janina alleyne

Exoskeleton by Janina Alleyne.

Janina Alleyne is a British shoe designer from Warwickshire, who last year was nominated for the Mulberry Accessory Award 2012.  Her Exoskeleton shoe is at the Shoe Obsession exhibition at FIT in New York.

Image source: http://idiosyncraticfashionistas.blogspot.co.uk/ 


3D Printing was just being introduced as i was on my out the University Door, i wished I could have stayed one more year so i could have experimented on this machine. Janina Alleyne has successfully shown that the possibilities are endless with 3D Printing. This collection takes inspiration from external skeletons of marine invertebrates, creatures and insects.

I need this machine in my life.

The Physical Universe

Janina Alleyne Exoskeleton - 3D Printed Footwear

“Inspiration drawn from the architectural structure and silhouettes of marine invertebrates, creatures and insects external skeletons. Using the advanced technology of 3D Printing these fluid anatomical shapes are not only translated visually but also in the design process. Nominated for the 2012 Mulberry Accessory Award. Shoes 3D modelled by Inner Leaf.”