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That one fake Rick’s haircut felt awfully familiar.

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do u have any autistic Finn headcanons

short answer: yes

long answer:

-knows the stormtrooper rules inside and out and gets Very Anxious when ppl don’t follow them. not in a killing ppl way, just in a ‘u know we aren’t supposed to leave the mess hall for another thirty-eight seconds ur gonna get in so much trouble’

-develops a special interest in the workings of the starkiller base bc it’s So Cool and look at all the things they’re so rad and the nice thing abt stormtroopers being faceless is that more than a few engineers have yet to realize that That One Stormtrooper Who Fixes All Our Problems is fn2187

-finn is literally the Almighty Janitor

-fn2187 echolaled (idk what the verb of echolalia is so i made it up) on the sounds of his letters fitting together long before he met poe

-finn makes Way Too Much eye contact and also tends to stand a bit too close to ppl when he talks and rey picks up the habit from him and so does poe eventually and soon they are an overwhelming, looming trio

-finn flaps with stiff hands, more vibrations of his arms than anything else, or flaps his arms like a bird while he walks

-finn picks up binary incredibly quickly, but no other languages so bb8 translates for him and he translates for bb8

-he is very good at doing voice impressions and sometimes speaks in binary when basic isn’t working for him (his accent is pretty terrible, but only the droids know that and they aren’t telling)

-he and rey train together and then stim together, usually by spinning, supporting each other before they can get too dizzy to stand

-he’s so used to keeping a tight schedule that his internal clock always reminds him when it’s mealtime and he reminds rey bc sometimes she forgets that ‘im hungry’ and ‘i can go eat something’ are related

-he learns how to fly and does it pretty well but he’s always better at being a gunner. it’s two steps: point and shoot, and not a whole lot of precision and calculating, the kind he’s really good at

-he sings almost constantly

-he and poe sing duets almost constantly, or at least hum together

-he rocks with the movement of starships even when he’s on land

-he grew up in a very controlled environment so he’s hypersensitive to most temperature fluctuations but he loves it

-he goes to bed incredibly overstimulated most days, but experiencing a brand new universe is worth it

-there’s only room in the bunks for one person, so poe sleeps on top of him like a big cuddly weighted blanket and it’s the best sleep finn’s ever had


There was a time before the Pocket Mortys craze when C-382 and D-416 actually got along pretty well. 

Creepypasta #1056: I'm A Janitor At A Fucking Creepy School

Length: Super long

Yeah I know, janitor, what the fuck. Sounds like the worst job in the world and to be honest, it really is horrible. The unimaginable things that I’ve had to clean up. How these little kids can expel such utterly vomit inducing things from their body is beyond me. I’ve pretty much been turned off from ever having kids ever. Unless I don’t have to clean up after them. Anyway my name is Brandon, I’m 28 years old and God… I don’t even want to admit this, even though you’ll probably never meet me but, I still live with my parents. It’s fucking brutal.

I take care of three to four schools a day in the Vancouver area. I start after school ends and finish around midnight. Sometimes I go a little later depending on my speed and the volume of the task at hand. Usually I clean up rooms n bathrooms (ugh), mopping and vacuuming all that boring shit. Usually it’s pretty uneventful but recently some really weird things have been happening.

There’s this one elementary school I just started cleaning. I won’t say their name for obvious reasons. It’s the final school I hit at the end of the night. I usually get there at around 10pm and work till midnight or a little later. This school is pretty small, but there was a weird feeling to it, a strange energy. I dunno. Like it’s been through things. Seen things. I hate going there. I used to bring a buddy along but he stopped helping me last week. He wouldn’t tell me why. He just stopped showing up. He won’t pick up his phone or text me back, nothing. It was so much better when he was working with me, but now I’m back alone.

Nothing much has happened to me at the school, except weird vibes. I always feel like someone is watching me. There are parts of the school that get cold for no reason. I constantly see things moving in the corner of my eye. It’s all really fucking creepy but nothing substantial has actually happened to me, nothing really tangible. That is, until tonight. I’m sitting in my car right now, at some park far away from the school and I can’t stop shaking. I’m typing this all up on my phone - I don’t want to forget what happened.

I fucking hope I’m not going crazy.

So I got to the school a little late. It was about 11 pm. The last school had a huge mess in the girls bathroom. There was shit on the ceiling. I don’t know how that’s even possible. I start by going through every classroom, vacuuming and cleaning up spills and stuff. It’s right at then end of summer here, so it’s still pretty warm.

I was in the last room at the end of a long hallway. It was kind of a strange room as it was the only one without windows. It felt different than the other rooms. It was covered up with some ugly yellowish wallpaper that was pretty worn and tearing. You could see the wall underneath it was dark and grimy. All the other classrooms had painted walls but this was the only one with this weird wallpaper. 

I was on all fours scrubbing this stupid fucking juice box stain out of the carpet when I heard what I thought was a child’s voice. I took my ear buds out and turned my ear to the hallway silently waiting for another sound. Nothing. I figured I was just tripping balls as I had smoked quite the fatty before I got here (not sure why, I think it helps calm me down). 

So I get back to the stupid fucking stain, scrubbing like a mother fucker. Fuck it, I could care less. I stand up and walk towards the door when all the hair on my body stands up. I look around and realize that all the chairs are on top of the desks. They’re standing on all fours, like they would if the were on the floor. And I know one hundred percent that they were all on the floor a second ago. I haven’t vacuumed yet, I didn’t put any of them on the desks. And if I did I would never stand them like that. 

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this is part of a book i’m writing ! it’s a peter parker fic and it’s called hidden on the user lronman ( lowercase l , ronman ) on wattpad

word count : 837

prompt : y/n is on a walk during the night when she ends up at her school . the building behind her blows up , and spider-man saves her just in the nick of time . he gives her a night she will never forget .


“unbelievable.” i sigh happily, climbing back into my room.

i get up off my bed, opening my door to check if anyone is in the hallway. when i see that no one is there, i shut my door and lock it.

i throw my hair up in a ponytail and grab my jacket, then i step out of my room through my window and end up on the fire escape.

i walk over to peter’s bedroom, seeing if he’s there.

he’s not, and i start to get suspicious.

peter’s been gone, late at night, and i’m scared he joined a gang. peter has so much potential. i don’t want to see him throw that all away.

i look out onto the fire escape, seeing a man in a red suit fighting a mugger.

only the famed spider-man, of course. he’s been spotted around queens for a month or so now. he fights the muggers, the shooters, the gangs, even the occasional supervillan, which have been popping up in new york like crazy ever since the kree invaded and the avengers fought them . he’s been making queens a better place.

i shake off the thoughts of the masked hero, walking down the stairs of the fire escape and landing on the sidewalk.

i stuff my hands in my pockets, walking down the quiet streets of queens.

it’s quite peaceful, to walk in the night. most everyone is asleep and it’s quiet. i might be able to see the stars, if there weren’t so many lights.

i end up at midtown high school, where i go to school, as well as peter, ned, and michelle.

i enter through the gates, finally sitting down on a park bench on the campus.

i definitely like school better at night. there’s no one. not even stan, the janitor.

“hiya y/n! what are you doing out here this late at night?”

okay, scratch that. stan is here. but other than that, no-

my thoughts stop as i’m suddenly tossed off the bench from a blast of some sort. i land on the ground, quickly turning my head to see what happened.

the science building of the school is on fire.

i gasp, quickly standing up to marvel at the sad sight.

“where’s spider-man when you need him!” i yell, hoping he’d hear me.

everything in the garden lights up fire, slowly creeping over to me.

my eyes widen, and i back up, but bump into the fence of the school. there’s no way i could get over that fence.

“damnit!” i scream, realizing the impending doom.

i am going to die.

i hold my breath as the fire reaches my toes.

“i swear to god, spider-man!” i scream, louder this time.

in the blink of an eye, i’m swept up.

i open my eyes, seeing i’m in the air. i look at the strong arm around my waist, seeing it’s the arm of spider-man.

“way to build up suspense.” i mutter.

“hey! i was busy!” he protests.

“busy doing what?” i question.

“saving that janitor. he was closer to the fire than you are.” he states.

“well then.” i sass. “hey, where are we going? you could just leave me on the street, i can walk home myself.” i say.

“um, this may sound a bit creepy, but i know where you live.” he mumbles.

a look of confusion spreads across my face.

“damn, uh, sorry?” he stutters.

“it’s fine, just a bit weird.” i smile.

“yeah, i get that a lot.” he laughs.

“yeah, well i’d assume so. you shoot spider webs, crawl on walls, and wear a skin tight red suit while fighting criminals.” i laugh.

i look down, seeing the streets of the city i’ve lived in for my whole life. it’s an amazing experience. almost like flying, but it feels like you’re on a roller coaster.

“here you are.” he says, dropping me off on the fire escape.

“thank you.” i smile. “you basically saved my life back there. it means a lot.” i hug him.

“n-no problem.” he stutters.

i turn my back on him when he slings his webs up, but i turn around when i hear him again.

he’s now hanging upside down with his mask pulled down to the tip of his nose, showing a huge grin.

“let’s not make a habit of this now, okay?” he teases.

“i promise.” i giggle.

i find myself starting to lean in, getting closer and closer to the masked hero.

our lips meet, and i feel everything, all at the same time.

it’s incomprehensible, the way i felt when i kissed him.

we part, and i see a smirk.

“rest well, y/n. no science tomorrow!” he cheers.

“wait, do i know you?” i ask, getting a hint that he goes to my school.

“of course you do,” he shoots a web to the apartment across the street, pulling down his mask. “i’m spider-man!” he yells, swinging on the web.

i laugh, watching him swing down the street.

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If you have time; could you do #10 White Rose? <3

Ahhhh oh my goodness thank you for this! :) This ended up turning into an AU where Weiss is a famous singer and Ruby’s a sweet nerdy engineer~!

10. “Please don’t make me socialize.”

Weiss sighed for umpteenth time that afternoon.

“Ruby.” She spoke firmly, leaving no room for excuses. “We have to go, you promised you’d come this time.”

Ruby tried her best to hide herself behind Crescent Rose, pretending to still clean and tune the newest precious weapon she had designed. However, she knew she couldn’t avoid Weiss forever, which meant she also couldn’t avoid their plans for today forever either. 

Reluctantly placing Crescent Rose down on her work bench, she looked up at her girlfriend with a pout and whimpered, “Please don’t make me socialize, Weiss.”

“Ruby, what are you so afraid of? They’re just my friends who are all very much excited to finally meet my girlfriend.” 

When Weiss noticed Ruby still looked hesitant, she added, “We’ve been dating for months Ruby and all they know about you are the stories I tell them about our dates. I want you to meet them and get to know them… and I also want to show you off.” The last part made Weiss’s face heat up a bit from embarrassment, but still, it was the truth. She loved Ruby, and she wanted the whole world to know how lucky she was to be with her.

Ruby scoffed. “Show me off to your friends? Weiss, you’re friends are all pop stars! Idols! Famous actors… and I’m just a nerdy engineer who loves to create these cosplay weapons and go to anime conventions.” She sighed and looked away from Weiss. “… I’m not afraid to meet them, I just don’t want to embarrass you ‘cause I’m not famous or musically talented or - ouch!” She yelped and rubbed her now aching forehead.

Weiss had just flicked her.

“What was that for?” She whined.

“You insufferable dolt! Ruby, it doesn’t matter if my friends are famous, it doesn’t matter that you’re an engineer or a cosplayer or even janitor! What matters is that I love you for who you are, what you do, and for what makes you happy. If my friends can’t appreciate that, then they aren’t true friends.” She took Ruby’s hands in her own and squeezed them gently. “But I still want you to meet them so they can know the incredibly beautiful dolt I’ve been dating all this time. I do promise to still keep our relationship under-wraps from the public of course. That can come later if you wish.”

The small heartfelt speech managed to tug a smile on Ruby’s lips. “Okay, I’ll go. But are you absolutely sure you won’t even be a little embarrassed?”

Weiss rolled her eyes. “No, Ruby. I’d never be embarrassed by being with you.”

 Ruby grinned. “Then can I bring Crescent Rose to show off to your friends?”

“Absolutely not.”

Small bed (Jason Todd x Reader)

So after doing some more research on the outlaws (Because I heard about it but I didn’t really know much) I wrote this one-shot about a badass reader who joins the outlaws and gets really close with Jason. (Ps, I wrote this for a friend who requested it –Ay I SEE YOU <3) –Enjoy love   

Request: (2 mixed requests) 

(- Jason Todd x reader, about a super badass reader who joins the outlaws, like he gets a crush and she helps him mentally.) 

(- Reader being in the Outlaws with Jason Roy and Kor'i and Jason develops feelings for her and one night she has a very bad nightmare and asks Jason if she can lay next to him for a little bit. So she falls asleep next to him and he’s like (•///•)) 

(Imagine is pretty long so I put it under the cut :3)

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What does Richard think of Lob?

He really doesn’t have much of an opinion, aside from he would have preferred his coworker not have called him at 3am needing to be bailed out of the police station clinker because he brought an unauthorized alien to the Citadel.