janet housden

Every Day There's Someone New (demo)
Red Cross
Every Day There's Someone New (demo)

There is an unparalleled sense of teenage joy & punk rock lust that comes screaming off the grooves of all the early 80s RED CROSS material, particularly their masterpiece LP, “Born Innocent”, one of my favorite records ever.

There’s a bootleg I bought in 1993 or so that serves up 6 fantastic demos from the same era, including one (“It Doesn’t Matter”) that didn’t make it to the album. Some of the versions - “Solid Gold” for instance - are barely recognizable, and they rule all the same. Here’s “Every Day There’s Someone New” from that same session.


RED CROSS, circa 1981 or ‘82, with the Jeff/Steve/Tracy/Janet “Born Innocent” lineup doing “Standing in Front of Poseur” and “Linda Blair”.

The Minutemen, house party, Hollywood, 1982. Mike Watt playing Earl Liberty’s bass. The hepcat in the glasses to the left of Watt is Spot, producer of all the early SST records by Black Flag, Hüsker Dü, the Minutemen, Meat Puppets, and many others. The blonde woman is Janet Housden from Red Cross, the guy in the checkerboard jacket is David Markey, the guy behind Watt with the Aunt Jemima bandanna and raised fist is Henry Rollins, and the heavy-lidded fellow with glasses on the right is celebrated Black Flag roadie Davo Claassen. Earl Liberty looks on at far right.