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Korra discovers her sexuality and finds she has a burning love for Asami. 

Just saw all the episodes of Burning Love, in which Korra’s voice actress, Janet Varney, plays a “closeted” gay female on a bachelor dating show. All lines are from there!

The last scene was inspired from a gif set, but I can’t find it! Maybe I’ll source it later. 

Watch Part 2 here!

Korrasami Wedding Day

Collaborated on this with @hisonae as the colorist back in August. This was such a hit on Deviantart so it had to show up here. Just in time for the 2 year anniversary this December. I was the line artist. This sketch was based on a photo of my parents at their wedding reception so this piece is very special and emotional for me. Enjoy. 

Highlights from the dark horse Panel

- Janet varney was basically fangirling the entire time (especially about korra and asami) she was adorable

- north and south volume 2 out this January

- legend of korra poster collection is on sale!!!

- they showed us some of the posters, and they’re absolutely gorgeous (there’s one of asami that’s just like hotdamn I need some water)

- lok comic book out in July, will show, and I quote, “ Korra and asami enjoying their vacation” before returning to the instability in the human world

- new female villain !! They would t release her name but NEW FEMALE VILLAIN

-they showed us 2 linearts from the new comics and korrasami spirit world tourists confirmed. They’re looking out together at the spirit world landscape in one (I’d like to think this is right after they crossed through the portal) and in the other they’re riding on some dragon thing

- “ are korra and Asami going to KISS??” “Yeah I guess we can do that ;)”

-also in the comics mako and bolin are gonna be “detectiving”, like, cop buddies or something

-zhu li and varrick are in the comics

-lok coloring book out in July

-“Korras New Look And Lifestyle!”

- that was Janet, about a possible scene in the coloring book?

- Janet was also very vocal about including a lot of korrasami scenes (especially THE korraasami scene. You know the one. Of course you do) in the coloring book. Also a lot of asami

- Janet varney literally couldn’t stay in her seat she was running around the room talking to fans directly

- they were taking fan suggestions for new story ideas and they were taKING NOTES SO HARD THEY BROKE THE PEN so we might even be seeing some of this

- some suggestions included:
Origins of the white lotus
Prequel about iroh
Searching for iroh in the spirit world
More about dragons ( at this someone shouted ZUKO MOTHER OF DRAGONS)
More about kyoshi (bc She owns everyone’s asses)
Mako and Bolin and asami as kids

Aaaand their was a lot more but this is all I can get rn. Sorry for typos I’m on mobile

ACK they also had a trivia session and they gave free poster books and comic books and stuff to the people who answered correctly and for one of the questions everyone was guessing so Janet just said “I’m just going to give this book to someone in a legend of korra cosplay.”

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Thanks to everyone who came out to last night’s special holiday show at the Theatre at the Ace Hotel! It was a special night for all of us.

Thanks to the WorkJuice Players: @paulftompkins, Marc Evan Jackson, Paget Brewster, @hallublin, Mark Gagliardi, Craig Cackowski, Joshua Malina, Annie Savage, Autumn Reeser, Janet Varney, and Busy Philipps.

Thanks to our special guests: Timothy Omundson, Chris Tallman, and Open Mike Eagle.

Enormous thanks to Jordan Katz and the Elements of Style, featuring composer Jonathan Dinerstein. And thanks to Rhett Miller and Ted Leo for the amazing new songs.

Thanks to our director Aaron Ginsburg. And thanks to Ben Acker & Ben Blacker who created, wrote, and produced the show. The doors are closed for now, but they aren’t locked.