My Illustrated Life: day 300: “home game”-

Janie and I went to the Sabres vs. Blue Jackets game last Thursday. It was an excellent game (though I was a bit upset that Doug Allen didn’t sing the anthems) for a variety of reasons:

  • It was Janie’s first NHL game ever and my first regular-season NHL game
  • The Sabres scored early, and scored often.
  • There were, I think, 2-3 fights where the gloves came off. Janie, who hasn’t been a hockey fan for most of her life, was a bit disturbed by this. I think my favourite thing I heard her say was “so basically they beat the shit out of each other, go to the time-out chair for five minutes and that’s that?” Yep… that’s hockey for ya. Gotta love it.
  • Sitting in the 300s, you can see the crowd in front of the net get up and cheer when a goal is scored, and then watch the cheers make their way around the arena.
  • Speaking of our seats, I’m convinced that there isn’t a bad seat in the entirety of the F'N Center. We were in 302 row 12, and could see the whole game perfectly.
  • And to top it all off, Sabres win! For the first time at home this season, I’d like to add. Great night!

My Illustrated Life: day 274: “solé”-

My coworker/bestfriend/partner in crime Janie and I went to Solé last Saturday for Local Restaurant Week. Their menu? SO GOOD. It’s Latin American, and they have lots of options for those of us who don’t eat meat. Also, THEY HAVE FRIED PICKLES. I’ll definitely be going here more often. The restaurant is bright and comfortable, with a cozy dining nook in the back and additional seating upstairs. They also have more tequila than you can throw a sumbrero at.

Side note: Every time I pass this place, I start humming “Solé, solé solé solé” to the tune of “OLE!” by the Bouncing Souls.

Long story short, you should eat here. Their food is mad good.