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1. What does your favorite scarf look like? (If you don’t have a favorite scarf, describe your favorite article of clothing.)

This is a way harder question that it should be. I LOVE scarves. Last I counted…I have 30 something handmade knitted scarves. ( I’m a scarf snob. ) My favorite, though, has to be my peach circular scarf that has a lace print.

2. When you go to a coffee shop, what do you usually order?

medium regular…hot or iced depends on time/weather

3. If you could play any musical instrument instantly, which one would you choose and why?

Hm, there’s nothing that’s really sticking out…I was horrible at violin in elementary school, so maybe that so I can pretend like those weren’t wasted years?

4. What’s your favorite smell?

Um, food wise…garlic. Other wise….I don’t know. I like fruity smells.

5. When you’re sick, what do you prefer to eat (if you’re able to eat)?

There’s nothing really…I’ll drink tea, but I don’t like soup. If it’s a stomach bug I don’t like to eat at all, especially any of my favorite foods. There is a long list of foods I’ve stopped eating for awhile because of being sick.

6. What’s your favorite (card, board, or whatever) game to play with another person?

Scrabble. And I love to beat them. Second would be gin rummy.

7. You not-so-accidentally kill someone. Who do you call to help you hide the body?

I’m going to go with…Steven. There’s no way I’m going to be able to move a body so I’ll need his muscles to move it.

8. What are your three favorite things to read about in fiction (professional or fan)?

Mysteries, romance, fluff

9. What is sure to turn you off/make you lose interest in reading something?

#1. Horrible spelling/grammar/punctuation mistakes. If it’s more than a couple errors that my brain can auto-correct and gloss over, I don’t care how good the premise of the story is.

#2. Bad writing in general. It’s usually the books that gain popularity all of a sudden and while the idea behind the plot may be good, the execution is awful- bad plot development, poorly written characters, no variation in sentences, etc.

#3. Lack of logic/research. I hate it so much when someone just wants to add drama so they’ll make a character sick, but they don’t research whatever they’re giving the character so all of a sudden the character only has the symptoms of a cold but is dying of a brain tumor that they’re actually spreading to other people by coughing. Or they just make up laws or write about some part of the justice system and get everything wrong, etc.

#4. OH. ENDLESS DESCRIPTIONS. There is such a thing as too much description. When a nature scene is described for three pages I am going to forget what the heck was going on and have to flip back and ruin my reading flow.

10. What’s the movie you can (or have) watch over and over until you practically have it memorized and you’d still keep watching it?

Forrest Gump. And it is memorized.


My questions:

1. If you have a pet, describe it. If you don’t have a pet, why isn’t there an adorable dog in your life?

2. What’s one ( or more if you can’t narrow it down ) show that shouldn’t have been cancelled?

3. If you had to move which state would you choose and why?

4. What’s the one thing you wish you could change about your life?

5. What job did you want as a child?

6. What’s one thing from your childhood you never wanted to let go of?

7. What’s one book or series you’ve read over and over?

8. What is your favorite quote? ( book, show, movie, person, etc )

9. Which grammatical error annoys you the most?

10.  ( I’m stealing this one because I loved it. ) You not-so-accidentally kill someone. Who do you call to help you hide the body?