No sé de qué puede servir juntar todo el saber de otros. Es suficiente para arrebatar la valentía de todo aquel que no es adulto y todavía no ha experimentado por sí mismo. Pero los adultos aman acumular conocimientos, claro, cuantos más mejor, y da igual que sean el saber de otras personas y algo que sólo puede hallarse en los libros.
—  Janne Teller, Nada

The World of Safe People - starring Academy Award winner Meryl Streep, Emmy Award winner Allison Janney and Emmy Awards Nominees Elizabeth Mitchell and Connie Britton.

Ruth Stemple (Meryl Streep), recently re-elected to the US Senate, is at the peak of her political career. As a moderate Republican in the Midwest with Southern roots, she’s also looking likely as the party’s next nominee for President.   Top political consultant Chrissy Knight (Connie Britton) has flown in to begin grooming Ruth for the top job, starting by taking over her Senate office.

Their quest is thrown for a loop when Ruth’s mostly estranged daughter, Cleo (Elizabeth Mitchell) returns to their hometown of Dubuque for Ruth’s victory party. In tow is her actress girlfriend of three years, Viola (Allison Janney), and Cleo announces to her parents (Clive Stemple, played by Robert Redford) that she and Viola plan to be among the first to avail themselves of Iowa’s newly-available same sex marriages, following a State Supreme Court decision.

Cleo has long disagreed with her mother on most political issues, but Ruth finds her own position being challenged at the thought of her only daughter finally being married. Knowing the complications it could cause in a national campaign, Ruth has to decide exactly where her priorities lie.  Having never expressed a public opinion on the issue of gay marriage, suddenly the whole country wants to know what she has to say.

Along the way, Ruth also tries to form a relationship with her potential daughter-in-law, who isn’t entirely what she seems.  With a dark comedic vein, this political family drama might just have you changing your vote.

In theaters this fall.

Prompted by absolutely-thrilled, with the iTunes shuffle (spooky) selection of Iowa - by Dar Williams.

June 16, 2015

Charlie pushes the back door open.  The sound of kids’ voices screaming with laughter follows her in, and shuts off when she kicks the door closed.  She’s muttering to herself - two lemonades, two milks, one water - as she moves into the kitchen.  Preoccupied with the beverage order, she doesn’t notice she’s not alone in the room until she practically stumbles over Cas.

He’s sitting at the table sort of leaned over with his head on one hand, eyes half closed.  He looks like he’s about to take a nap.  

“Hey dude, you okay?  I almost stepped on you!”  Charlie takes a step toward the table and leans down a little.  “Cas?”  

Cas sighs out a breath and peers blearily up at her.  “Hello, Charlie.  Sorry, I wasn’t paying attention.  What did you say?”  He blinks slowly, as though his eyelids are almost too heavy to lift.  

Charlie frowns.  “Just saying hello.  Hey, are you okay?  You look a little whumped.”

“I - I think so.”  Cas manages to push himself to an upright position.  “I’m just feeling really tired.  I didn’t sleep well last night.”  

Charlie’s still frowning down at him.  “Come to think of it, buster, you didn’t eat much breakfast.  Maybe you’re just hungry?  I’m about to rustle up some grub for the young-uns, I could fix you something.  What sounds good?  I think there’s some of that many-bean soup Dean made.”  

Cas shakes his head, making a face.  “N-no, I’m not really hungry.  Thanks.”  

“How can you not be hungry?  Here, let me…”  Charlie moves closer and rests her palm on Cas’ forehead.  “You’re a little warm there, Captain Solo.  Looks like you might be coming down with something.  I’m gonna bring you some water, okay?”  She hurries off to the sink and fills a glass, then brings it back and sets it down beside Cas.  

“C’mon, drink some of that.  I gotta get some food to these restless beasts, but I’ll come back to check on you, okay?”  

With an effort, Cas gulps a little water and nods without speaking.  Charlie stands watching him for another moment, and then moves around the kitchen gathering up sandwich ingredients, carrots sticks, cookies and the requested drinks.  She balances everything on a huge tray, gives Cas one more worried glance and heads out the door.  

By the time she gets back, exchanging the tray and dirty dishes for bubble-blowing supplies, Cas has left the kitchen.  The water glass sits on the table, still half-full.  

When Dean comes through the back door, much later, he can hear distant sounds of bath taking:  giggling, splashing, Charlie’s voice, come on, you guys! work with me here!  He grins as he hangs up his keys and jacket.  The kitchen is clean and quiet, just a small light on over the stove.  He wanders through the downstairs part of the house, peeking into rooms and wondering where Cas is. 

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