WWE being sued by several ex-wrestlers
[July 18th, 2016]

A list of ex-WWE wrestlers have been listed as plaintiffs in a lawsuit that claims that the WWE hid long-term effects of brain injuries from its superstars. The WWE is accused of failing to care for wrestlers repetitive head injuries “in any medically competent or meaningful manner”. The company is also accused of misrepresenting and concealing the nature of long-term neurological injuries that wrestlers suffer during their careers.

The list of plaintiffs include: Jimmy “Superfly” Snuka, Road Warrior Animal, Paul Orndorff, Chavo Guerrero Jr., Bryan Clark (Adam Bomb), Ahmed Johnson, Kamala, Dave Hebner (when did he take a bump?), Earl Hebner, King Kong Bundy, Ken Patera, Sabu, Ax and Smash of Demolition, The Berzerker, Shane Douglas, Muhammad Hassan, Henry Godwinn, Mark Jindrak, Marty Jannetty, Heidenreich, Mantaur, One Man Gang, and the estate of Axl Rotten.

Well, there goes Mark Jindrak’s Hall Of Fame induction.

What’s strange about this list is that many of the wrestlers wrestled for multiple companies, not just the WWE. That, to me, shows that this entire case is centered around money rather than the potential future well-being of superstars in the company. It’s odd that anybody can say “well, we didn’t know getting hit with chairs, slammed on our necks, kicked in the head, forearmed across the face, etc. was going to lead to any long-term issues”. Really?! Did you REALLY not know that?! 

Marty Jannetty has lost his mind.
[February 1st, 2016]

Last night, Stephanie McMahon references the other half of The Rockers by referring to Dean Ambrose as ‘The Marty’ of himself and Roman Reigns’ pairing. While this isn’t exactly a new phrase that McMahon coined, as Jannetty is frequently mentioned when referring to the lesser-successful of a duo. But, wow… Marty Jannetty got PISSED and tweeted about it.

Did that bitch just say what I think I just hurrd on RAW??? Steph…should I remind the world.all them kids might not be Hunter’s. ??

My jaw dropped when I read that. Marty, seriously?! I can’t imagine Jannetty has much to lose these days, but damn, bro.