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Well since @simpsonscomichumor linked a panel, here’s the full “Slumber Party Seance” story from Simpsons comics #227. Glad they actually did something with these guys and it’s not a straight-up win for Lisa… even if it does fall into the “everybody except Lisa is a moron including the guy with like 50 more IQ points than her” trap a little.

… Since it’s clearly Sherri & Terri’s place, makes you wonder why Lisa even went.:P


Yeah I know barely any of my followers care but…

I was looking around google and saw this, someone on Ebay was selling a load of cartoon concept art and I found these. There’s a few with other characters like Krusty The Clown, Sideshow Bob, ect but I chose these ones to share/immortalize.

Why? Well, none of these show up in the Simpsons Handbook and on top of that, you can see decent sketch lines on a lot of these too. Well Ralph and Nelson do but they’re part of these sheets with the ones that aren’t.

So because I’m an idiot, the thing I noticed most about The Burns Cage...

Was Janey… uh “Jacklyn”. Well even then it semi makes sense, aside from the voice but that definitely wasn’t her usual VA.  What I’m sure of is that her character model was used as a last minute thing but strangely, the information isn’t totally contradictory to Tapped Out.

Namely they mention that her dad owns a print shop. In Tapped Out, Janey says her dad is a known counterfeiter and, well, a print shop would be an easy place to do that sorta thing. Apparently it’s also why Janey had so many last names, guess this time she needed a cover first name too or something. So oddly, they kinda word together.

Also she’s a god-awful actor which… meshes 100% with a headcanon I had.