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how do u get such a nice glow effect? can u maybe do an editing tutorial

hmm do you mean how it’s kinda soft ? i THINK i get what you mean so here’s what i do:

1. i always do all the editing first and then do the soften/glow step last right before i save, just bc it’s like the Finish on the whole thing, so right up above is what it looks like before i do the thing (i just added some brightness layers n stuff really fast on a random screenshot for the purpose of the tutorial, i know her arm is janked to hell)

2. duplicate the layer with your sim on it ! my layers look like this now:

3. make sure you’re on the layer you just duplicated. go up to the “filters” options at the very top bar of photoshop. go to “blur”, then “gaussian blur”

3. blur it however much you want! this time, i did a LOT 

4. change the opacity of the blurred layer to whatever you like best. i like to have just a HINT of the blur showing.

5. and that’s basically it! sometimes if i want it to look a little less dreamy, i erase parts of the eyes from the blurry layer so it looks a little sharper. but that’s up to you

Walking back from home, I run straight ahead with two guys. They are skinny, seem younger than me, but in the streetlights their shadows hunt me like giants.

“What a pretty thing,” one of them says as they cross my path. Thing. I’m a thing. A pretty thing is not less a thing than an ugly one and things are made to be used.

One of them actually reaches out and grabs my elbow as he passes close to me. I jank my arm away and keep walking.

“What are you doing all alone this late at night?” The first one calls.

My veins run cold, my soul nearly leaves my body. “Fuck off,” I hiss as I walk away, but I keep my voice carefully low so that they can’t hear me. I’m afraid of what will happen if they do.

They are skinny, younger than me, I could probably take them down if I tried. And if I couldn’t? There’s people nearby, eating dinner outside, enjoying the night. They would hear me scream, they would surely try to help. And I am two blocks away from my place, I can get there safely in under a minute.

I’m not thinking of any of that. Right now, all I can feel is the fear eating away my nerves, the crud realization of what his words meant. A threat. A promise. A statement that, if he wanted to, he could have power over me. He already does, because he managed to make the night shift around me, from a welcoming walk to a nightmareish persecution.

It’s the first time someone has done something like this to me since I live here.

Well, maybe not the first, because the second day after I arrived I went to the bank wearing a dress and had to hear a grown ass man whistle at me.

And maybe not the second, because the next day on my walk home a kid on his bike felt the need to say to his friend “look at that ass” and then slowly pedal next to me for three blocks as I tried to reach home.

And maybe not the third, either, because two days ago I went out dancing with a friend and some guy at the club felt the need to ‘dance’ with me, his arm trapping my waist like a snare, holding me against him even as I tried to push away.

And maybe… maybe I’ve never felt safe, but I also had never felt so at risk as I did tonight, straight out threatened by someone who is not afraid of any repercussion.

I get home and lock myself in, shaking and nervous and furious that just a few words could undo me with fear. I remember a sticker I saw on my way to the metro station to days ago: Women are not merchandise.

I’ve never seen men treat merchandise with that kind of disrespect and violence before.

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I volunteer to smack Kazi's ass *smacks*

Fell!kazi: *SCREEEEEEEEECH* HAHSKDNNFK-*bites your arm and janks it off then grabs it and starts beating you with it*

Dean may care (reader x Dean)

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Can you please write something where you and dean are a couple and one time on a hunt you get possesed my Abbadon and you try to kill Dean. When Dean then realizes what’s going on, he doesn’t know what to do and then he has to hurt you and and shot you to get her out of your body. Then when she left your body you collapse and Dean catches you, stitching you up and the boys take you back to the bunker and Dean never leaves your side :) Maybe something like this :) I love your imagines btw <3

A/N: Okay this is kinda rewrite of Devil May Care (9x02) since that is how I could best make the Abbadon thing work J Hope you still like it. It begins after the boys (and the reader) has freed Irv and Tracy.

***My fics are not to be saved nor posted on any other sites without my express written permission.***


“Okay we gotta move. The girls are with me. Irv..” Dean pointed at Sam before leading the way past you and Tracy.

Dean wasn’t really paying attention to you. He trusted you had his back. You listened to Dean as he tried to reason with Tracy, “you gotta know who the real monsters are in the world kid!” You tried to scream at him to watch his back. To pay attention to you but she wouldn’t let you and just as he rounded a corner with his back turned to you felt your elbow crash against his neck and Abbadon laughed as she felt you scream. She enjoyed letting you watch the show. A bullet flew past your head and Abbadon twirled around flinging Tracy into the wall giving Dean a change to get to his feet. He quickly noticed the burn on your hip peaking out under your shirt and he opened his flask flinging the holy water at Abbadon wearing your meat suit.

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I keep my love for you to myself

The Man Who Remained to France || Thomas Shelby

GIF/Photo is not mine, credit goes to the creator(s)

“… Cut out the tongues of those who talk, a three headed beast. The Peaky Blinders. It is my job to decapitate each one. By God I will do it! God help those who stand in our way.” I and John mimiced the inspector Chester Campbells speech loudly, standing by the dinner table with stupid smirks on our faces - until Aunt Polly pulled us both to sit down to our seats. The room seemed to be full of discussion and small laughs, until the heavy doors of the dining area opened and the room fell silent, Tommy was back.

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