I’d just like to point out that Justin Timberlake, aka this year’s halftime show performer, ruined Janet Jackson’s career the last time he did the halftime show, has recently defended Woody Allen, has harassed Britney Spears for years, has consistently stolen and copied from black musicians, to name just a few of the misogynistic and racist things he has done. In conclusion, fuck Justin Timblerlake and his white male privilege.

justin t*mberlake is performing at the super bowl again and I’m sorry but I just can’t stop thinking about the fact that janet jackson was literally blacklisted from the music industry, the tv industry, the superbowl, and was publicly shamed/humiliated all over a wardrobe malfunction that happened over 10 years ago….. all over a covered nipple that was shown for 0.5 seconds….all over an action JUSTIN made……..not to mention t*mberlake’s music career skyrocketed and was continuously praised for his performance…..,, the hatred towards black women and a woman’s body was and is real af and that’s just not something I can stomach during this year’s super bowl performance