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The day starts out very, very bad.

At around six, his alarm clock rips him out of his restless sleep, and it’s all he can do not to smash the damn thing to pieces right then and there. He drags himself into a sitting position and turns the clock off, and then keeps his eyes closed for another few seconds. He’d only fallen asleep about three hours back and if the way his muscles feel coiled tight and sore, his dreams can’t have been pleasant.

Fucking figures.

He’d felt absolutely whiped last night, but there’d been an itch under his skin that had kept him from simply conking out and goint to sleep, like a storm brewing under his bones.

Dean shakes his head at his own ridiculous thoughts and limps over to the shower. He tries to focus on getting ready while simultaneously avoiding to look at himself directly in the mirror, because he can practically hear his brother’s voice in his head, with this tone that wavers between angry and worried (you’re working yourself to death dean and you don’t have to, you deserve better, blah blah blah).

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Shut Up and Kiss Me

Requested by nonexistancewouldbeapleasure
Written at spnfanficskatoli

Author: Assbutt

Character: Dean

Reader gender: female

Warnings: smut, cussing, fluff

A/N: happy belated birthday, Janice!

“Hey, babe?” Dean called for you from the other room.

“Yes?” You poked your head in.

“God, your gorgeous.” He smiled. “Alright so first, could you turn off Sam’s crap music and crank some Zeppelin? And second-”

Sam cut him off, “It’s not crap! It’s modern.” He huffed.

“Still sounds like hell. And second-” he turned back to you, “Sammy and I need a cute little red head to help us research.”

“Would I be that cute little red head?” You bit your lip, smiling.

“Yes you would. Freckles are also required for the job, in which case you have many. So I think you’ll do just fine.” Dean laughed and so did you.

Sam scoffed at how cute the two of you were. When you first met Dean he was this tough guy and after a little while of getting to know him, he asked you out and you just brought out his inner teddy bear.

You plugged your iPod into the speakers and turned on one of Dean’s favorite songs; Ramble On by Led Zeppelin.

He smiled over at you as you walked over to the table where they had books spread everywhere.

“Woah! What are all these for?!”

Sam looked up at you as Dean wrapped an arm around your waist. “Can’t figure out what this damn creature is, and why it’s doing what it’s doing.”

You sighed. “So how can I be of assistance?”

“Here’s a little report Sammy typed up. Read that and help us look through the books.” Dean kissed your cheek.

“Alrighty. I can do that.” You nodded and sat down in the chair next to Dean’s.

You read the information on what the monster had been doing and started flipping pages of old lore books.

A couple hours and multiple shot down suggestions later, the three of you started getting tired. You had made some coffee but it almost did nothing.

Around 7pm is when you started helping the boys and around 10pm after a couple cups of coffee, Dean held your hand as you looked through the books. He had to break that when he went for another cup of coffee, but when he got back he placed his hand on your knee. Then it started slowly drifting up your thigh. After half an hour of rubbing gentle circles on your upper thigh with his thumb, the rest of Dean’s fingers started to move. Hey, if you had to do something boring, why not try and spice it up a little? His whole hand started rubbing a little harder, going towards your inner thighs. You spread your legs a little bit, and tried not to squeak when Dean ran his middle finger up the seam of your jeans. He unbuttoned and unzipped your pants at an agonizingly slow pace. And finally, he slipped his hand between your jeans and your now damp panties. He pressed two fingers harshly against your clit, making you shift in your seat. You sighed in pleasure and then covered it with a yawn.

After a few more minutes, Sam looked over at you. “Thanks for the help, Janice. But I don’t know how long this is gonna take and I’m exhausted. Goodnight, guys.” Sam got up and headed to his room.

That same moment that he was out of view, Dean cleared a spot on the table and lifted you to sit on it. He pulled your jeans and panties down quickly, kissing you hard.

“Lay back for me, baby girl.” He whispered softly against your cheek. You nodded slowly and did as you were told.

He got to his knees so he was at the perfect level at the edge of the table. He guided your legs to rest on his shoulders as he kissed up each thigh until he was finally at the place you wanted him to be.

His tongue dipped into you and you moaned. You didn’t worry about being heard, Sam’s room was on the other side of the bunker and he was probably already there and possibly asleep judging by how tired he looked.

Dean sucked and nipped at your sex, fingertips digging into your outer thighs as he did so.

You bucked your hips towards his face, gasping softly. “Dean… Dean I need you. Please.” You whined.

“I know but you taste so sweet, baby.” He mumbled against your clit, the vibrations driving you crazy.

“Shit!” You cursed, twisting your fingers into Dean’s hair. “Dean… If you don’t stop- I’m gonna- ahhh…” You cautioned.

At that he pulled away, licking his lips. He stood and you sat up. “Bedroom.” You ordered. He picked you up and carried you quickly to the room you two shared.

Once inside, Dean practically ripped off your shirt as you made away with his pants and boxers. He took off his shirt while you threw off your bra.

He kissed you roughly, walking you back towards the bed. You groaned at the feeling of his hardness against your stomach.

You crawled back onto the bed and Dean followed over you. “Jan, you’re the most amazing girl I’ve ever met. And I- I love you.” That was the first time either of you had said it but you both knew you were ready.

“I love you too, Dean.” You smiled as he kissed you.

He kissed along your jaw and you felt him brush against your entrance. “Dean!” You gasped.

He pushed into you slowly, “Still as tight and perfect as the first time.” He smirked against your neck.

“Dean, please move. I- I need you to- oh, Jesus.” Your sentence was lost as he started thrusting.

He found a quick pace, grunting your name with each swivel of his hips.

“Love you so much, Dean.” You breathed.

“Love you too. I’m so- so close.” His breath hitched.

“Go ahead, babe.”

He spilled himself inside of you and that’s when you lost it too. You rolled your hips quickly, getting as much as you could of the friction and waves of pleasure.

After you two came down from your highs, you rested into a position where you were facing each other and Dean had his arms wrapped around you.

Dean kissed your forehead, “I’ve kinda been ready to say that I love you for awhile, but I just didn’t know the right time and if you were and-” Dean did this a lot. About serious or personal or deep things, he babbled on, and you stopped him with a finger to his soft lips.

You giggled, “Me too, Dean. Now, shut up and kiss me.”

He laughed a little, leaning in to give you a gentle kiss. This was all you needed. Your man, kissing you and holding you like you were the most important thing in the world.