I wonder what J.Tamaro and JNash thought while watching the Emmys this year.(I’m assuming they watched.or at least read about it next morning) What was on their mind when Jill Soloway and Nina Jacobson receive their awards. I’m not even mentioning Sarah Paulson and Kate McKinnon. I wonder what did they think about when a director and a producer won Emmys and became a part of a change that finally, FINALLY came to Hollywood. I’m optimistic that there’s gonna be a lot of queer stories and queer people in coming years.
Tamaro and/or Nash could be a part of that. I mean it’s not like they would win an Emmy or anything if Rizzles would’ve happen. But they could be a part this turning point.
I’m sorry but I’m still not over the fact that they throw away all that potential. It’s all wasted and it genuinely makes me sad.

What’s probably going to be happening at TJ’s baptism:

  • Jane and Maura are both named Godmothers
  • As they’re making their way out, Angela will nudge Jane not too discreetly and say “I wonder who we’ll be in this building for next!”
  • Jane tries to hide her smile as she goes “Maaaa!” whilst glancing at Maura.
  • Maura will look down at the floor and try to hide her smile, clutching her purse in front of her
  • Jane wears a suit
  • Maura wears a matching dress
  • JTam continues to deny the subtext by not addressing it

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Oh gosh don’t make me do this.


Janet Tamaro.

I owe her everything. She gave us the two characters that have literally provided my life something totally fantastic, and for that, I love her. Without her, I wouldn’t have Rizzles. I wouldn’t have any of the basis for the fanfic I write, and there wouldn’t have ever been any basis for any of the fanfic I read. She allowed for my favorite fandom to be possible; a fandom which introduced me to some of the greatest people I have ever met.

With that said, she annoys the shit out of me. Continuity is terrible, and her lack of understanding of our fandom is insulting. How can she not see the chemistry that she herself created!? I mean, I understand if she doesn’t want to make it canon. But at least acknowledge that the chemistry is there, and then either confirm or deny clearly whether she plans on pursuing that relationship or not. And have some respect for us! We make up a significant portion of her audience, and she needs to realize that.

The way she treats some of the people that come to her inbox is somewhat horrendous. But with that said, I don’t think she’s trying to be snide. I think she just isn’t as familiar with online communication as we are, and may not realize how some of what she says may come across. 

So overall, I don’t think people should hate on JTam. I think she does her best, and I think she is a good person at heart. I think it’s completely fine to criticize her writing, and the lack of continuity in her show, but as a person, I think she is more good than evil.