Let’s talk again about my manic bouts of creating. I get this way often. I’m thankful that my addiction is about crocheting adorable creatures; or painting pictures; or silversmithing; or playing with my glass kiln; or cooking; or hula hooping; or sewing. I cannot stop. I don’t want to stop. Some of these obsessions provide income. Many do not. Perhaps I’m foolish, but I have to share that thanks to growing up in the home of a costume maker and then having an incredibly supportive husband, I am truly fortunate, thankful, and tickled. #janeticsink #wishesdocometrue #happyhooker #amigurumi #crochet #crochetnerd #jewelersofinstagram #hoopersofinstagram #hobbiessavelives #crafty

My buddy @paulaibey has asked if we could do a year long art journaling project together. Keeps us creating. Keeps us connected. Keeps us inspired.
Every week we will have a broad theme and it’s up to us to interpret. For example, this week it is 2016. The page could be 2016 written in every inch. Perhaps an illustration on our NYE outfit. A list. A comic about New Years resolutions. A photograph of yourself on jan1 printed and pasted on your Art journal page. Whatever we want. It’s up to interpretation.
At the end of 52 weeks, we will have 104 pieces. I’m making a special midori insert for this. 26 pages of plain white paper and that cute My Little Pony paper.
I love collective creating. Anyone else want to join? I don’t care if you cannot draw.
I’m hoping to integrate this project into my After School Program clubs too. I love plotting as much as creating! #artjournaling #2016 #janeticsink #igetbybythehelpofmyfriends #artjournalweek1

So today all ive felt like utter poop. No fever or snot but I’m achey and sluggish. I took a hot bath but I still feel like crap.
If you need me, I’ll be crocheting amigurumi with my dog and listening to the Beatles on @Spotify #iwillbeok #crochet #crafty #amigurumi #janeticsink (at Janetics ink Studios)