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hi! just thought i'd say that i love your blog & it's super funny - also the admins seem so nice & friendly ʕ ᵔᴥᵔ ʔ could i maybe request something like the rfa + minor trio finding out that the mc's a good dancer? (maybe street dance in particular?) i had a sudden thought of zen at an rfa house party like 'haha you'll never beat me at a dance game... but you're welcome to try' and mc just wipes the floor w/ him in front of everyone;; of course you don't have to, but thanks in advance if you do!

holy shit?? we would die for you??? you are so nice and friendly?????
we love the humor and the creativity in this request… so much… and we love you, anon…


  • yoosung knows you didn’t much care for LOLOL
  • or any of his video games, really
  • but he still wants you to experience that Hashtag Gamer Lyfe
  • so he takes you out on a date to the arcade
  • you pass on the fighting game, the racing game, and the claw machine
  • but you’re really adamant about playing dance dance revolution
  • yoosung was a self-proclaimed DDR expert as a kid so he immediately takes you up on the challenge
  • “butterfly” is his jam and he’s not about to let anyone take that away from him
  • he sees that he was doing pretty well until he looks over at your screen and
  • W H A T
  • you don’t even break a sweat but yoosung is Dying
  • rip yoosung
  • he definitely calls zen later that week and asks him for dance lessons


  • zen never likes to think he’s better than you at anything
  • but the moment you bring up your love for dance at the RFA get-together at yoosung’s house !!!
  • he is ready to [lovingly and cautiously] Fight you
  • yoosung happens to have one of the just dance games and the contest is ON
  • zen is incredibly good and hardly misses a beat
  • (he has the game at home shhh)
  • distractions everywhere!!!
  • he would definitely try to grab your ass while you were dancing to get you to mess up
  • but in the end, he knows he’s no match for you
  • jumin jumps up like a sports fan whose team had just scored when he sees zen get four stars compared to your five stars
  • zen’s.. pretty cheesed off about it
  • but he DID like that look you gave him near the end as your hips swayed and your—
  • oh shit would you look at that
  • it’s the B E A S T


  • it was just going to be One Of Those Days for jaehee
  • she loved running her very own café with her very own favorite person
  • but getting up early got to her sometimes
  • as jaehee started loading up the case with pastries, you suddenly blast a song over the speakers
  • jaehee is confused at first
  • until she turns around and sees you skidding around the kitchen with a spoon as your microphone
  • you expertly dance your way over to her, stopping every once in awhile to dramatically mouth the lyrics
  • jaehee is in tears from laughing so hard but she is also extremely impressed with how smoothly you move
  • she’s finding it hard to get the coffee machines ready but she can’t really bother to be mad when she has you grinding up next to her
  • she is in a much better mood after that
  • you get on top of the counter at one point


  • C&R parties are never fun
  • jumin hates the pressure and attention, as do you
  • but luckily for you, there is not only a lot of alcohol but a dance floor at this particular C&R event
  • the champagne,,;; really gets to you
  • at first, you’re just vaguely flailing around the dance floor
  • you’re not even sure what genre of song is playing??
  • jumin is just
  • kind of??? swaying????? next to you
  • suddenly your favorite song comes on and you just go wild
  • your dancing is pretty phenomenal for being Hecka Drunk
  • jumin is not quite sure what he’s witnessing but he knows he’s in love with it
  • why is he aroused by this
  • he even joins you
  • or. at least tries to
  • he doesn’t shut up about how stunning you looked while you were dancing the rest of the night


  • can we all agree that saeyoung dabs
  • like. this is an accepted fact right
  • one day you get tired of his dabs
  • and why is he still whipping 20-goddamn-17
  • you offer to spice up his realm of dance moves but every attempt at you actually trying to teach him anything involves
  • “y’all mind if i just. YEET”
  • “saeyoung please”
  • eventually you have to get hands-on
  • you put your hands on his waist and move with him
  • “move your hips like this—no like this”
  • he’s really trying to concentrate but he just realized how g o o d you are at dancing
  • you’re not even putting in any real effort but it just comes so naturally to you
  • he finds himself “““““accidentally””””” grinding into you once he gets the hang of it
  • sure jan
  • no more dabs for the meme boy


  • jihyun is the epitome of romantic ok
  • you guys are being huge dorks and slow dancing in the kitchen late at night
  • and yes you do have a spotify playlist called “late night kitchen dances”
  • you are literally so in love with him holy shit
  • he is so tall and warm and you can hear his lil heartbeat—
  • oh. my god
  • “jihyun i am so sorry i have no idea how that song got on there i just”
  • he’s cracking up over the whole ordeal
  • you guys end up dancing like a bunch of high schoolers who were given orange juice and told it was tequila
  • except you’re really good at it
  • jihyun is.. in lov
  • he can’t stop watching the way you move holy guacamole how do you do that


  • it’s saeran’s first RFA party and he is!!!
  • he is hanging in there!!! hoo boy…,,,
  • he’s just been hanging out in the corner the whole time
  • just. sipping on some punch or something
  • lonely emo boy
  • his anxiety is really getting to him until he sees you
  • you’re?? you’re street dancing to classical music
  • he may be a little uncomfortable with expressing his emotions but if there’s one person who could change that, it’s you
  • he even GIGGLES can u imagine
  • you’re pouring your heart into a dance routine that completely contrasts everything about the music playing but it’s still so precious to him
  • you eventually catch him staring and burst into laughter
  • but your dancing doesn’t cease and neither do his giggles


  • saeyoung promised vanderwood that inviting you over would be a good chance for some “family bonding”
  • ……………… whatever that meant
  • but you and saeyoung are uncomfortably alike when you’re together
  • vanderwood wonders how he manages to be so in enamored with you but utterly despise saeyoung
  • you and saeyoung are really…… going at it to this one EXO song
  • vanderwood is just sitting in the corner, trying to resist the urge to bash his head into the table from secondhand embarrassment
  • he has to ask himself how you both happen to have the routine memorized
  • he looks at saeyoung from the cracks between the fingers of the hands he has his face buried in
  • and then he looks over at you and he is immediately mesmerized
  • you’re easily better at this than saeyoung
  • you see him staring at you and you motion for him to come over
  • he shakes his head but he DOES take a video of you dancing
  • you’re just too cute

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“Going back to Somalia was both one of my happiest and at the same time saddest life experiences. I was happy to go back to Somalia after a decade living in the West. You see, I left home at an early age as a child, and now I’m a grown man. However, my return became also one of the saddest moment of my life because I didn’t get the chance to see my mother. She sadly passed away four months before I decided to go back to Somalia. (May Allah have mercy on her). It’s funny how we plan and plan delay and delay but you never know the changes you will miss. You see, I was contemplating on going back for nearly 2 and half years. My first attempt was in 2015, but it didn’t work out as I was in high school at the time and had no money. I pledged to go next year as I attended college. I was extremely excited as I was going to see my mother and excitedly told my father and aunt. Unfortunately, things didn’t work out, so I deferred my plans once again. After my mother’s death, I pushed myself to go because I got accepted into a program that would force me not to trave for at least two years. Even though I couldn’t see her face, I managed to visit my ailing grandmother who raised me when I was young. She was extremely old and but temporarily recovered once I arrived. It was a journey of mixed experience, but I’m more optimistic and determined to make more frequent trips back home and give back.“

(Minneapolis, United States)

“In aan ku noqdo Soomaaliya waxay ii ahayd mid ka mid ah wakhtiyadii igu farxada badnaa hadana igu naxdinta badnaa noloshayda. Waan ku faraxsana in aan Soomaaliya ku noqdo anigoo ku noolaa dhanka galbeedka muddo gaadhaysa 10 sanno. Waad aragtaa wadankii waxaan kasoo tagay anigoo caruur ah hadana waxaan hadda ahay nin wayn. Si kasta ha ahaat’e  in aan noqdo waxay ii ahayd mid ka mid ah wakhtiyadii igu naxdinta badnaa sababto ah wakhti umaan helin aan ku arko hooyaday oo dhimatay 4 bilood ka hor intii aanan go’aansan in aan ku noqdo Soomaaliya ( rabbi naxariistii Janno ha ugu deeqo). Waa cajiib sida aynu u dejisano qorshe, hadana dib u dhac inoogu yimaado, ma ogaan kartid isbedelka kugu imaan kara. Waad aragtaa waxaan ku talo jiray muddo laba sanno iyo bar ah, markii ugu horaysay go’aanka gaaray waa 2015 , laakiin taasi iima suurta gelin maadama aan ku kujiray dugsiga sarre.  Waxaan balan qaaday in aan sanadka danbe jaamacada bilaabo, aad baan u faraxsana in aan soo arkayo hooyaday, si farxad lehna waan ugu sheegay aabbahay iyo habaryartay. Nasiib darro qorshahaas iima shaqayn. Hadana markale qorshahaygi wuu dib dhacay. Kadib geeridii hooyaday waxaan ku khasbay naftayda in aan tago, sababto an waxaan ku guulaystay barnaamiij igu khasbayey ugu yaraan in aanan safar u bixin laba sanno. Inkastoo aanan hooyaday wejigeedi arki karin, laakiin waxaan ku dedaalay in aan soo arko ayeeyday oo isoo korisay markii aan yaraa,. Waxay ahayd waayo aragnimo kala duwan. Lakiin waan ku talo jira in aan marar kale ku noqdo dalkii oo wax u qabto.”

(Minneapolis, Maraykanka)

My Ship Square Playlist!

Originally posted by packitandgo

I’ve composed my Ship Square playlist! It’s super long so it’s under the cut but these are the songs (and some significant lyrics) I listen to when I’m writing a scene featuring one of the ship squares!

I got gif-happy. I love gifs.

I’m always adding songs, so if you have a song, send it to me! :D

Youtube Playlist, Spotify

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History of OPM(Original Pinoy Music)

Original Pilipino music, now more commonly termed original Pinoy music, original Philippine music or OPM, originally referred only to Philippine pop songs, particularly ballads, such as those popular after the collapse of its predecessor, the Manila Soundof the late 1970s. In the 1970s, popular artists were Nora Aunor, Pilita Corrales, Eddie Peregrina, Ramon Jacinto, Victor Wood, and Asin. The more major commercial Philippine pop music artists were Claire dela Fuente, Didith Reyes, Rico Puno, Ryan Cayabyab, Basil Valdez, Celeste Legaspi, Hajji Alejandro, Rey Valera, Freddie Aguilar, Imelda Papin, Eva Eugenio, Marco Sison, Nonoy Zuniga, and many others.

Between the 1980s and the 1990s, OPM was led by artists such as Regine Velasquez, APO Hiking Society, José Mari Chan, Janet Arnaiz, Dingdong Avanzado, Rodel Naval, Janno Gibbs, Ogie Alcasid, Joey Albert, Lilet, Martin Nievera, Manilyn Reynes, Lea Salonga, Raymond Lauchengco, JoAnne Lorenzana, Francis Magalona, Sharon Cuneta, Sheryl Cruz, Zsa Zsa Padilla, and Gary Valenciano, among many others.

In the 1990s, famous artists included Eraserheads, Smokey Mountain, Rivermaya, Jaya, Donna Cruz, Jolina Magdangal, Jessa Zaragoza, Ariel Rivera, South Border, AfterImage, Side A, Andrew E., Lani Misalucha, Ella May Saison, Roselle Nava and Blakdyak, among many others.

In the 2000s and the 2010s, leading OPM artists include Aiza Seguerra, Toni Gonzaga, Sarah Geronimo, Nina, Yeng Constantino, Spongecola, Christian Bautista, Charice, Jed Madela, Erik Santos, Parokya Ni Edgar, and Gloc-9, among many others.

Underground bands emerged and along with them were their perceptions of idealism and self-expression. The famous lyricist of Circle’s End, Geno Georsua landed on top as the melodramatic expressionist. Bassist Greg Soliman of UST Pendong grasps the title as the best bassist of underground music.

From its origin, OPM has been centered in Manila, where Tagalog and English are the dominant languages. Other ethnolinguistic groups such as Visayan, Bikol and Kapampangan, despite making music in their native languages, have rarely been recognized as OPM. Unusual cases includr the Bisrock(Visayan rock music) song “Charing” by Davao band, 1017. Multiculturalism advocates and federalists often associate the discrepancy to the Tagalog-centric cultural hegemony of Manila. Having successfully created a subgenre of Philippine rock thatvthey called Bisrock, the Visayans, by far, have the biggest collection of modern music in their native language, with great contributions from Visayan bands Phylum and Missing Filemon. However, a band called Groupies’ Panciteria that hails from Tacloban, a Winaray-speaking city, launched a free downloadable mp3 album on Soundclick.com in 2009 containing 13 Tagalog songs and only one very short song in the Cebuano language.[1]

Following suit are the Kapampangans. The debut music video of “Oras” (“Time”) by Tarlac City-based Kapampangan band Mernuts has penetrated MTV Pilipinas, making it the first ever Kapampangan music video to join the ranks of other mainstream Filipino music videos. RocKapampangan: The Birth of Philippine Kapampangan Rock, an album of modern remakes of Kapampangan folk extemporaneous songs by various Kapampangan bands was also launched last February 2008, which are regularly played via Kapampangan cable channel Infomax-8 and via one of Central Luzon’s biggest FM radio stations, GVFM 99.1. Inspired by what the locals call “Kapampangan cultural renaissance”, Angeles City-born balladeer Ronnie Liang rendered Kapampangan translations of some of his popular songs such as “Ayli” (Kapampangan version of “Ngiti”), and “Ika” (Kapampangan version of “Ikaw”) for his repackaged album.

Despite the growing clamor for non-Tagalog and non-English music and the greater representation of other Philippine languages, the local Philippine music industry, which is centered in Manila, is unforthcoming in venturing investments to other locations. Some of their major reasons include the language barrier, small market size, and socio-cultural emphasis away from regionalism in the Philippines.

The country’s first songwriting competition, Metro Manila Popular Music Festival, was first established in 1977 and launched by the Popular Music Foundation of the Philippines. The event featured many prominent singers and songwriters during its time. It was held annually for seven years until its discontinuation in 1985. It was later revived in 1996 as the “Metropop Song Festival”, running for another seven years before being discontinued in 2003 due to the decline of its popularity.[2] Another variation of the festival had been established called the Himig Handog contest which began in 2000, operated by ABS-CBN Corporation and its subsidiary music label Star Records. Five competitions have been held so far starting in 2000 to 2003 and was eventually revived in 2013. Unlike its predecessors, the contest has different themes which reflect the type of song entries chosen as finalists each year.[3][4]In 2012, the Philippine Popular Music Festivalwas launched and is said to be inspired by the first songwriting competition.[5]

Pop music

OPM pop has been regularly showcased in the live band scene. Groups such as Neocolours, Side A, Introvoys, The Teeth, Yano, True Faith, Passage and Freestyle popularized songs that clearly reflect the sentimental character of OPM pop.

In the new millennium up to the 2010s, famous Filipino pop music artists include Sarah Geronimo, Erik Santos, Yeng Constantino, and Christian Bautista, among many others.

Choir music

Choral music has become an important part of Philippine music culture. It dates back to the choirs of churches that sing during mass in the old days. In the middle of the 20th century, performing choral groups started to emerge and increasingly become popular as time goes by. Aside from churches, universities, schools and local communities have established choirs.

Philippine choral arrangers like Robert Delgado, Fidel Calalang, Lucio San Pedro, Eudenice Palaruan among others have included in the vast repertoires of choirs beautiful arrangements of OPM, folk songs, patriotic songs, novelty songs, love songs, and even foreign songs.

The Philippine Madrigal Singers (originally the University of the Philippines Madrigal Singers) is one of the most famous choral groups not only in the Philippines, but also worldwide. Winning international competitions, the group became one of the most formidable choral groups in the country. Other award-winning choral groups are the University of Santo Tomas Singers, the Philippine Meistersingers (Former Adventist University of the Philippines Ambassadors), the U.P. Singing Ambassadors and U.P. Concert Chorus, among others.

Rock and blues

The United States occupied the Islands in 1898 until 1946, and introduced American blues, folk music, R&B and rock & roll which became popular. In the late 1950s, native performers adapted Tagalog lyrics for North American rock & roll music, resulting in the seminal origins of Philippine rock. The most notable achievement in Philippine rock of the 1960s was the hit song “Killer Joe”, which propelled the group Rocky Fellers, reaching number 16 on the American radio charts.

Up until the 1970s, popular rock musicians began writing and producing in English. In the early 1970s, rock music began to be written using local languages, with bands like the Juan Dela Cruz Band being among the first popular bands to do so. Mixing Tagalog and English lyrics were also popularly used within the same song, in songs like “Ang Miss Universe Ng Buhay Ko” (“The Miss Universe of My Life”) by the band Hotdog which helped innovate the Manila Sound. The mixing of the two languages (known as “Taglish”), while common in casual speech in the Philippines, was seen as a bold move, but the success of Taglish in popular songs, including Sharon Cuneta’s first hit, “Mr. DJ”, broke the barrier forevermore.

Philippine rock musicians added folk musicand other influences, helping to lead to the 1978 breakthrough success of Freddie Aguilar. Aguilar’s “Anak” (“Child”), his debut recording, is the most commercially successful Filipino recording, and was popular throughout Asia and Europe, and has been translated into numerous languages by singers worldwide. Asin also broke into the music scene in the same period, and were popular.

Folk rock became the Philippine protest music of the 1980s, and Aguilar’s “Bayan Ko” (“My Country”) became popular as an anthemduring the 1986 EDSA Revolution. At the same time, a counterculture rejected the rise of politically focused lyrics. In Manila, a punk rock scene developed, led by bands like Betrayed, The Jerks, Urban Bandits, and Contras. The influence of new wave was also felt during these years, spearheaded by The Dawn.

The 1990s saw the emergence of Eraserheads, considered by many Philippine nationals as the number one group in the Philippine recording scene. In the wake of their success was the emergence of a string of influential Filipino rock bands such as Yano, Siakol, Parokya ni Edgar and Rivermaya, each of which mixes the influence of a variety of rock subgenres into their style.

Filipino rock has also developed to include some hard rock, heavy metal and alternative rock such as Razorback, Wolfgang, Greyhoundz, Slapshock, Queso, Bamboo, Franco, Urbandub and the progressive bands Paradigm, Fuseboxx, Earthmover and Eternal Now.

Rock festivals have emerged through the recent years and it has been an annual event for some of the rock/metal enthusiasts. One big event is the Pulp Summer Slam wherein local rock/metal bands and international bands such as Lamb of God, Anthrax, Death Angel and Arch Enemy have performed.[6]

The neo-traditional genre in Filipino music is also gaining popularity, with artists such as Joey Ayala, Grace Nono, Bayang Barrios, Cocojam and Pinikpikan reaping relative commercial success while utilizing the traditional musical sounds of many indigenous tribes in the Philippines.

Earth music

Another genre that utilizes traditional instruments and found objects in primal compositions. Earth music recordings came out in 1994 under Backdoor Records.A series of albums have been recorded and released by Ambahayan Productions like Kubing Album, Chants Album, Kudyapi Album, Kulintang Album, Gabbang Album, Gangsa Album and Native Flutes Album.

Airborne music

A kind of music popularized by local musicians which is unrehearsed and played in public.


Filipino hip-hop is hip hop music performed by musicians of Filipino descent, both in the Philippines and overseas, especially by Filipino-Americans. The Philippines is known to have had the first hip-hop music scene in Asia since the early 1980s, largely due to the country’s historical connections with the United States where hip-hop originated. Rap music released in the Philippines has appeared in different languages such as Tagalog, Chavacano, Cebuano, Ilocano and English. In the Philippines, Francis M, Gloc-9and Andrew E. are cited as the most influential rappers in the country, being the first to release mainstream rap albums.

Program music

Unlike pure music which has no reference in the real world and no story component, program music is instrumental music that may tell a story with explicit episodes, reveal facets of a character, place or occasion, or imitate the sounds of the world. Sometimes this may take the form of a verbal explanation of the “story” or “program” of the piece. The term was invented by composer Franz Liszt, who understood program music to involve a program external to the music that set the parameters and the form in which the musical piece unfolds.

Other genres

A number of other genres are growing in popularity in the Philippine music scene, including a number of alternative groups and tribal bands promoting cultural awareness of the Philippine Islands.

Likewise, jazz has experienced a resurgence in popularity. Initial impetus was provided by W.D.O.U.J.I. (Witch Doctors of Underground Jazz Improvisation) with their award-winning independent release “Ground Zero” distributed by the now defunct N/A Records in 2002 and the Tots Tolentino-led Buhay jazz quartet in the year before that. This opened up the way for later attempts most notable of which is the Filipino jazz supergroup Johnny Alegre Affinity, releasing its eponymous debut album in 2005 under London-based Candid Records. Mon David has also made the rounds of the Las Vegas music circuit. Among the female performers, Mishka Adams has been the most prominent. A recent development is the fusion of spoken-word and jazz and also with rock, chiefly attributed to Radioactive Sago Project. Other notable names of late are Bob Aves with his ethno-infused jazz, The Jazz Volunteers and Akasha which have anchored the now legendary underground jazz jams at Freedom Bar for almost half of the 11 years of its existence. Today, underground jazz jams are now held in a bar called TAGO jazz bar which is located at Main Avenue, Cubao. Newer jazz groups emerged in the local jazz scene namely Swingster Syndicate pioneering in the post-bop and modern trad jazz, and Camerata Jazz known for their Filipino jazz arrangements and sound.

Bossa nova and Latino music has been popular since the 1970s. Performers like Annie Brazil were active in the 1970s, while more recently, Sitti has been earning rave reviews for her bossa nova covers of popular songs.

While there has long been a flourishing underground reggae and ska scene, particularly in Baguio City, it is only recently that the genres have been accepted in the mainstream. Acts like Brownman Revival, Put3ska, Roots Revival of Cebu and The Brown Outfit Bureau of Tarlac City have been instrumental in popularizing what is called “Island Riddims”. There is also a burgeoning mod revival, spearheaded by Juan Pablo Dream and a large indie pop scene.

Electronic music began in the mid-1990s in the Manila underground spearheaded by luminaries like Manolet Dario of the Consortium. In 2010, local artists started to create electropop songs themselves. As of now, most electronic songs are used in commercials. The only radio station so far that purely plays electronic music is 107.9 U Radio. 2010s also began the rise of indie electronic producers and artists with the likes of Somedaydream, CRWN, NINNO, Kidthrones, and Jess Connelly.


ChanBaek 2012-present playlist 💕

- Crush by David Archuleta
- Fallin by Janno Gibbs
- I hate U I love you by gnash (( SERIOUSLY ))
- Almost Is Never Enough (( REALLY ))
- A Little Too Not Over You by David Archuleta
- I Think I’m in Love Again by Kat Dahlia


Elmo Magalona:

Good morning, Julie! See you later. 😊

Ito agad ang bumungad sa kanya pagkagising na pagkagising niya pa lang. Pupungas-pungas siyang nagreply sa message nito.


Good morning, Elmo.

Ang tanging sabi niya lang. Nagtungo na siya sa cr para maligo at magbihis at pagkatapos nun ay bumaba na siya para saluhan ang pamilya niya sa almusal.

“Andito pala kagabi si parekoy. Hindi ko man lang nakausap.” ani Tito Jonathan sabay inom sa kape niya.

“Ah. Opo.” tipid na sagot niya.

“Mukhang saglit lang naman siya dito, papa eh.” ani naman ni Tita Marivic sa asawa. “Diba anak?”

“Opo. Pinractice lang namin yung kakantahin namin.”

“May duet uli kayo ate?” tanong ng dalawang kapatid. Kibit-balikat naman siya habang ngumunguya.

“Not sure. Baka kasi biglang magbago yung ihip ng hangin and iba ang kasama kong kumanta.” sabi niya.

Pagkatapos niyang mag-almusal ay hinanda na niya ang mga gamit saka na sila umalis patungong GMA.

Pagdating sa studio ay agad siyang sinalubong ng mga kaibigan.

“Julie!” tawag ni Christian sa kanya.

“Hi, kuya!” masiglang bati niya sabay yakap sa Kuya Christian niya.

“Tara sa may stage. Andun sina Mark at Jen. Stalk natin. Hahaha.” hinatak na siya ni Christian at saka na sila nagpuntang stage para na rin sa rehearsals. “Oh and by the way, duet daw tayo sa opening.”

“Ha? Akala ko…”

Alam na agad ni Christian ang tinutukoy niya kaya inakbayan niya si Julie saka ginulo ang buhok.

“Andito kasi eh. Kaya alam mo na.” sabi ni Christian.

“Ah okay. Sabi na eh. Sabay silang umuwi kahapon.”

“Hahaha. Jelly nanaman ang little girl ko.” asar nito sa kanya.

“Adik! Hindi no. Hahaha.” sabi niya.

Nanuod sila ng mga nirerehearse na prod at naisipan nilang pagtripan sina Mark at Jen.

“Tara picture tayo.” sabi ni Christian sabay labas ng phone niya at nagpicture nga sila.

“Hoy hoy hoy ano yan?” tanong ni Mark nang makita silang nagppicture.

“Wala!” sabay na sabi ng dalawa.


Dumating si Elmo sa studio at agad siyang nagtungo sa dressing room.

Chineck niya ang phone niya at nakitang may message si Julie sa kanya.

Julie San Jose:

No duet today.

“Ha? Why?” tanong niya sa sarili. Agad siyang nagpunta sa may gilid ng stage para tignan ang program flow at nakita na wala nga ang duet nila na pinractice kagabi.

Take Me Home (opening)
Julie and Christian

“Ouch.” sabi niya.

“Hi, Moe!” nagulat siya sa bumati sa kanya. Paglingon niya ay nakita niya ang nakangiting si Sarah.

“Oh. Hey, Sam!” bati niya.

“Anong tinitignan mo?” tanong ng kaibigan sabay tingin sa manila paper na nakatape sa dingding. “Oh. You were supposed to sing with her sa opening diba? What happened?” pagtataka nito.

Umiling si Elmo saka bumulong sa kanya.

“Janine happened.” sabi niya saka na lugmok na naglakad pabalik sa dressing room.

Sumalampak siya sa isang upuan saka tumitig sa phone niya at mabilis na nagtype ng message.



Agad namang nagreply si Julie sa kanya.

Julie San Jose:

For what?


For what’s happening to us. I want to sing with you. I really do. 😞

Julie San Jose:

We can’t do anything about it, Moe. It’s the management’s decision.

Suminghap siya at saka sinandal ang ulo sa headrest saka pumikit.


Naghahanda na si Julie para sa prod niya with Kyla at Dennis. Excited siya dahil makakasama niya ang crush niya sa isang prod at di talaga niya mapigilang di mapangiti ng malapad.

“Lapad ng ngiti ah.” puna ni Sarah.

“Eeeh! Sam, Dennis Trillo kasi eh.” kinikilig na sabi niya.

“Ayie! May duet nga pala kayo no? Haha. Chance mo na Jules!” asar naman ni Sarah.

“Daya mo student ha? Duet kayo ng asawa ko.” sabi naman ni Barbie.

“Haha. Okay lang yan, mentor. Minsanan lang to.” kindat niya naman. “Uy! Galing mo kanina sa VS ha.” sabi niya dito.

“Syempre! Pak na pak eno? Hahaha.” tumatawang sabi ni Barbie.

“Yup.” sabay na sabi nila ni Sarah.

“Julie, kayo na next.” tawag sa kanya ng staff. Tumango na si Julie saka na siya nagtungo sa stage.

Pagkatapos nilang kumanta nila Kyla at Dennis ay nagtungo sila ni Kyla sa selfie station sa labas.

“Lapad ng ngiti ah.” ani Kyla.

“Haha. Eh kasi ate si crush eh.”

“Ha? Sinong crush?” pagtataka ni Kyla.

“Eeeh! Si Dennis po.” kinikilig na sabi niya.

“Aysus! Sumbong kita kay Elmo eh. Haha.”

“Eh. Hayaan mo siya diyan ate. May Janine naman siya.”

“Ayun pala. Nagseselosan kayong dalawa ganun?” sabi ni Kyla. “Bata pa nga kayo. Hahaha.”

Ngumiti na lang si Julie sa sinabi ni Kyla. Habang hinihintay nila ang segment nila ay nagcheck siya ng phone niya. Lumapad naman ang ngiti niya nang mabasa ang message ni Elmo.

Elmo Magalona:

Buti pa siya nakaduet mo. I’m jealous. 😕

Mabilis siyang nagtype ng reply dito.


Grabe ang lambot ng kamay niya. Omg kinikilig pa rin ako! 😍😍😍

Elmo Magalona:

Nakakamatay ang selos alam mo ba yun?


Whatever. May Janine ka naman.

Elmo Magalona:

Wala naman kaya. Julie lang naman ang meron ako. But I guess my Julie has her eyes for someone else. 😭

Nagpigil ng ngiti at kilig si Julie lalo na nang kalabitin siya ni Kyla dahil malapit na sila mag-on air.

After ng segment nila ay nakita niyang lumabas si Janine para sila naman ang sumunod sa Selfie Station. Hindi siya pinansin ni Janine kaya siya na ang unang lumapit dito para makipagbeso.

“Hi, Janine.” nakangiting bati niya.

“H-hi Julie.” ani Janine. Nginitian niya na lang ito at saka pumasok na sa loob at nagdiretso sa green room.


“Elmo, you’re up next.” sabi ng staff sa kanya. Tumango si Elmo at nagpunta na sa gilid ng stage.

“Uy dude.” bati ni Aljur.

“Uy. Musta?”

“Ayos naman. Umitim ka ah!” asar ni Aljur sa kanya.

“Haha. Bora eh.”

“Yeah. Sabi nga ni Julie saken.”

“Yup. She was supposed to come there with me pero kasi nga ang dami niyang regional shows. And you know Julie.”

“Haha. Yeah. Mas gusto nun magtrabaho kaysa magrelax.”

“Uh-huh. Ewan ko ba dun. She has no time for anything except for work. Kahit saken wala na eh.” himutok niya.

“Hahaha. Busy ka din naman sa promotion mo so patas lang.” ani Aljur saka na nagpunta sa stage para kumanta.

Sinaluhan na rin niya si Aljur at sumunod naman si Alden. Kumanta na sila at naeenjoy niya ang ginagawa.

“They’re just girls breaking hearts
Eyes bright, uptight, just girls
But she can’t be what you need if she’s 17
They’re just girls
They’re just girls”

Pagkatapos ng prod nila ay nagpalakpakan ang lahat.

“Closing na after the commercial! Mga artista! Stage na po tayo!” tawag ng floor director sa artists.

Habang nagsasalita sina Heart, Janno, Jaya at ibang hosts ay abala naman siya sa paghahagilap kay Julie. Palinga-linga siya at nang makita iyon ay ngumiti siya.

Nang marinig niyang nagpaalam na sila Heart ay agad siyang naglakad papunta kay Julie.

“Hey.” untag niya rito sabay beso sa dalaga. Halatang nagulat si Julie sa ginawa niya at napatingin sa kanya.

“Uh…” hindi nakapagsalita si Julie. Imbes ay tumakbo na ito pabalik ng backstage.

“Oh. Anong nangyari dun?” pagtataka ni Mark.

Iiling-iling na tumawa si Elmo.

“Alam mo, ganyan din si Jen saken nun eh. Bigla-biglang tatakbo palayo pag nananakawan ko ng halik. Yun pala kinikilig lang. Hahaha.” hagalpak ni Mark.

“First time ni Julie yan, Papi. Kapag kinikilig naman siya, it’s either hahampasin niya ko or susungitan ako eh.”

“Hahaha. Nagkapalit sila ni Mhamine. Ganyan si Jen ngayon eh. Brutal na pag kinikilig.”

Napailing na lang silang dalawa saka sabay na bumuntong-hininga.

“Hay. Girls.” sabay na sabi nila. Siniko na siya ni Mark saka tumango patungo sa direction na tinakbuhan ni Julie.

“Habulin mo na, brad. Nagpapahabol lang yan.”


“Haven’t afforded a new mic, stand, popfilter, or shock mount… RockBand USB mic (suprisingly good sound), 70cl Jack Daniels bottle with water as stand (awesome night emptying it), bubblewrap and tissues held with ducttape as shock mounts, old steel coat hanger and the metal edge of a can together with an worn out old (washed) sock make a pop filter…"

Submitted by Janno Sinclair BuzzBazz