bhayanak asked:

Anaammmmm <3 I hope your ankle's feeling better! Thinking of buying a Fahad Hussayn piece. Yes or no? Or would you recommend another designer? (This is janhvi- fawadisbae btw :p)

Oh heyy! haha nice name, I love it! My ankle is a lot better, thank you. It’s still healing though :( 

I love Fahad Hussayn but it really depends on what kind of outfit you’re going for. Party, casual, formal? I like his western lines more than eastern ones.. also, his bridal couture is great too. But I’m not a big fan when it comes to party wear. If you have already decided on a specific piece then go for it. If not, I think you should look into Sania Maskatiya.. her whole online store is to dieee for! She is a bit expensive for me but if you are willing to spend money on a designer outfit, you should explore her stuff. Her website is saniamaskatiya.com 

Good luck! <3

An A-lister, sister…

In all honesty, the greatest perk of being the receptionist of a massive London radio station is the chance to meet the A-listers. I love it. I know it’s not the done thing to say so in the media profession, but there it is. I do.

Shoot me.

My university housemate, Janhvi, however is the only person I cannot impress with my ever-growing celeb list. She has no clue who ANYONE is. Not a Scooby-fucking-doo. It drives me insane.

Anyway so on Wednesday, Han came downstairs to brief me on the talent we were expecting for interviews that day, and she was even more excitable than usual.

Two words. Jake. Gyllenhaal.

Janhvi was meeting me for dinner after work. He was due in at 5:20. I slyly text her under my desk - get to me 10 minutes early, TRUST ME, it’ll be worth it.

Word had got out around the station that he was coming in and everyone was buzzing. It seemed that for once I wasn’t the only one struggling to keep up the blasé media-professional pretense.

5:20 came. We opened all the doors, had security ready to greet him and the presenters poised, raring to go for their interview slot. The car pulled up, everyone jumped out and all started heading inside. Well almost all…everyone but Jake. In a flash I saw this gorgeous specimen running past the window and across the street.

As if this was the most normal occurrence in the world, the PR lady nonchalantly explained, Jake won’t be a second; he’s gone to get a sausage roll from Greggs. 

Han and I must have looked beyond surprised. And then we looked outside…

The whole street had lost its shit.

I mean, to be fair, I can’t say I blame them. Even in Soho, you don’t expect to see a Hollywood star queuing to get a sodding pastry in GREGGS.

When he finally battled his way through the crowds of startled passer-byes wanting selfies, and breezed through the doors of 1 Golden Square, he just gave Han and I a cheeky smile, ‘sorry, I was hungry - couldn’t resist.’

I almost passed out.

Finally we ushered him in and my job was done. I turned to Janhvi, who had taken my advice and seen the whole episode, expecting to see what I imagine my face looked like…

‘So who was that then?’

For fuck’s sake.