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Audience reaction to the Korrasami moments in “Korra Alone” which was screened at the “Legend of Korra” panel at the 2014 NYCC a day before it premiered on Nick.com in October.

Janet Varney(Korra) and PJ Byrne(Bolin) can be seen on the upper right.
LOK co-creator Bryan Konietzko on the lower left.

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So I met Janet Varney and PJ Byrne over the weekend at havencon. I’m pretty sure I’ve exhausted all the positive words in the dictionary trying to describe my experience but I really can’t praise this con enough.. 

Before I got in front of the line, Janet called out my shirt lol. She pointed at me and said, “I love your shirt!” It’s by Drakyx btw who is pretty popular within the Korrasami fandom. 

When I got there, they asked for my name (Lira; I spell it out for them to get a visual.), which they liked and felt like Bryke would like and use as a character. I then asked that if they do, to base it off of me. You know, small talk. I showed them my drawing for Janet to sign. I wish I’d gotten PJ’s autograph too but I didn’t want him to just sign a Team Avatar picture. :\ I like my stuff more personalized. I didn’t even have time to ink and color Korrasami. I hope I get to meet him again. 

We get to my drawing for Janet to autograph but she misspelled my name by writing “Lyr”. By that time there were plenty of “I’m sorry”, “I’m gonna fix it” and “I got this” from Janet’s side and a lot of laughter from PJ. But hey, she worked it out. She told me we were now girlfriends (which I didn’t understand until I saw the Lira + Janet Varney later on lol). We took the photo which they said was perfect since I was right in the middle where the light shone. I pointed out that it’s like the spirit portal and they agreed. 


The Legend of Korra | The Voice Actors Prepare: Extended Edition

This was way too much fun to make.  Glad we can finally share this insider’s look with you all.  We’re gonna miss the cast and crew so much!!!



Behind the Scenes with the amazing Cast of Korra at NYCC 2014