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Leftist kds are going to vote far left because they think communism and anarchy are going to change the world (of course, look at the CCCP *rolls eyes*), so the far majority of people, including the ones in charge (because let's be serious, everybody in power is attracted by the right, find me ONE powerful leftist guy who isn't a politician) are going to vote right or far right. If it's just right, status quo, their whines won't change anything to the world order. If it's very far-right (cont)

Very tough years ahead with a lit of hurting for minorities, but yeah more reasons to be the oppressed victims, extreme feminists happy! (And they are sitting so high on their horses they won’t even see they are partly responsible because of their constant antagonism of the EnemyTM), and then, people realizes they fucked up and vote right again (maybe a shy center left, but nothing much). Honestly I can’t think of a scenario where the far left wins

k guys let’s calm down a moment and let’s break this down

  • leftist kids in the US cannot vote for the far left because there is no far left, like bernie passes for a socialist and he’s the most leftist they have rn and for me he’s like… center-left? sort of? maybe? for me he’s like… fulfilling the bare requirements to deserve me voting for them and the fact that in the US he’s seen as almost communist says all
  • no one here votes for the far left because they’re a bunch of idiots who think communism is still alive when in the west it has been dead since the berlin wall fell down and at least the kids are young, those people are not, and the problem isn’t kids voting far left, is kids not voting or protest voting which gives the far right influence and extra votes because then the right wingers think that OMG THE HORRIBLE LIBERALS WILL TAKE CONTROL OF THE WORLD BLAH BLAH BLAH and the reasonable left can’t understand it needs to try and take back its voter base rather than trying to gain votes on the right
  • as far as I’m concerned in the US no one is leftist, rich or not, because the democrats are like, center-right to me, but like dunno warren buffett wants to pay taxes *shrug* if you consider the democrats leftists then 90% of the establishment is leftist. the problem is that a) that’s not left, b) the US have absolutely no history of like… STRIKING AND MARCHING WITHOUT GIVING TWO FUCKS ABOUT WHERE CELEBRITIES VOTE for various reasons, but that’s like… staple left stuff. when the women0s marches happened I honestly was baffled at how people seemed to give a fuck about what celebrities were there and who wasn’t - here I barely even know who famous people vote for and it’s utterly irrelevant. like the entire US political system lacks stuff that has been fundamental in the shape of leftist movements in europe - strikes, unions, marching and so on - thanks to maccartism and the whole part where IF IT’S SOCIALIST OR COMMUNIST IT’S *BAD* attitude which…. as I said before, communism as a political system isn’t viable or doable anywhere, but a lot of marxist ideas which then went into socialism blah blah blah are perfectly viable and they’re not BAD (ie: UNIONS, MARCHES, STRIKING, PUBLIC SCHOOLS, PUBLIC HEALTHCARE PAID WITH TAXES AND SO ON) but if people don’t know the difference….
  • the problem with people sitting high on their horses is that a lot of this so-called tumblr-leftist activism (blergh) is inherently very classist, doesn’t take the money problem into account at all if not when it comes to discussing the wage gap which fine, fair point, but can y’all please consider not getting in debt for paying for your education or hospital care if you need it because that would solve a lot of issues, never mind the concept that being in debt is fine and you can spend more money than you actually have, and none of those activists that I see are willing to actually look at the root of the problems nor to offer solutions that are long-term, nor to understand that oppression and discrimination comes for everyone in different ways (racism, classism, sexism, ableism and so on are not exclusive and can be intersectional, and they can hit everyone, and classism esp. in the US is a major issue but do I see anyone actually caring? nah), which turns into not even asking yourself why would a poor uneducated white person living in a trailer vote for trump when trump goes against their interests and they don’t even know it and so on.
  • and none of those ppl would actually want communism irl anyway if they had a clue of how it can’t work as a political system, nor they could ever be ideologically bc the entire point of communism as an ideology was breaking down class barriers and make everyone equal, which… is lost on tumblr tbh
  • also because ppl on here seem to think north korea is actually communist in anything but name lmao in their dreams
  • the thing is: the far left has the same business winning as the far right especially these days - the far right is more likely to win because it appeals to the worst instincts in people and sadly there’s more to go around than we’d like, but the problem is that we’re stuck with right wingers that are living off reagan and thatcher who destroyed their own countries and we’re seeing it twenty years later, pseudo-leftists who are actually right wingers (ie: TONY BLAIR BLERGH) and with *sane* lefts that can’t possibly win if they don’t straighten their shit out, protest votes that eventually only are useful for the right to win and that this ridiculous pseudo-left tumblr activism just makes leftists look terrible or like spoiled idiots who can’t pass on their good points when they’re good because they go overboard (see: cultural appropriation, because if you’re talking about like actual sacred native american artifacts being stolen/used as fashion accessory it’s a problem, but if you conflate them with shit like IT’S APPROPRIATION IF YOU’RE WEARING KIMONOS no one is ever gonna take you seriously)
  • tldr: people need to understand that you can’t do activism with buzzwords and feeling offended and finding everything problematic. if you can’t do that, then don’t do activism and watch tv shows, it’s better for everyone, and people also need to understand that being leftist doesn’t mean labeling everything problematic and not looking for discourse or dialogue nor assuming that the problem is cishet white dudes in power, and they actually should realize that classism is a problem and that you have to fight for everyone’s equal rights, not just yourse

and then maybe people won’t vote right wing anymore. or NOT SO MUCH.


why am I not surprised that going into the p/unisher tag the situation is

  • most of the posts are about ships
  • whenever ben b/arnes is mentioned is ‘omg he’s so pretty and omg such a plot twist’ rather than actually discussing the character
  • the only mention of lewis ‘s character was to say that ‘it felt unnecessary and drove away from the main story’ OKAY
  • complains about it being too white and straight
  • people thinking it was pro N/RA/pro guns (???????) wtf (?????)

and meanwhile I haven’t seen anyone wax poetical on how just that scene with THAT white buffalo song at the end of 1x03 was singlehandedly the best put together critique of the american army i’ve seen on tv ever nor about how this entire show was an excellent commentary/talk about ptsd along with criticizing the american army system and I hadn’t seen anything as good as this was since in the valley of elah which was from… ten years ago when I was just out of high school

like guys come on people see political commentary in fucking thor r/agnarok which honestly come on it was a fun movie and nowhere near *that* deep but they got all this handed on a silver platter and everything I get is people complaining that the bad guy was originally egyptian and bi and here he was straight and white?? or ‘I guess they wanted to show ptsd but it wasn’t tied to the story’? (when it actually was perfectly tied to the story) siiiigh did I even expect any less


ghost radio

songs left for us by the dearly departed

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i. the ghost song jim morrison/ ii. back to black amy winehouse/ iii. all along the watchtower jimi hendrix/ iv. light my fire the doors/ v. valerie amy winehouse/ vi. let’s get it on marvin gaye/ vii. me and bobby mcgee janis joplin/ viii. stand by me john lennon/ ix. peace frog the doors/ x. space oddity david bowie/ xi. good old-fashioned lover boy queen/ xii. peggy sue buddy holly/ xiii. the ballad of john and yoko the beatles/ xiv. my way frank sinatra/ xv. these days nico/ xvi. say yes elliott smith/ xvii. pink moon nick drake/ xviii. sunday morning the velvet underground/ xix. life on mars? david bowie/ xx. imagine john lennon


Aquarius Rising

Celebrities: Aaliyah, Jim Morrison, David Bowie, Nina Simone, Janis Joplin, Selena Quintanilla, Zendaya, and Jane Birkin

Appearance: Visionary kaleidoscope eyes flashing with ideas, diamond-shaped face, quirky features, friendly, open smile, spacey, “head up in the clouds” expression, rare, unconventional, and electrifying beauty