janet mock quotes

I think we’re all learning this stuff. Like, even me as a trans person, I didn’t know what cisgender was until a year and a half ago. Even I’m developing this language that very much came out of a white queer and trans* space, and which we’re all adopting that rhetoric coming out of academia mostly. I think we’re all very much in process of learning and I think that most people don’t want to say that - even trans* people don’t want to say that that you know, they don’t know what cisgender is. And a lot of people still use “bio” and “real” for people’s genders. We’re on a journey together to learn this language to speak about this community, which is very varied and diverse.
—  Janet Mock on gender and language on today’s Citizen Radio.  Listen at wearecitizenradio.com or on tumblr here.
These spaces, even though they’re supposed to be welcoming, safe spaces, they still are infected by the ills that all other spaces are - racism and misogyny and elitism and classism, academia jargon and all of this stuff. These spaces aren’t immune. If you come into these spaces knowing that and your job is to come in and make it a better space.
—  janetmock on finding community as a trans person, especially when not all LGBTQ spaces are inclusive to trans people. Listen at wearecitizenradio.com or on tumblr here.