Love is strange.

The younger grandpa is now 27. Ok for me, he seems to be a little bit old because when I knew him, he was only 19 and I was a kids. When NEWS were 6nin, Shige was the unloved member of NEWS, he sang wrong, he wasn’t muscular, he didn’t have a Janizu looks. Well, I told myself “Never minds, I can have more Shige just and only for me niark niark niark”. Then, RyoPi left the group and suddenly, it had an interest wave for this “ordinary” idol. Maybe it make no sense what I’m saying, but it was the feeling I’ve got at this moment, and for a moment I didn’t understand beacause I always knew that he wasn’t ordinary. If someone asks me why I love him so much for years, the reasons are obvious but there are too many reasons. To see its idol to grow up, approve his perf, evolve, do wonderful things, become better and accept himself like he is, you can obviously be proud of your idol. In the last itw, he
said some things very sad about his past , about his place in the group, and he really touched me with his words, it are things that make you say “that’s also why you love him so much” . Shige isn’t an ordinary idol who can only dance, sing and act, in addition to be passionate by photo, he rescently show us  his new role as a novelist and wrote already 3 novels. I’m convinced that he has  other facet to show and UI’m looking forward for it. In late, Otajoubi omedteou sensei <3

Sorry for the blur image. This picture is taken a long time ago as you can see MatsuJun’s CHIBI face. x) Anyway, since it’s the month of November, I would like to send my gratitude to them for making me feel like I am a part of their FAMILY though I am just a fan. Throughout my whole 5 years supporting them, indeed I am proud of what they are now. Some may already left and some are still waiting to debut while most have already debuted. I truly appreciate how you guys made my day every day whenever I plugged into my earpiece and listen to your voices. It is 2012 now and holding on to you guys since 2008 makes me feel that you guys are a part of me. I don’t need handsome flattering buffed up guys to attract my eyes. Typical guys like you guys will definitely swoon many girls’ hearts like me with your smooth velvet voice. Thank you very much Kitagawa san for bringing them to my life. Till forever, I will never stop supporting them and I will always accept them as my one big family even if we never met each other before. (’: I love you guys terribly much. Without you guys, I can’t comment how plain my life would be. #janizu #oldendays #memories #janizujr