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This is just random. HAHAHA do you have any idea who's the missing rookie on NCT LIFE S1? There's no number 9.

Hi! I’ve done a bit of research and supposedly the missing rookie is someone called Jungwoo! He can be seen in some clips from their SM Rookies shows, however, he hasn’t been officially introduced by SM and haven’t confirmed he is rookie no. 9, however, it’s very likely he is. You can see a short clip of him in the background here and if you search him up on YouTube, you might find some more clips. I have some information on him (not 100% sure if it’s true) so I’ll just tell you what people do know. Apparently he is a 98 liner, his full name is Park Jungwoo and his stage name is Jangwoo, he is Korean and quite tall about 5″11. You can sort of see his face in that link, but in public, he’s always been wearing a mask!

Obviously I’m not complete sure that this is correct nor that any of the information I have given is true, but I’m just theorising things! He’s the next anticipated rookie to debut after Hansol, Kun and Yukhei!

“… And when I saw her crying today, and I know her tears are not just any tears… they contain so many layers of sadness… sadness for her situation; sadness for this couple ending at this kind of timing; sadness that she probably thinks it’s her fault; sadness that they could have ended in a much better way with all the events, gifts, surprises, etc like other WGM couples had if the scandal did not happen; sadness that they’ve only just resumed WGM after the strike and now they’re ending; sadness that she probably wanted more episodes like a photoshoot or a driving lesson with Jangwoo; sadness that she has lost and has been losing a lot of precious things in her life in a short span of time, sadness that she’s letting go of WGM to protect Jangwoo as well; sadness that everything ended so abruptly, including this episode… ”

cr :  clearwater’s post on woojungislove


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