janet and hank

 Nadia Pym, from the Red Room (she knows Bucky! does she know Natasha as well?), is the new Hope Van Dyne (MCU). 

Literally, Nadia means Hope in Russian. 

People are hating on her already because she’s not the real Wasp, but give the kid a chance, she’ll fit with the tiny Avengers. Kamala, Miles and Nova will adore her.

Before vs After seeing Ant Man
  • Before: *steps on an ant* ugh, ants everywhere. freaking annoying
  • After: *steps on an ant* oh no oh no I'll never forgive myself SOMEONE CALL AN ANT-BULANCE

Decided to create my own Generations poster for the lesser known legacy Marvel characters. Featuring the Falcon, the Wasp, the Vision, Cyclops, and Giant Man.

Inspired to do this by @tanodala @vivvision