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The more I hear about Marvel comics the happier I am that Feige was able to separate the MCU from them.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m furious at Marvel comics right now. Furious at what they’ve done to Steve, Carol, Tony and Thor. Furious at how gimmicky Civil War 2 was. Furious that they absolutely refuse to take accountability for their dwindling sales and put on their big boy pants, admit something is broken, and then fix it instead of trying to push yet another event (Secret Empire) that no one wants, while actually blaming DC for outselling them (Jesus Marvel, grow up!).

That said, comics, when they’re good, can be pretty amazing. Let me share parts of my favorite comic series with you, to illustrate what I mean.

Man Out of Time by Mark Waid is a retcon of the Avengers finding Steve in the ice and his adjustment to the 21st century. When Steve first wakes up he’s certain that he belongs in the past, not the present, and is determined to return to it by any means necessary so Tony takes Steve under his wing and shows him all the marvelous things about the 21st Century to try and help him adjust. The thing that MOST impresses Steve about the future is the strives made towards gender and racial equality…

Steve does get the opportunity to return to the past, and what he finds when he gets there is that he HATES it, particularly in regards to inequality and racism. The past freakin’ sucks

And so, after some clever maneuvering on Steve’s part he returns to the present to save the Avengers (who were in jeopardy) and is welcomed among them with open arms…

I wont speak for all comic fans, but for me, the biggest disappointment in recent Marvel storytelling is that I know they can do better, I know what they’re capable of and it’s better than what they’re currently giving us.

But yeah, I agree that Feige is separate so we’ll never have to see Hydra!Cap within the MCU. 


“Individual science fiction stories may seem as trivial as ever to the blinder critics and philosophers of today — but the core of science fiction, its essence has become crucial to our salvation, if we are to be saved at all.” — Isaac Asimov

Nadia’s new name.

Look, I get it if some of you would be irritated at first, but re-read these two pages and then hear me out.

Some may think that this means that she disowns her father. But that’s not what it’s about.

Nadia doesn’t KNOW Hank Pym. She doesn’t hate him, she just doesn’t know him. She wants a last name that MEANS something to her. I’m sure Hank would have done all he could to support Nadia if he was alive and around. But he wasn’t, Jan was. Jan took care of her. Jan is more family to Nadia than Hank Pym is.

So you SHOULDN’T be peeved over Nadia picking Van Dyne as her last name. In fact, I’m sure Hank would be more than happy to know that Nadia picked the last name of the person he consider the greatest hero he has ever known.

Scene I want for "Ant-Man and the Wasp"
  • Scott: How's your mom doing?
  • Hope: Well, considering that she's been in the Microverse for thirty-ish years, I'm assuming she's having a bit of a culture shock.
  • Scott: Give her some time, she'll adjust.
  • Hope: I'm just worried that the modern day stuff is going to freak her out-
  • *Scott and Hope stop when they see Janet van Dyne texting*
  • Hope: Uh...mom?
  • Janet: Hey honey! Just sending a message to the Avengers on their group chat.
  • Janet's text message: Hey Avengers, it's Janet van Dyne! ;) Yup, the one-and-only Wasp! Come hang out at the Van Dyne Mansion, I wanna catch up with everyone. Hank's bringing drinks. Also, Tony, please bring Peter Parker with you. I think Scott's daughter, Cassie, has a crush on him <3 XD
  • Hope: ...
  • Scott: Wow, few days back in the real world and you already mastered texting.
  • Janet: I'm Janet van Dyne, Scotty. What did you think I'd be, some out-of-date grandma?
  • Scott: ...kinda?
  • Janet: *rolls her eyes, puts her headphones on, and starts listening to Beyonce on her iPhone*