Mirrored triangles

Every time I think I’m done writing about O/itz, because they’re done and non-existent, its continued relevance in contrast to Olake pulls me back in. And now, once again, they’re hovering in the background as a direct and opposite mirror to Olake. Specifically, the Olivia/Jake/Vanessa triangle is a flip side of what Olivia/Fitz/Mellie once was. 

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Hey guys!!  Just a simple look book because… I’m kind of active again! :D

Look 1: The shy sexy Schoolgirl

Shirt / Skirt / Stockings / Shoes / Earrings are base game

Look 2: The Classic Diva

Shirt / Pants/ Hat @erschsims / Chanel Bangle / Shoes

Look 3: The Retro Chic

Shirt / leggings (with personal pattern) / Shoes / Purse

Look 4: The Free Bird

Shirt / Skirt / Bracelets / Gorgeous ethnic pattern HERE