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140807-140809 Live report Meeting & Concert of LED Apple @Paris

Sorry if my English is broken, I’m still feeling everything because of this journey in Paris ~ I’m also sorry for my friends who already saw me fangirling about this concert but I need to tell everything ><

Basically, we met LED Apple twice. My friend and I hesitated when we saw HanByul’s tweet on Thursday, saying they were heading from Moscow to Paris but she finally decided for us and we left for the airport. Our ride until there lasted almost 1h but we don’t regret it. Honestly, we had a long, hard time waiting at the wrong gate OTL. But we were lucky because other fans were there and some waited at the other gate, they went to look for us and we ran from gate E to C to see them.

Honestly, my friend and I didn’t expect to have signs from them, we just wanted to tell them fighting for the concert and that we really admired them but the others were asking for signs and they did it kindly. OK so! The first one I saw was YoungJun… He was so stunning even if he was just sitting in his white clothes, sunglasses on. I stopped when I saw him and I was so in awe because of him. Holly fuck I was just in front of the leader of LED Apple! I almost grabbed my friend’s arm to stop her and tell her but I think she was too absorbed because KyuMin was sitting few seats further ;p.

Other fans gave us piece of paper and pens so we also asked for signs. KyuMin was the first one. If you’re seeing him as a cute maknae. Just forget it. Really. I only have one word to describe him: he’s so badass. He was looking at something on his iPad but he immediately stopped when he saw us. His smile is really cute, he was so nice! He asked my name and I spelled it for him but he made so many mistakes (I don’t mind him, he was certainly tired and ‘r’ sound isn’t familiar to them). The next one was HyoSeok ~ if you don’t think he’s cute: you’re soooo wrong! He was the cutest among the three. His smile was genuine, I spelled my name for him too but he didn’t get the ‘n’ at the end of my name (my friend told him “r like in run to you” to help him writing my name) so he gave up, laughed and he thanked me. Finally ~ YoungJun! Just so you know I had a big crush on him during this journey. I felt so shy in front of him whereas I was still confident in front of the others. I murmured a small “Hi” but he answered with a cute, beautiful, grin “annyeong” and I stuttered “ah yeah annyeong!” and… He did something which shocked me, he asked my name with a “Your name unnie” I spelled him my name, he was the only one who wrote it right but internally I was like: “unnie?! Really?! Why did he call me unnie? I’m 5 years younger than him and… and… He’s a man!” But anyway, he was so nice and cute ~

After that we sat on a bench next to them, not because we wanted to watch them, just because we ran, we were exhausted and wanted to rest while waiting for HanByul and KwangYeon (and going back home). We didn’t even look at them, they certainly were tired, and we didn’t want to disturb them more. KyuMin stood up few times, talked with their manager but every time he passed in front of us and looked at us. I think he was whining about the waiting and wanting to rest because he seemed to head for the elevator. HyoSeok went to the check point few times, I think it was to see if the two others were coming or not and he smiled at us few times. YoungJun also stood up in order to stretch (I think) and also smiled. We decided to leave after few minutes because we were tired and knew we would miss the last bus… We left and saw the three members leaving with their manager and another member from the staff. They waved goodbye to the other fans. I don’t know how HanByul and KwangYeon joined them but we missed them ~ (I think they had issues when taking back their luggage).

Here is the end of our first meeting with three members of LED Apple. We went back to the apartment at 4am but we don’t regret it, they are really nice, kind towards their fans. I think the keyword is just respect. If you don’t annoy them, if you just ask nicely and then let them breath it’s great. Don’t stay in front of them after you got ‘what you want’.


(pictures of the signs I got YoungJun - KyuMin - HyoSeok

Now, let’s speak about the most important event of our journey: the concert!

Waiting for this concert was the best queue I’ve ever made! The French fanbase really is efficient, they brought apples, cakes, tea, coffee, water and many other things to help fans. They created a guest book in which one we could wrote them a letter so we did it (we thought about since the previous day OTL). I wrote the letter at the end of the report.

We had a VIP access (it was expensive but LED Apple is an important band and it was worthy). The VIP event consisted on giving them gifts if we had some and taking a picture with them. The picture was taken in front of the stage, we got anxious while waiting and they finally arrived. I expected them to have their tour outfits but no, they wore their casual clothes and… My heart was beating so fast! When we noticed that we decided where to stand I had a mental breakdown. Really! I knew HanByul was my real bias in the band and I wanted to get an opportunity to exchange few words with him but he was between HyoSeok and YoungJun. I’ve always admired drummers, and HyoSeok really is a great drummer, and a genuine person but YoungJun gave me such a strong impression at the airport that I didn’t know what to do. I decided where to stand because YoungJun was really funny ~

When it was our turn, we came in front of them and ~~ It was soooo cute because I saw KyuMin and YoungJun smiling because they recognised us (HyoSeok certainly did but I didn’t really saw him this time) and handed our bag of gifts (a hat, a beanie, two T-shirts, a scarf and regional food) to HanByul because… OK to me it was because I couldn’t walk in front of them and ignore him. He gave us a sweet “Bonjour” and I can promise you his French is good (even if he says the contrary). We told them our gift was composed of fashion items and food, I can swear you that when I said the word FOOD, all of them went “Ooooh”, it was sooo cute! Everybody brought them food but they were still amazed by what we brought (OK there were a BIG packet of BN). My friend was sure she wouldn’t be able to talk to him but she did and went to stand between KwangYeon and KyuMin. When I saw her going there in my head I was like “Oh my god she’s leaving me alone when I’m ‘talking’ with HanByul. Why is she doing that, it’s not over!”. At this moment he took the hat off of the bag and said a “waw”! We had put a word inside the hat to explain them the food and that we didn’t want to buy a particular fashion item for one of them and we wanted them to share them and wear what they wanted when they wanted but it fell so I quickly tried to take it back while saying him “oh wait there is a small word inside” and he tried to catch it but I already had it in my hand and just… Holly shit… His hands are just sooooo soft!! I’m sorry, it was too much for my weak heart, plus his dimple smile qazsetuioiuretyuiopiètertyçiertu. A smile was so much that I then turned around for the picture. I was so anxious when the picture was taken that I didn’t know where to watch, the only thing I knew was HANBYUL AND YOUNGJUN WERE FUCKING BEHIND ME! You have to know that YoungJun is a troll. He was doing bunny ears to everyone and I saw him doing it to me so I turned, pointed at him and said jokingly “I saw you!” And I will never forget his and HanByul’s laugh. I don’t know how the second picture went but anyway! I didn’t expect them to talk back to us after the picture so I was taken aback when I heard HanByul’s voice again saying “Merci, see you later”, I thanked him again and we waited while watching at them (KyuMin kept glancing at us with smile).

(one of the pictures we have with them)

After the pictures everybody went to the stage to wait for the concert. My friend and I were separated because I almost hit a photographer because of the crowd and stopped. I was right in the middle, 4th row. I don’t really like being 1st row because it’s harder to see the whole stage and to see the musician’s face so it was perfect (and the girls around me were really nice).

I can’t make a good live report of the concert itself, I can’t even do a set list because I was sooo into the music that I forgot everything around me. All I can say is that they are awesome! HyoSeok, KwangYeon and YoungJun played Bad Boys’ intro and it was **. The three of them are so talented they can drive a whole crowd crazy so imagine when HanByul and KyuMin joined them OTL. It was crazy but still respectful, I’ve never been pushed or anything.

They were dynamic, they danced, they jumped, they smiled, they laughed etc. They really seem to be on the same wavelength. Sometimes, YoungJun just looked at HyoSeok and they started to laugh for the whole song without any reason, it was sooooo nice. They invested all of themselves into the music and we felt it. Most of the songs were catchy, they played 3-4 ballades. I’m really weak when I hear ballades IRL and almost cried every time they played one. HanByul didn’t do anything to help me! Guys noticed where my friend and I were during the concert so they made several eye contacts with us and I think he noticed when I was on the verge of crying (OK I had my hands joined on my mouth, it wasn’t hard) so he looked at me in the eyes and winked during each ballade.

At the end of the first part, when they were in the backstage we sang happy birthday to KyuMin (after an amazing and funny speech from the organiser), he came back on stage alone to thank us, ate a piece of the cake and the others came back and hugged him (HanByul literally jumped on him). HanByul talked again a little bit and they played two more song~ They were two new Japanese songs they’ll release in October and I can tell you they’re reaaally great! They gathered on staged and bowed for the end. I was reassured because I’m always afraid people tend to forget drummers because they are hidden in the back (plus quite a lot of LEDA only are HanByul’s fan and it pisses me off –yes I’m a HanByul biased but I will never forget the others or say that LED Apple before HanByul joined the band wasn’t the real LED Apple-) but when HyoSeok joined the other the whole crowd applauded even harder.

It was meant to be over there but some kept cheering, yelling LED Apple! LED Apple! And they came back again! They did a second time one of their new song, it was only one song but OMG they came back just because we were as passionate as them and it was soooo good!

This concert was exceptional! LED Apple are amazing musicians and singers, they care for their fans (my friend cried a lot and HyoSeok did aegyo to cheer her up when he was playing) and there is something which is really great and I want to thank HanByul for that. At every concert they need a translator as a mediator between the band and the fans but because of him there is no one. He spoke in French during a MC (I think he wanted to show off his skills :p) then did everything in English so we could understand him. Even KyuMin talked in English when we celebrated his birthday.

I think I’m done ~ In case you didn’t understand, LED Apple is a band I’m following since their debut, I went crazy when I learnt they’ll be in Paris and absolutely wanted to attend the concert with my friend because she’s the only LEDA I know and I wanted to share that with her. It’s really enjoyable to see how much a band you’re following since the debut can be liked and they went to the point of holding a world tour. And because we met them at the airport, we noticed their kindness isn’t fake, they’re genuine and it’s even more moving. OK we only met three of them but during the event they were just so natural and caring and loving and and and… They’re them. That’s all.

I didn’t talk much about KwangYeon and I’m sorry about that, we missed him at the airport, to be honest my brain couldn’t work during the event when my eyes went from KyuMin to YoungJun (they were standing in a line doing YoungJun – HanByul – HyoSeok – KwangYeon – KyuMin) so I only saw his bright smile, nothing more and he stayed at his place during the concert but the little I saw from him was passion, fun, smile and you just can’t lie about passion when you’re playing an instrument.

Next year, I’ll live in Japan. I’ve always thought that I wanted to attend a concert there, but seeing a band I’ve never seen before, a band I couldn’t see outside Japan but this concert changed my mind. I really want to see them again, to share their passion and maybe get the chance to meet them again.

 (picture of the stage by steledapple)

Here is our letter:

 From Dash until now : here with you !

We are glad to welcome you in Paris for your concert. We’d like to thank you for all your cheerful songs and your amazing skills. You never fail to make us smile and laugh. Your music brings happiness in our lives.

It might seem weird, but because we are following you since the debut, we feel very proud of you, seeing that you can hold such a world tour in so many places, with so many fans. Now, few words for each of you ~

YoungJun, wonderful leader. Your guitar skills are amazing. You’re so charismatic when you’re focusing on your music and you’re a great composer. Hands up for our cool (and cute) leader.

HanByul, Latin speaker. You’re so passionate when you sing, it’s a real pleasure to listen to you. You don’t try to show off but to sing with emotions and fun: that’s so enjoyable. On t’adore.

HyoSeok, stylish drummer. You might be hidden in the back of the stage but we don’t forget you and your smile when you’re drumming, you never miss the beat. Applause for the funny drummer.

KwangYeon, smiley bassist. You also give the rhythm to your band mates and do it with all your heart. We can’t explain why but you’re endearing, it’s just a feeling you give. Cheers for the Great bassist.

KyuMin, multitalented maknae. You can sing, rap, play instruments, all of them with talent. You invest all of yourself into the band. 생일 축하합니다

Again, thank you very much for everything ! Long life for LED Apple !!!!