‘tis the season: story #3

what am I talking about?

This story is written for two excellent people who are known for the ‘How to look at your first officer’ and ‘How not to look at your captain’ gifset series, and I think we can all appreciate that. Additionally, the wonderful @supernovacoffee volunteered to make me a J/C video to a song I fell in love with, and when I asked @emmikamikatze for a good fic prompt to write for her in return, I realised I could kill two delta flyers with one torpedo.

So here it is, for you two lovely humans. A story written to a couple of prompts you’ve requested of the tumblr universe sometime in the past few months. Please enjoy:

Accidental (rated M) on AO3 | ffnet

Other gift fics are posted on AO3 at the Christmas Baubles 2017 collection.

Captain Janeway is proud of you for putting your duties and responsibilities first. She knows it’s difficult, and others putting you down or pestering you because you can’t “have fun” with them makes it even more so. People who truly care about you will understand, despite their disappointment at not being able to spend time with you. She’s here to support you whenever you need it, and to remind you that you’re doing the right thing for you.


The Captain’s Chair


Incredible tribute!!

Via The Vandar


With Wonder Woman’s release we seem to be forgetting that there have been other amazing female role models in the past, so I decided to make a post dedicated to some other bad ass females and awesome role models. Unfortunately, I’m apparently only able to upload ten photos, so I’ll have to leave my fave Disney and Ghibli characters out of this list, maybe I’ll do another one.

Shout out to Maria from The Sound of Music, Veronica from Heathers, B'elanna and Seven of Nine from Star Trek Voyager, Arwen and Tauriel from LOTR/The Hobbit and literally every female from Star Wars (I could do an entire post on them).

And if you have a problem with Elle Woods, fight me. She’s the best role model here.


Star Trek: Discovery S01 E07  “Magic to Make the Sanest Man Go Mad”

Lt. Paul Stamets openly talking about falling in love with his boyfriend Dr. Hugh Culber without it being used as a plot device, and being an openly gay couple was worthy of Star Trek history in itself. But to then also see two women dancing in the background of a party, being just simply shown as two people in love. Enjoying themselves like any other member of the crew. That was beautiful. 

To Boldy Go indeed. 

michael: let’s give them a vulcan hello

georgiou: no, michael we’re better than that!

kirk: what if we… fight each other MAN TO MAN

picard: that is morally wrong and let me facetime the klingons and quote shakespeare at them to prove it

sisko: if it has to be done :/

janeway: let’s give them an ACTUAL hello! we’re here to make friends!

archer: we’re not doing a “vulcan” anything. this is a starfleet ship. we are humans. vulcans personally killed my dad.

lorca: LET’S!!!