Prompt challenge

I finally wrote iamartemisday’s quote challenge. Hope it’s good. Sorry if it’s a little confusing. Business AU.
gabbiki lianaslane loki-and-his-wife

She had finally done it. She had finally left him. After five years of following him around, smiling for the pictures, dressing up for the events, Jane Foster had finally divorced Thor Odinson. She couldn’t have handled it anymore. Being the wife of the CEO of Odinson&Trench wasn’t easy.
Nor was it easy to be in love with your fiance’s brother.
He was everything she needed. He was just as important as Thor. No, Loki Odinson was the behind-the-scenes person of Odinson&Trench, the person who controlled the boss. He was more important than Thor.

Jane took a sip of the wine someone had given her as a birthday present. It had been able to enjoy a glass of wine. Life was almost perfect. Almost.

He watched as she entered the cab. The driver was obviously nervous to have Jane as his passenger. Then he turned around and climbed the stairs to Jane’s apartment. Carefully sliding the letter under her door, Loki Odinson took the chance to check his phone. Of course, there were over 300 in the short amount of time it had taken for the divorce to be made public. Turning around, he walked out of the building.

Jane looked up to the sky. Out here in the country, the stars were perfect. She heard a car door slam. The man slipped up quietly beside her, and gently took her hand in his.

Lokane prompt/challenge!!!!!!!!!

Ok, I decided to to do one of these! As usual, it does so happen to have to include a line:
“Some say it’s lonely at the top.”

Now, detail time. THIS DOES NOT HAVE TO BE ANGST. Angst may be easier, and it isn’t bad, but if you have an idea for fluff GO DO IT:)

Extra points if it has apples, Michael Jackson, and a dumpster/trashcan.

The tag will be “the lonely lokane challenge”.

And please, if you are going to do this, reblog or like this post so I can check out your story/drabble/one shot. AGAIN, THIS IS OPEN TO EVERYBODY AND IF YOU WANT TO MAKE AN ART GO AHEAD ART IS GOOD TOO
Time to clean house!

Well, I do think it is time to clean the cobwebs and blah from my fanfiction.net account. This Lokane fandom is growing and growing with each second, minute, and day and I have so many ideas in my head that I am planning every time I have a thought to freely think. This is serious. A month ago I was looking at Ichiruki, Zutara, Sasusaku, and Jerza. But now all I can think about is Lokane and how amazing they would be, whether its friendship, romance, or just plain communication with each other. So, send me some prompts or ideas that could be useful. BTW, I don’t mind spoilers as they actually help me. 

Thank you Lokane for pushing me back into fanfiction again.   ^_^