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What did ted think about the fan mail he received or when girls would turn up to trials to see him?

He loved the attention during his trial, he was the superstar of his own show. He waved or winked to the girls. He received a lot of letters but answered to people he didn’t know only from time to time (which gave us this iconic letter ! ). He received all kind of letters though, from people with a mothering instinct to the extreme groupies like Janet (which gave us a good story shared in The Only Living Witness) :

Most worshipful was a woman named Janet, who began writing Bundy in the summer of 1979. He returned a single letter after going to Death Row, enough response from her hero to inspire Janet for months. In September, she wrote him, “I got the letter you sent me and read it again. I kissed it all over and held it to me. I don’t mind telling you I am crying. I just don’t see how I can stand it anymore. I love you so very much, Ted.
Janet sent him photographs of her and begged for pictures back. Her letters poured in. “I adore you and I just can’t stand not hearing from you,” she wrote. “It’s absolutely tearing me apart. You are so precious to me. I want you so much I can almost taste it. What I wouldn’t give to have an hour alone with you. I would show you in every way how much I love you. There’s nothing I wouldn’t do.
Janet, who was married, was jealous of Carole. “I guess I should not be writing to you until I get a letter from you letting me know just where I stand,” she once ventured. Janet was willing to overlook Carole, even though “you can’t imagine how bad it hurts me and still is tearing my insides out.


Janet the letter writer came and started at him. Pale, with severely pulled-back hair, Janet sat smoldering for Ted. She apparently meant what she said in her love letters.
Dear Carole,” Ted wrote one day, “please do not sit in the same row with Janet. When I look over toward you, there she sits contemplating me with her mad eyes like a deranged seagull studying a clam. I can feel her spreading hot sauce on me already.

Let me tell you something about this scene. Let me analyze this for you. Because there is no scene - not one, not the episode with the date, not the episode with the dance - none of them that compare with this scene and let me explain why; this scene is all but physical, spoken proof that these two characters were in love with each other. And if this is what it all led to, and this is how it ends, then this show wasn’t really a comedy after all.

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The Teachings of Janet

  I love what Beyoncé is doing right now, but i think since you guys love feminist ideas and empowerment of black women you should really get to know better this amazing artist.

1 - Control

  Starting with her breakthrough album, Control is all about you being the only person who gets to decide your life choices, and also ideas of woman sharing the same space in a relationship, being respected and not getting less than satisfied with what you want. ‘Nasty’ and ‘The Pleasure Principle’ are the key songs to this album.

2 - Rhythm Nation

  This one is a landmark on pop music, the first album to be open about racism and separation, the iconic video for the self-titled song is black and white because “this way everyone gets different shades of grey and no one feels separated” - said Janet and is considered to this day one of the most important videos of MTV era. The album has a powerful message, and flirts with a lot of unusual genres for a pop record like industrial and hard rock.

3 - Janet.

  Janet is her most abrasive album in terms of sexuality, her ideas here are woman embracing their sexual side without shame and themes of pride and joy living life as a black woman. The legendary 1993 rolling stone magazine cover is copied to this day as a sign of confidence, “That’s the Way Love Goes“ is stablished as her biggest hit to this day and created a formula every pop artist (spacially woman) follow in their videos.

4 - The Velvet Rope

  And last but not least Janet’s darkest and most experimental album to date, velvet rope has just like her past works a strong message but this time it’s deeper and much more personal, the album cover themes such as depression, self-esteem, homossexuality and abuse, coming from a place of confusion and sadness much of these songs has to do with dealing with yourself and what makes you feel weak, it also has confessions about abusive relationship. The big part of the albums focus on wanting to feel accepted as who you are and getting in touch with your true self. It is a pretty dark message for a pop album, specially in 1997 but the importance of it and the openess about accepting different forms of sexuality made Janet not just a pop star but a true artist, taking control of the biggest part of the album, producing and writing most of the material and being the pioneer on alternative R&B way back in the time.

  So there you go my basic introduction to one of the first feminist black woman in mainstream music. There is a lot more about this albums to talk about but i did quick resume, also sorry for my english it’s pretty lame.

Transylvania (Alexander Hamilton x Reader)

Title: Transylvania

Pairing: Alexander Hamilton x Reader

Word Count: 2076

Summary: Alex loses a bet, and the punishment isn’t really a punishment once it’s all said and done. (Also, ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW!!!!!)

Request: #3 I may be an idiot but im not stupid with Alex please?

A/N: I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE Rocky Horror!!! Nothing else can be said at this point except if you don’t know what Dr. Frank-N-Furter looks like, LOOK HIM UP BECAUSE THAT ADDS THE BEAUTY TO THE STORY (Little self-promo, I have another piece combining Hamilton with another popular musical, & the story is called Land of Thomas, in case anyone likes Kinky Boots)

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Tituba: I would do anything for you.
I love you.

Mary Sibley: I wish to god you didn’t.
Love me less and you will love me better.
—  Elizabeth Sarnoff & Tricia Small, Salem - Children Be Afraid

 It’s like the sun came out.

stay here
lingering for you.

ten songs about love that’s there, 
but often goes unnoticed.

a fanmix for stiles & lydia

001. bumper cars alex & sierra. 002. don’t find another love tegan and sara. 003.dream of you caroline glaser. iii. 004. for you angus & julia stone. 005. hide and seek janet devlin. 006. i need you m83. 007. lingering sheppard. 008. love daughter. 009. salvation gabrielle aplin. 010. wings birdy.

Merry Christmas to clarkegrffn from your Stydia Secret Santa! I made this a double present, kinda. I had created the playlist before, but I think you’ll really enjoy it, as you stare at the graphic I made you, or as you watch a really feel-inducing video montage of Stydia. I really hope you like it, Florencia!