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Playlist: My Neighbor Be Jammin

One of two things has happened recently.  Either someone moved into the neighborhood and they like listening to their music loud or the weather is warming up so someone has now started listening to their music with the window open.  Either way, sometimes I’ll be sitting in the apartment reading or doing something else quiet with no electronics going, and I’ll catch a snippet of what they’re playing and y'all.  

They stay bringing the hits!  After the third day of hearing some good R&B I decided to start making note of the songs and I said if I got ten good tracks in a row, I’d start a playlist.  I have fifteen so far and I guess I’ll keep on adding to this as long as the neighbor keeps coming through with R&B hits (and not-quite hits, but still quality bops).

Soul For Real “Candy Rain”

Chante Moore “Straight Up”

Jade “Don’t Walk Away”

Angie Stone “Wish I Didn’t Miss You”

New Edition “Hot 2Nite”

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