walking towards you. You didn’t want to look immature so you held your ground. When he stopped in front of you and looked you in the eyes you felt weak at the knees. He always had that effect on you. His mouth started to move but you couldn’t hear him in the club over all of the music. You leaned your head in and listened more closely to hear what he had to say. You faintly heard “I miss you” and you invited him to come outside with you so you could talk things over. He agreed and you left.  When you two sat down you could feel the tension. After a few seconds of silence, he said to you- “I messed things up and I know that. All I want to do is be with you because you’re the only girl I have every truly loved, (y/n).” You felt he was sincere and that was all you needed. You knew you couldn’t stay away from Beau and your heart was telling you that this was meant to be. “I love you too Beau.” And with that you two went home for a night just the two of you and caught up with each other and thing fell back into place as if nothing ever happened.

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Chapter 2- Everything Has Changed

“What?!?” Again they say simultaneously.

 "I said almost the same thing. My dad can’t pay for me to go to collage, but he said my mum can. I’m gonna go live there I guess,“ They had the saddest look on their face.

"You’re the smartest person in our whole generation! There must be something you can do without moving!?!” Jack was always bringing that up when something bad happened! He knew I hated it and I always yelled at him. I was too sad, Ryan noticed I wasn’t in the mood to yell, and slapped his brother upside the head.

“What did I do?!?” He yelled. I glared at him, giving him my ‘really, you idiot’ look. “It’s true!”

I was tearing up again, but I pushed it back and hugged them. We stood in each others embrace until I pulled away.

 "Lets do something to get my mind off of this,“ I suggested and we all walked down stairs.

 "The Janoskians put up a new video! Wanna watch it?” Jack got his computer out of it’s little cubbie hole under the living room couch.

 "Public Nuisance?“ Oh lord. We sat and watched it. Ryan kept pointing things out, everything he thought was funny.

 After we watched it on we got our usual idea. "Let’s go!” Me and Jack said at the same time standing up.

 "It’s raining!“ Ryan exclaimed, looking out the window.

"Oh well. Lets go downtown! Oh and I need  to borrow a skateboard…” I stood up and walked to the closet next to the back door.

“Okay, grab ours as well!” I grabbed their two favourite skateboards and one of their extras with neon grip tape.

“Let’s go to the mall guys!” We ran out the door and down the steet on our skateboards. I pulle dout my phone while waiting for a car, and started playing music. About ten minutes later we reached the small town mall. We walked in and stopped all decideing what our first stunt would be.

“Awkward vocal situations?” I questioned and played our favourite song. We started singing along to the blasting sound of Avril Lavigne’s Here’s To Never Growing Up. We all skated around the lower level singing at the top of our lungs and doing stupid tricks. Jack, being the clummsiest of the three, tried doing a kickflip and fell forward. We all stopped and I turned my music down. We didn’t rush to help him, because we knew he wasn’t hurt, but some lady rushed to him.

“Oh darling, are you okay?” Me and Ryan started laughing even harder as Jack nodded and stood up. He mumbled a thanks to the lady and flipped us off, as we were almost on the ground. “You poeple should not be skateing around here. You can get very hurt.”

“Oh well!” I said and road off. The boys chuckled and followed after me to the elevators.

“I’m guessing you have an idea?” Ryan said once we were in the elevator.

“Yes I do,” the elevator doors were just about to open and some ladys were about to get off, when I grabbed Ryan’s face and started making out with him. Now you may be thinking 'whore!’, but this is our classic move. Ryan got the jist right as the elevator doors opened and a grown couple with two kids were about to get on.

“That is revolting, you should not be doing that in a public place with childern!” I ignored her and started making out deeper. Some would say it was 'heated’, but because we were friends we never called it that. Ryan’s hands started travling my body as the man dragged his wife and kids away. Once the doors closed we split apart and started breathing heavily. Jack fell to the floor laughing his ass off.

“A little warning next time would be nice…” Ryan mumbled thorugh deep breathes.

“Sorry, but the doors were about to open!” I laughed and patted his back, as he was bending over, still trying to breathe.

“I love how you guys can do that and then go back to normal,” We walked out of the elevator onto the third floor and walked around.

“Spencers!” Ryan grabbed my hand and dragged me to the store. I laughed and ran after him with my skateboard bumping against my leg. We got there and my phone started ringing.


“Where are you? It’s pouring!” My sister was freaking out on the other line and I could hear the dog barking in the background.

“I’m at the mall with Ryan and Jack, calm down!”

“How did you get there?”

“Skateboard, duh?”

“Well dad said be home before 6.”

“K, bye,” I hung up and slid my phone back into the front pocket of my sweats. We walked around the store and once we got to the back I freaked out and rushed to the skatebpards that were hung up on the wall.

“Ahhhh….” I leaned up against the glass counter in front of the back wall. I scanned over all of them, the last one garbbing my attention. It was black with a red splattered and broken heart on it. I starred at it until Ryan poked my arm.

“Come on, wipe up your drool and lets go find Jack,” I glared at him and slowly made my way out of the store. We waited out there for Jack to come out and in the mean time the family that saw us eairlier passed us. I laughed out loud, not thinking and they turned to us and gave us a disgusted look. I smiled sweetly flipped them off until Ryan put his hand over minem and brought it down tom my side.

“Make them move!” Jack yelled running over to us.

“What?” Me and Ryan said together. We turned to each other and laughed.

“Let’s paly make them move!” He looked all excited and looked like he was trying to restrain himself from jumping up and down like a little kid.

“Oaky, but you suggested it so you have to go first,” He nodded excitedly and walked away towards a couple sitting down on a bench. He sat down next to them and started humming. We slowly walked closer trying to make them not notice.

He then started whimpering like a dog. They turned and gave him a weird look. He saw and turned to look at them, barking. They gave him another look and slowly got up and walked away. He grinned and strutted to us.

“That’s how it’s done,” I shook my head.

“Oh sweetie.m You’ve got it wrong. I’ll show you how to do it,” I grabbed his hand and brought him towards the escalators, but instead of going down them I slide down the middle, like the Janoskians did in their superhero video. I live, breathe, and act like the Janoskains. They are like perfection, but I don’t fangirl over them like some people, a.k.a Jack, does. Once I reached the bottem I looked up to see the boys slowly following after me, going by their shoes instead of sliding.

I walked over to the food court and saw a pair of cure boys sitting at a table. I winked at AJck and Ryan and walked over to them.  I smiled and brought a chair up to them. I could tell they were the 'jock’ 'playerish’ kind by the way they looked at me.

“Why, hello there. I’m Spencer and this is Reese,” The blond guy spoke first. I just pulled my legs into a criss-cross for mation and put my head in my hands.

“What’s your name?” Reese spoke. I looked at him, looked at Ryan and Jack who were sitting a table away, then meowed.

“What?” Spencer said looking at me. I meowed again. They gave me a strange look and I did it again.

“Are you okay? Do you need special help?” I winked at Ryan and he walked over.

He gave them an apologetic look and knelt down next to me. I turned to him with a smirk.

We meowed back and forth as if having a conversation. The boys became frightened and got up to leave. I looked at them and put on my cutest face. They looked at me and I meowed one last time before walking away. I stood up and high fived the boys.

“That, sweetie, is how you do it,” I winked at Jack.

“What time is it?” I asked grabbing my phone from my pocket.

“Shit we gotta go!” Ryan said. We ran to the elevators and got in. There were other people in there. We went to the back and just stood there. Then Jack screamed. Then Ryan. Then me. Everyone turned around and one called us jackasses.

“Thank you! We know!” i smiled at him.

“Go to hell,” He turned around thinking I hadn’t heard.

“One more comment and you’ll be in hell bitch,” I smirked at him right as the elevator opened. I walked away and turned my music back on. We road home and they said goodbye. I turned my music up to it’s full volume and road home in the rain still wearing Ryan’s clothes. Once I got home Natalie forced me to towel dry before I stepped any further into the house.

“Hey hun,” my dad said once I walked into the kitchen.

“Hi dad,” I grabbed a soda and sat down at the table knowing he had something else to say.

“I talked to your mum and you’ll be flying out on monday and your stuff will reach the house eventually,” He sat down across from me.

“I only have two days to pack my room?! Do you realize how much stuff I have?" 

"Yes. Invite Ryan and Jack over. Maybe some other friends and you can all pack together,” he kissed my cheak and walked away. I slugged down the stairs gripping my soda and turned on my computer. I spent the rest of the night on Youtube and Tumblr.

Luke imagine

You woke up feeling lips on yours, Your eyes fluttered open. 

“Good morning, beautiful.” Luke said. You smile and kissed him back. 

“I love you.” He said.

“I love you more.” You replied.

“Impossible” He said kissing you once more. He snaked his arm around your waist and you spent a couple hours just laying there, talking about anything and everything.

“Lets go to the amusement park” Luke said, pulling you up from the bed. You walked to the park and spent the whole day riding rides and playing games.

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36: you're insecure about your scars

Daniel: you had just taken a shower, you had your towel wrapped around your chest and you were examining yourself on the mirror. You ran your finger down your arm touching every scar from your shoulder to your wrist. You looked in the mirror and shook the thought of your darkest days out of your head. “My arms are so ugly” you thought to yourself, you put a long sleeve shirt on to cover your arms, and walked out if your room. You opened you laptop and searched for remedies to heal scars. After seeing a lemon and honey remedy  you decided to try it. You were in the kitchen without a shirt on, spreading the mix up and down your arms when Daniel walked in. “Y/n love, what are you doing?” He asked concerned. “Getting rid of my scars” you replied. “y/n your scars are a part if you, they make you beautiful.” He replied cleaning the mix you had just put in your arm off. He pulled your arm up and kissed every scar. “I love you y/n”

Beau: You pulled the jacket you were holding, over yourself.  At the store,you had caught an innocent little girl staring at your arms. You knew she didn’t mean anything, but it still made you self conscious. You paid for what you were buying and got in your car and drove home. You were sitting on your couch running your finger over the length of your wrist when Beau walked in.  "hey babe, whatca up to?“ He asked kissing your forehead.

"Nothing” You replied, snapping out of your thoughts. “Just, can I ask you something?”

“Anything” He said.

“Are you ever embarrassed of me because I have scars?” The look on his face dropped. 

“Never.” He said sitting down. “They show that your a fighter. It makes you strong and beautiful. I like showing people that my girlfriends stronger than they’ll ever be." 

Jai: Emo, Cutter, Attention Whore. All this was being said on twitter. Someone zoomed in on a picture of you and Jai, and pointed out the scars on your arms that were clearly visible. "Why would Jai even go out with an emo freak like that?” The comments were all the same. You slammed your laptop shut and ran up the stairs to the bathroom. You threw off your shirt and stared at your scarred arms. You were too focused to even realize that Jai came home. “Y/N, Don’t pay attention to them. You’re beautiful.” Jai said pulling you into a hug.

Luke: Luke pulled away from the kiss you were sharing at the moment. His hands found the bottom of your shirt and he started to pull it over your head. You stopped him right away.

“What’s wrong Y/N?” He asked. 

“ I’m just not ready…” You said. Which was a complete lie. You wanted Luke. You just didn’t want him to see your scars. 

“Y/N, I’ve never seen your scars, except for the ones on your arms. I won’t judge you. To me, you’re beautiful everywhere.” He said.

James: “Come in the water, Y/N!” James yelled at you from the ocean. It was a warm summer day and you went to the beach. Dispite the warmth, you insisted on wearing jeans and a jacket. 

“No, it’s okay.” You yelled back. James walked out of the water and towards you.

“Whats wrong, babe?” He asked. You shook your head, and looked away.

“Y/N, Nobody will judge you for having scars. They can’t even notice them unless they look hard.” He said. “If anything, they’re judging you because your wearing this.” He said with a little laugh. You stood up and gave him a kiss. 

“You’re right.” You said, going to change into your swimsuit.



Everything Has Changed- Chapter 3

It was already Monday morning and I was here at the airport with my dad, Natalie, Ruby (obviously), Jack, Ryan, and Tyler. We had packed and shipped everything over the weekend and apparently my mum was having her son and his friends set our rooms up for us. I’m kinda scared to see what they turn out like, considering I don’t know these kids.

“The next flight to Melbourne, Australia leaves in 10 minutes,” the announcer said. We all stood up and gave each other sad looks. The boys rushed to me first as Tyler and Ruby started hugging and crying.

“Skype every night?” Jack asked.

“Of course.” I said.

“Call and text every second of every day?” Ryan questioned.

“All of them,” I replied.

“Email?” Jack checked.

“Updates all the time,” I smiled.

“Monthly visits?” Ryan more liked begged.

“Of course! Gonna need a break from my bat-crap crazy mother,” we all laughed. We hugged one last time, until they called for the five minute. I let go and smiled. I grabbed my bags and walked ot my father and Natalie.

“You girls better behave,” Dad said once Ruby joined us.

“And please don’t call your mother bat-crap crazy to her face,” Natalie said half joking, half worriedly.

“Promise,” Ruby said.

“I can’t promise on the behave part, but I’ll try to play nice,” I smiled and we were all brought into a hug. When we pulled away I kissed my dad on the cheak and sadly picked up my bags. I nodded to everyone trying not to cry, and walked out my plane with Ruby close behind.

~After Plane Ride Cause I’m Lazy~

We walked through the crowded airport in search for Lana. I pulled my beanie tighter around my head and my sweater sleeves into the palms of my hands. I heard someone calling my name and turned to see someone who slightly looks like me and Ruby. She had the same distinctive jawbone, thin short legs, long blond hair, big lips, and big hips. Ruby laughed at the face I made.

“Remember you promised Dad you wouldn’t be mean to her,” I shook my head and continued walking.

“Oh girls! You both look beautiful! You’ll fit right in!” I scowled, got elbowed, then gave my fakest smile. Lana didn’t notice it though.

“So letr’s go,” She gave a smile and then turned and walked towards the building. I had a feeling living with her was gonna be hell. We followed her out of the airport with our bags rolling behind us and my headphones on full blast. She lead us to a fancy sports car and popped the trunk. She said something, but Ariana Grande and Mika faded it out. I just followed what Ruby did and placed my bag in the trunk then shut it. She pointed to the other side and mouthed ‘Get In’. I followed her instruction and slowly entered the silver car.

We drove for I don’t even know how long, cause I just sat there on my phone texting the boys and Natalie. Ruby tapped my shoulder and I looked up. We were parked in front of a big white house. It had flowers lining the sidewalk and as I got out of the car and dropped my Beats around my neck, I could hear load blasting music and the screaming of boys. I obviously miss guessed how much money Lana had.

“Get your bags,” She said again popping the trunk. I grabbed it and followed my sister up the stone path and to the open door.

“Boys! James!” Lana yelled. I looked around and saw the boom box that was blaring music. I walked over to it and knelled down next to it. I found the volume knob and did what I used to do to Ryan and Jack constantly. I grabbed it and repeatedly turned it back and forth so the sound was wavering between loud and quiet. Finally I just shut it off completely and stood back up. Ruby was laughing and Lana was just watching the hallway. I finally just looked at the actual house.

Right when you walked in there was a hallway that turned after a few feet. Next to the door was a winding stair case and on the other wall was a white table with flowers and the boom box. The walls were decorated with pictures of a boy at many different ages. He looked eerily familiar, but I couldn’t place him.

“Who cut the music??” A familiar Aussie accent called.

I leaned over to Ruby and whispered in her ear, “I think I’m going crazy….” She looked at me and I stared at her with wide eyes. She shook her head with a chuckle as Lana signalled for us to follow her. We walked through the white hallway and into a living room. It had a leather sectional and a big flat screen TV. In between the two was a brownish coffee table. More flowers and pictures lined the room. I walked over to one as footsteps pounded down one of the hallways off of the right side of the room.

I picked up one of the family pictures and studied it. Lana was sitting on a couch next to her new husband I’m guessing and the one boy from the other pictures in the hallway. She was sitting there gazing at the two men and smiling. She looked happy. She looked as if she had never even met my dad. Her husband was gazing back at her. I could see the love in his eyes as he watched my mother. The boy, who I’m guessing is her son, was the only one watching the camera. He was about 16 and wasn’t the thinnest person, yet he was slightly attractive if it weren’t me looking at him. As I stared a little longer I realized who I was looking at.

“Her son is James Yammouni…” I whispered to myself.

“Whom are they?” I heard a voice behind me. I slowly put the picture down and wipped away the stray tear that was telling me something. I felt like it was trying to say 'You care about her. You miss her.’

“James, this is Ruby and Harmony,” I turned around and as I saw the four boys standing in front of me I got choked up and ran out into the hallway. I could hear Lana call my name as I ran out the door. I sat there not even five seconds before the opening of a door and the annoying click of my sisters shoes came into my hearing range. She sat down on the stone stair next to me and hugged me from the side.

“What’s wrong?” She mumbled into my hair.

“She moved on so quickly… He’s 16… She knew him before she left,” I stood up and just burst. “She left us when we were two! Did you known that? She left because I was too much for her too handle! Because she knew what I was gonna be capable of. Dad told me, and I remember! I remember the conversation they had before she left. Oh yeah, and you know how I have identical memory? Well I remember what she did!

"I remember that she said she couldn’t handle me because of what I had done. It was the day she banned me from the kitchen. She told our dad about my fucked up brain and said that someday I wouldn’t be able to handle and that she didn’t want to deal with that. She lied! She left because she was pregnant with James!”

Ruby was balling by now and I knew that what I said probably didn’t make any sense to her. “How do you know?”

“It’s all pretty much a solid conspiracy theory of mine. She left in June, the month before our second birthday. Eight months later James Yammouni was born. There was no way that James could have been born in February if she had waited until she got her in June. She got pregnant in April,” Once I finished explaining she had an understanding look. She knew why I hated our mom.

“Ket’s just go pretend that she is our mum. That we don’t know about any of this,” Ruby held out her pinky finger and gave a small smile. I glanced at her bare ankle and smiled back. I twisted my pinkie with hers and we shared a laugh. We stood up and hugged then went back inside.

“Wait!” Ruby said and turned to face me. “How do you know so much about her son?” I laughed and walked into the room that had 5 stunned people.

“I happen to be a fan of them,” She just gave me a confused look and the boys smiled.

“You know us?” James asked. I tried not to scowl at him as he held Lana’s hand, she looked as if she had been crying. I nodded.

“I’m Beau,” Beau walked up to Ruby and held out his hand with a smirk. “This is Luke, Jai, James, obviously, and-” He stopped after pointing to the boys and turned around in a circle.

“I’m Daniel,” I turned around slowly to be meet by bright eyes and a cute smirk. I knew he was talking to me and not Ruby. He smiled.

“But,” He grabbed my hand and brought it to his mouth to kiss it. “You can call me Skip.” He pressed his lips to my hand, keeping his eyes locked on mine. I smirked as he stood back up. (A/N I call him Skip, not Daniel. I have a cousin my age named Daniel, so I just think it’s… awkward…) Now anyone who knows the Janoskians knows that Skip is tiny. He was still a good couple inches taller. I went up on my tip toes and drew close to him.

My lips by-passed his and I knew he thought I was going to kiss him. I came to a stop and whispered in his ear, “I know.” I went back down on my full footing and turned around. They all stood there shocked at what just happened and Ruby stood there smirking.

“So? Mind showing us too our room?” I smiled and grabbed my bag following James up the stairs with Ruby hot on my heels.

“Here is Ruby’s,” He stopped at the second door on the right side, after the hallway ended. She thanked him and entered her room. “And Mum said that you liked being alone and having your space, so, this is your room,” We walked to the very end of the hallway and stopped in front of a door.

“Thanks,” I mumbled and opened the door. It wasn’t too bad. All my posters had been put up on the entry door and a the rest of the walls were a dark purple. There was a queen sized bed in the middle with a black frame. The sheets were a purple and black design. There was a black dresser off to one side next to two doors. The top of the dresser already had all of my stuff on it and the book-self that was up against the poster filled wall was filled as well. I entered the door closer to the dresser and was met by a large walk in closet filled with clothes, most of which I had never seen before. The ground under the clothes was filled with all my shoes, plus more new stuff. They were all lined up perfectly. From my Converse that I didn’t pack separately to my DC’s to my boots.

As I walked back out I heard the door open. I shut the closer door and looked over at Luke, who was walking further into my room.

“Me and Daniel did all this,” he mumbled as he sat on the bed.

“Thanks Luke. It looks really good,” I sat down next to him. He looked up at me and into my eyes.

“I was hoping you would like it,” We sat there and kinda just stared at each other until he snapped out of it and looked at the other door I had yet to enter. “Have you seen your bathroom?” He pulled me towards it, and opened the door. These walls were red and had quotes on them. I ran my fingers over the biggest one. 'Once You Grow Up, You Can Never Come Back’.

“This was all over most of your stuff so we made it the biggest. I smiled at him and continued to examine the room. There was a black marble counter and big mirror above it. to the far side was a standing shower with glass walls. The towels were a mix of red and black. My makeup bag was hanging from the wall.