in a world where the edges of the map have yet to be filled in, where mythical beasts haunt the deepest of waters and adventure lurks around every corner, a young pirate queen and her ragtag crew fight against oppression and the flourishing mutant slave trade.


  • RAVEN: the pirate queen, captain of the Hellfire, briefly a hostage
  • AZAZEL: husband of the pirate queen, first mate, unsuccessful hostage-keeper
  • ANGEL: crewmember, no-shit-taker
  • JANOS: crewmember, sly-joke-maker
  • ORORO: crewmember, storm-maker
  • KURT: son of the pirate queen, beloved by all
  • CHARLES: governor, brother of the pirate queen, a very busy man
  • ERIK: formerly of the King’s navy, ‘old friend’ of Charles
  • LOGAN: formerly of the King’s army, ‘old friend’ of Charles
  • EMMA: powerful ally of the pirate queen, a very busy woman

@ fox: I hope ur happy, this could be canon but u playin, idk if I can ever forgive u, why would u kill off so many great characters with great potential, why always my faves, how does it feel knowing u destroyed this adorable friendship before it even had the chance to happen, how dare u, etc. etc.

idk I just really love the idea of janos aDORING tiny little ororo because MUTATION BUDDIES and helping her practise and train her powers??? is that too much to ask for?? tagging this as modern au due to reasons listed in previous paragraph. 


GUYS!! Remember some girls and I are doing a huge fan book to give to the boys in the m&g party in Barcelona, and we want everyone to get involved and to send us anything you want the boys to see! We want them to notice you and see how much we appreciate them! So please if you read it can you spread the word via twitter or tumblr and reblog it, also check the twitter account @bcnjanosfanbook if you want to contact with us!! Thank you so much xx

when your faves are undeveloped minor villain characters reading fanfiction is such a fucking rollercoaster like… 

are they just gonna be the protagonist’s loveable asshole best buddy? 

are they gonna be a complex individual who is morally grey but ultimately ends up on the side of the heroes? 

or are they gonna be straight-up evil, indiscriminately raping and murdering, cheerfully dancing across the moral event horizon? 

literally who the fuck knows!

its ten to midnight and I’m spending nearly all day tomorrow socialising. now would be a really terrible time to, say, start making an x-men friends au photoset…

and yet here I am.