Legendary group Sechskies signs into YG Entertainment!

Sechs Kies members, Eun Ji Won, Lee Jae Jin, Kim Jae Duck, Kang Sung Hoon and Jang Su Won, have completed signing their exclusive contracts with YG Entertainment. Businessman turned Ko Ji Yong was unable to sign the contract due to personal reasons, but his participation in the album and concerts is very possible.

Sechs Kies debuted in 1997 with Song of a School Life and The Way This Guy Lives and immediately gained a fan base. As they continued releasing tracks Couple, Leaving You and more, each of their tracks topped the music charts and they were one of the first groups to begin the boy group movement.

After disbanding in May of 2000, the members who lived separate lives for the last 16 years had a dramatic reunion on the stage of MBC Infinite Challenge’s 90’s Legends.

Although it was a rainy weekday, 6,000 fans gathered at the location in just a few hours after the location was revealed. The young fans had transformed into businesswomen and moms, but their passion for Sechs Kies had not changed. Viewers were touched by the tears of joy from fans who missed the boy group.

On May 11, YG Entertainment announced their official contract with Sechs Kies and the group will perform with the support of YG Entertainment.

As YG Entertainment’s Yang Hyun Suk will personally produce Sechs Kies, we look forward to their quick return to the music scene.

*NOTE: Yang Hyun Suk’s brother-in-law Lee Jae Jin is a member of Sechkies.

Source & Translated by: MWAVE

What Christmas gift do you want to get for your girlfriend?

Jiwon: Me, myself. There’s nothing better than that.

Sunghoon: I’m not sure. A pair of gloves or a coat?

Jaejin: Pictures that we took together, clothes, flowers, etc.

Jaeduc: I want us to have fun and make it a really memorable Christmas.

Jiyong: I want to go on a vacation to a really nice place.

Suwon: What gift? We’re in an IMF financial crisis. As long as we have love for each other, it’s OK!



Eun Jiwon and Sechskies cuts for True Live Show 140926

He also imitates Jang Suwon’s legendary stiff acting only to realize he is the orginal stiff actor. XD

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