janeway is awesome

themultileggedcreature  asked:

Voyager is awesome! Janeway is my favorite captain

Same, honestly. I’ve only watched Enterprise, four and half seasons of Voyager, and a bit of TOS, so obviously I can’t compare all the captains yet, but so far Janeway is my absolute favourite. Voyager in general is the kind of science fiction show I love the most- a spaceship crew stumbling from one weird space adventure into the next, occasionally mixed with a bit of time travel. The characters are all great and the stories are the perfect mixture of totally serious, super funny, just an average day in life on a spaceship™ and what the fuck is going on. It’s amazing and definitely one of my favourite shows! And I love Janeway. There’s just one thing that bugs me. There’s. carpet. everywhere. Carpet on the bridge, carpet in the bathrooms of the crew quarters, carpet in the engine room. Like seriously, what was Starfleet thinking? This has to be the most inefficient flooring for a spaceship. Who cleans all of that? The ship is massive, there’s got to be kilometers of carpet. I always imagine they have little roombas that race through the corridors at night.


Voyager Watch Update:

Just finished watching ‘The Haunting of Deck Twelve’. Ok I really enjoyed this episode. Such a unique way of telling the story! And growing up camping, telling stories around the fire…this was perfect for me!!

But it really was a great story. And of course since we get to see a lot of 'take control’ Kathryn Janeway, it was awesome! That woman’s got some guts, let me tell you. She has stared death in the face (and even died) more times than I can count. She just stands back up and keeps on moving forward. Love it!!

And of course I have to mention the fact that both Kathryn and Chakotay talk to their ships. So adorable. And the scene where she basically gives the ship a hug…excellent! Such a different view of this complex woman. Haha!

So anyways…looks like I’m moving into the last episode of season six. I’m so sad to be nearing the end of this series. I have a feeling I will be slowing down a bit just to make it all last a little longer!