janeway is my queen

I love a good wlw storyline as much as the next fan girl

and once I’m in, I’m in deep. Xena/Gabrielle, my first love, Nikki/Helen, Janeway/7, Ash/Scribbs, Rizzles, Swan Queen the list goes on. I spent the best part of a year obsessing over berena but they’re not going to be on screen together at this point in time until at least September/October (if together at all given that Jemma’s finishing up her contract in July) and I just feel a bit meh about the whole thing. Holby is marginally tolerable with the bits of Bernie we do get but I can’t continue to sit through an hour of tripe for 30 seconds of The Redgrave, I just can’t! She deserves better than that, bloody hell!, WE deserve better than that! I rather watch an hour of Hanssen meticulously aligning the objects on his desk than watch Matteo, Nina and the closure of the trauma unit, Dom and Lofty, new F1, Jason having interactions with everyone but his step-aunt, Guy fucking Self(!), Jasmine possibly getting killed off by nuts nurse…argh! Anyone else thinking of sacking HC off until CRuss comes back coz I certainly am, reclaiming my Tuesday nights like…

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