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how do u get such a nice glow effect? can u maybe do an editing tutorial

hmm do you mean how it’s kinda soft ? i THINK i get what you mean so here’s what i do:

1. i always do all the editing first and then do the soften/glow step last right before i save, just bc it’s like the Finish on the whole thing, so right up above is what it looks like before i do the thing (i just added some brightness layers n stuff really fast on a random screenshot for the purpose of the tutorial, i know her arm is janked to hell)

2. duplicate the layer with your sim on it ! my layers look like this now:

3. make sure you’re on the layer you just duplicated. go up to the “filters” options at the very top bar of photoshop. go to “blur”, then “gaussian blur”

3. blur it however much you want! this time, i did a LOT 

4. change the opacity of the blurred layer to whatever you like best. i like to have just a HINT of the blur showing.

5. and that’s basically it! sometimes if i want it to look a little less dreamy, i erase parts of the eyes from the blurry layer so it looks a little sharper. but that’s up to you

Dean may care (reader x Dean)

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Can you please write something where you and dean are a couple and one time on a hunt you get possesed my Abbadon and you try to kill Dean. When Dean then realizes what’s going on, he doesn’t know what to do and then he has to hurt you and and shot you to get her out of your body. Then when she left your body you collapse and Dean catches you, stitching you up and the boys take you back to the bunker and Dean never leaves your side :) Maybe something like this :) I love your imagines btw <3

A/N: Okay this is kinda rewrite of Devil May Care (9x02) since that is how I could best make the Abbadon thing work J Hope you still like it. It begins after the boys (and the reader) has freed Irv and Tracy.


“Okay we gotta move. The girls are with me. Irv..” Dean pointed at Sam before leading the way past you and Tracy.

Dean wasn’t really paying attention to you. He trusted you had his back. You listened to Dean as he tried to reason with Tracy, “you gotta know who the real monsters are in the world kid!” You tried to scream at him to watch his back. To pay attention to you but she wouldn’t let you and just as he rounded a corner with his back turned to you felt your elbow crash against his neck and Abbadon laughed as she felt you scream. She enjoyed letting you watch the show. A bullet flew past your head and Abbadon twirled around flinging Tracy into the wall giving Dean a change to get to his feet. He quickly noticed the burn on your hip peaking out under your shirt and he opened his flask flinging the holy water at Abbadon wearing your meat suit.

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The Man Who Remained to France || Thomas Shelby

GIF/Photo is not mine, credit goes to the creator(s)

“… Cut out the tongues of those who talk, a three headed beast. The Peaky Blinders. It is my job to decapitate each one. By God I will do it! God help those who stand in our way.” I and John mimiced the inspector Chester Campbells speech loudly, standing by the dinner table with stupid smirks on our faces - until Aunt Polly pulled us both to sit down to our seats. The room seemed to be full of discussion and small laughs, until the heavy doors of the dining area opened and the room fell silent, Tommy was back.

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I keep my love for you to myself


Wednesday Update.

Month of Mecha 2017: Mech #1

Fuck this should not have chewed up so much time. It is pretty okay, considering I did like 30-40% of the work in like the last hour? Also it wasn’t until the halfway point that I noticed the pallet I picked was basically Swampert. Whatever. Swampert’s cool.

Really happy with un-janking the arms, really not happy with the legs - not so much how they turned out as much as that like most of my time on this went into them. 

Also as you can tell by the sketches in the older versions, I imagined this being a transformable mech that has a flight mode.

Black Belt Freedom

Don’t get me wrong. I love being a black belt. I’m so content and excited about the opportunities, the responsibilities, the feeling of a new beginning and just…being in the art.

But sometime things are weird. So here are some of my experiences on that.

It sometimes feels that I have less freedom as a black belt.  Less freedom to fail, less freedom not to know, less freedom to abstain from certain exercises/activities.  

Part of it is how people talked to me before I was a black belt.  I had this traumatizing experience as a red belt where some older black belt got right up in my face and insisted that unless I was willing to go all the way, and hurt people, and be hurt, and go to my physical edge and beyond, I was not ready to be a black belt.  I knew it was absolute garbage, but that stays with you.  And that’s not the only time I’ve heard talk like that.

Another part is dang - people think they can throw me as hard as they can! She’s a black belt! She can fall! So KABLAM! I still have the same body! You can’t jank my arm like that, you can’t push me that hard.  You will kill me. You will break my rib.Yes! I am good at falling! But my skill can only accommodate so much violence.

I feel like I have to be at everything. I am very happy to serve my club and participate in my art, but there like…have to black belts there.  And we are few.  And no matter how much time I commit, there’s still more.  Despite my belief that balance is key, I still feel pressured to be there all the time.  But I just don’t. :D 

But you know what I’m cool with? Being wrong. Not knowing something.  If there’s pressure to know everything and be good at everything, I’m actually totally cool to brush that off.  I ask more questions than the colored belts.  I’m comfortable admiting something is tricky for me.