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Eyyy Janey, first thing, I love your art and I hope you're having an amazing day, night...? Whatever, I hope you're happy. Okey so, I don't know if someone already asked you this but, what is your current opinion on Klance? Because this fandom alost ruined it for me. I still ship it, but goddam why is it so hard for people to respect other ships?? Like?? Ships should be something fun and harmless, nothing that we do is going to change the canon. Ughh -M- I hope that this fandom can change.

the fandom’s treatment of both //ance and k/ance have had the same result for me. i dont HATE either of them necessarily, but im just really tired of seeing it everywhere. the fandom’s treatment of the two, making keith a stereotypical boring “violent uke uwu” while lance has ALL the development and all the focus has kinda made me just distance myself from the ship bc good g o d i never wanna be associated with fanbases that do that shit. i headcanon keith as ace-aro anyway.

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Positivity for a Jane Crocker who feels like they're the worst character in Homestuck? And if you're feeling up to it, make an aesthetic for a really lonely Jane who misses their friends and feels like they're the bad guy? If you do either, please tag @janeypng

Hey Jane! Now I can only do positivity but if one of the other mods wants to do the aesthetic they can.

Now, Jane, I understand the feeling of thinking you’re the worst character in your source but in your case its actually quite the opposite, Janey, you are so adorable. I absolutely loved the way you acted and your personality. You were so kind and pretty bad ass too. I’m not sure why you think you’re the bad guy but I can assure you that you aren’t. As for missing your friends I’m sure you’ll find them soon! Friends are forever after all.  <3

-Mod Meulin

You Know That I Love You

Author: janeys-art-stash.tumblr.com

Rating: T

Notes: This is based off a request someone gave to the page about the reader not feeling as adequate to Reid as Maeve was to him. There is mention of jealousy and of a dead character. Some light fluff, too. I’m thinking about writing a second part, depending how this one does.

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My reactions to the events in episode 4 in order:

‘Oh good, Vaughn isn’t dead yet’


‘I’m with Rhys I feel like throwing up right now’

‘Handsome Jack can fly guys we’re all fucked’

‘No Janey Athena loves you I love you’

‘Time to spend all my money on sick duds again’


‘Awwww Finch and Kroger are Thug Boyfriends’

‘Scooter is great I hope nothing bad happens to him’


“Wait what do you mean first casualty WHAT DO YOU MEAN FIO-’

‘See you, Space Cowboy’

‘Wow fuck you Yvette. I hope you never got that lunch I promised you.’

‘How did Fiona pierce Buttstallion’s flesh if she’s made of diamonds?’

‘Okay I have put up with enough of your shit Yvette time to get acquainted with my stun baton and the floor. Bitch.’

‘Rhys you knew you were pressed for time and yet you still opted to indulge in an imaginary gunfight with a bunch of grown men and women. Good jorbe.’

‘It’s a good thing you’re already in jail Gortys because it is illegal to be this cute’

‘I’m currently organizing operation “Stop Handsome Jack From Finding Out His Daughter Is Dead At All Costs”’

‘I can either piss off a known serial killer with at least a dozen mental health issues, thus endangering all my friends OR I can play nice with him for just a bit longer and have unlimited power and none of my friends die but they might all hate me and then I’ll never get to marry Sasha. Great.’