“… And when I saw her crying today, and I know her tears are not just any tears… they contain so many layers of sadness… sadness for her situation; sadness for this couple ending at this kind of timing; sadness that she probably thinks it’s her fault; sadness that they could have ended in a much better way with all the events, gifts, surprises, etc like other WGM couples had if the scandal did not happen; sadness that they’ve only just resumed WGM after the strike and now they’re ending; sadness that she probably wanted more episodes like a photoshoot or a driving lesson with Jangwoo; sadness that she has lost and has been losing a lot of precious things in her life in a short span of time, sadness that she’s letting go of WGM to protect Jangwoo as well; sadness that everything ended so abruptly, including this episode… ”

cr :  clearwater’s post on woojungislove


My broken heart T___T