The woman who played the title role in the ‘90s TV show 'Where in Time is Carmen Sandiego?’ ended up being a lot like her character. After filming the show, stage actress Janine LaManna took a break from performing, went off the grid, married an army officer, and travels all over the world with him. Source

I’m most concerned with John finding out the complete truth about Sherlock and Janine. You know how frequently John reads the newspaper and how he cares what they publish. There’s no way he hasn’t read those articles or seen Janine on a terrible morning talk show. I think seeing that over and over again helped him put his soldier face back on and reconcile with Mary. John wasn’t happy to do it, but Sherlock pushed him to it. Maybe John even thinks so because Sherlock knows they missed their chance in more ways than one.

“I don’t want to reconcile with Mary but Sherlock’s been pressuring me to just suck it up and insisting that it’s really not that big of a deal, probably because he’s moved on, too, and is begging me to finally do the same…. because it’s just sooooo easy for him to pick a random partner and rebound, it should be just as easy for me to suck it up and make things work with Mary. But I thought i saw him lay down the mask, i thought i saw his heart at the wedding…. but it was just a mistake. How could someone like him actually care about someone like me? Sherlock would never suffer from such Human error.”

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Do you think it's important that John says 'Sherlock she loves you' in the elevator instead of 'she likes you' or 'has feelings for you'? After all John only knee about Janine that day and he doesn't even have enough evidence to judge whether their relationship was a deep one. Yet he immediately thinks Janine must love Sherlock. Do you think it could have been a Freudian slip on his part? this is Sherlock, a person who is not exactly loveable. And yet John immediately jumps to this conclusion.

Listen Nonny,

John is a jealous trash bag. He says it because he’s expressing his own feelings under the guise of Janine, and when Sherlock calls Love “human error”, THIS is why John makes THAT FACE:

John now is questioning everything Sherlock has said to HIM. He’s questioning the best man speech and saying that he loved John. 

OR John is realizing Sherlock’s pining is real, but I doubt it, because, well, Janine. And John’s jealous streak.