janet fam


Michael Jackson’s nephews Austin Brown (Auggie) in white short and Marlon Jackson Jr with blue jeans on a magic trick. 

While Auggie decided to go sit down, Marlon jr stayed but he ran away at the end thinking his big sister was dead, lmao

 he looks so much like his father when he was little! and Michael’s laugh is everything ! :D

yo that sleep paralysis shit is actually real, I remember seeing posts about it on twitter and laughing just thinking what kind of bullshit is that because i’m such a sceptic when it comes to shit like that but that was until it happened to me. Gather round children: 2 years ago. Basically it was like 2am in the morning and everyones asleep and i’m on my phone in bed, I was started to get sleepy but I also needed the toilet (that is the fucking worst) so I thought i’d just close my eyes for a few minutes and then get up to go toilet. Suddenly (ahhh shit), I started hearing tv, but it sounded like olden times channels being changed quickly, now my friend is my neighbour and sometimes her and her family can be quite loud so when I heard the tv, my first thought was ‘wtf is Janet and her fam doing up at this time?’, then I realised the sound was closer to me than it was to them. I opened my eyes and yooooo, theres this oldddd white lady in a victorian white dress with a really wrinkled plastic looking face at the side of my bed and she’s smiling at me, the strangest thing about it was that she was in black and white but she was also glowing. I tried to get up and fucking scream for my mum who sleeps next door but i couldn’t move at all. I remember physically trying to pull myself up but nothing was happening. She then brings her hand out and puts it on my chest but her smile doesn’t falter throughout this. After a few seconds, I closed my eyes and the tv sound is gone and I open it and she’s gone and I can move again. I got up and ran to my mums room scared as shit and told her and she just prays for me and gives me water. I remember going school the next day telling my friends and they’re all laughing and shit but to this day, I still cant explain it.