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  • I look like a cinnamon roll but I could probably kill you: Mandy Milkovich
  • I look like I could kill you but I am actually a cinnamon roll: Carl Gallagher
  • I look like a cinnamon roll and I am actually a cinnamon roll: Ian Gallagher
  • I look like I could kill you and I am really gonna kill you: Mickey Milkovich

Ships That Deserved Better

Recent events compelled me to make this gifset.

*none of the gifs are mine*

Blindspot Spoilers from EW’s Spoiler Room

Now that Roman knows the truth about Jane, should we be worried he’s not long for this world on Blindspot? — Jesse 

I had that same fear, and so did Jaimie Alexander, which is why she went to EP Martin Gero to find out if Luke Mitchell will be sticking around. “I’ve asked,” Alexander tells me. “He said Roman will be around, but he just may not be what he seems. I was like, ‘Cool, as long as he’s here for a while.’ He’s like, ‘He’s here for a while.’ ‘Good. You’re taking everybody I like!‘”

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That Stark Internship

Spoilers for Spider-Man: Homecoming.

Follows today’s FYDL Drabble-a-Thon drabble, with SM:H in between.

Peter flings his backpack into his room on his way past, heading for the kitchen. Maybe there’s still some of May’s half-burnt meatloaf in the fridge; he’s hungry enough that anything would taste good.

As he swings into the living room, he pulls up. May is at the dining table, laughing with a dark-haired woman he doesn’t recognize. There’s a box of donuts between them, and Peter can smell that May has brewed the good coffee.

May turns away from her guest with a smile. “Hey, Peter. How was class?”

“Fine?” he says, eyes flicking between his aunt and the stranger. She’s in a dark hoodie, with a forest green beanie perched on her head. The hoodie has a Stark Expo logo on the breast, but that doesn’t mean anything, right? He’s just getting his hopes up.

“Donut?” the woman pipes up. The box opens, and they smell fresh. How did anyone get fresh, hot donuts at four o'clock in the afternoon?

“Thanks,” Peter mumbles, taking a blueberry cruller. The donuts are from Doughnut Plant, May’s favorite. He does not take two, because that would be rude. Instead, he walks past the two women to fetch the leftover meatloaf out of the fridge.

May doesn’t let him take more than a couple bites of cold meatloaf before she announces, “Peter, this is Darcy Lewis. She’s here to talk to you about the Stark internship.”

What? His eyes jump to his aunt’s, which are twinkling. He tries to convey, mainly via eyebrows, that they’d talked about this.

“Yo,” Darcy says pleasantly.

“Um, hi,” Peter replies. This is not going well.

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