janice ghost hunter


I PRESENT TO YOU THE COMPLETED STEAMPUNK 2DS! PEOPLE MADE FUN OF MY 2DS FOR NOT BEING 3D, SO I MADE IT AWESOME. *Clears throat*. NOW I GOT PEOPLE SAYING THEY LOVE IT. Anyhoo. Yes, I made this 2DS into a steampunk version and its completely functional, completely usable, and nothing is altered but the appearance. It took me countless hours, but there you have it. I’m giving this thing to my best friend Hana who ain’t actually got a DS to play Pokemon with. This is a crime. I’m sending her this and a copy of X because she’s such a nice person to me. Please reblog as I really would like my work to be seen more. I hope you like this Hana!

My only regret is that I don’t have a better camera to show you the details better. These are so blurry.