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A genuinely shattering movie that will stay with you: THE SWIMMER review

Ned Merrill (Burt Lancaster) mysteriously appears out of nowhere in the backyard of a friend, wearing nothing more than bathing trunks. He takes a dip in the pool and declares he will swim home, pool by pool. And through the reactions of his rather puzzled neighbors and acquaintances (“Why would you want to do that?”) we begin to sense that something is seriously messed up with Ned. The Swimmer is a powerful and unforgettable masterpiece, among the most unique and beautifully filmed movies from the 1960s and one of the strangest and best films I have ever seen. It’s a dark character study with odd, poetic stuff and a great story that makes you think. Tagline: When you talk about “The Swimmer” will you talk about yourself? Who is this man and what has happened to him?? Burt Lancaster is AWESOME in the complex central role. He not only plays it with style and charisma, but this is without question his best performance. You need this movie in your life. The Grindhouse Releasing Blu-Ray / DVD Combo reaches an insanely high level of greatness and comes highly recommended.

The Swimmer
Release year: 1968
Country: USA
Directors: Frank Perry, Sydney Pollack (uncredited)
Stars: Burt Lancaster, Janet Landgard, Janice Rule, Joan Rivers