So I got to hang out with Marty Jannetty last night in West Harrison, Indiana. Legitimately one of the coolest guys, a wealth of knowledge, and worked great in the ring. I don’t think I could have asked for a better experience. Marty is the man.

Unfortunately, I didn’t stick around long enough at the after party to see if Party Jannetty made an appearance, but eh. Such is life.

Beyond the schlock, beyond the preposterous acting and theatrics, beyond the comically ostentatious scoring and ambitious yet obviously cheap cinematography and production, there is a reason that last night’s “Final Deletion,” and indeed the entire Broken Matt Hardy versus Jeff Hardy/Brother Nero feud worked as well as it did.

That reason is very simple: beneath all the hokey gloss and general ridiculousness, it was personal, it was relatable, and there was something real about a lot of the emotion, just often enough to make the laughable worth actual consideration. There was emotion, which by itself sets it apart from so much modern pro wrestling. A lot of people will say it was “fun.” And that is a fine enough reason to have enjoyed it. But there was more than that.

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