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  • I look like a cinnamon roll but I could probably kill you: Mandy Milkovich
  • I look like I could kill you but I am actually a cinnamon roll: Carl Gallagher
  • I look like a cinnamon roll and I am actually a cinnamon roll: Ian Gallagher
  • I look like I could kill you and I am really gonna kill you: Mickey Milkovich

Ice bucket challenge of the 100 Cast (Lindsey walked out of shot because she didn’t want anyone to notice that she actually poured a lot of it behind her)

The Way Back Home

The Way Back Home
A little Alice/Ian ficlet that evolves into a Remi/Roman ficlet and finally into a Jane/Roman ficlet.

She took her brother’s hand in hers and held on to it tightly; almost too tightly. She knew quite well that she could be hurting him, feeling his boney knuckles under her fingertips, but she did not loosen her grip. She had heard enough stories about siblings being separated in places like these, and she was not going to lose him. She looked at him, blond hair and pale face, looking back at her, panic in his eyes. “It’s ok, Ian,” she told him, “it’s going to be ok.” She gave him a confident smile and pulled him along with her as she waled faster. She kept a brave face, not wanting him to know that she was probably as scared as he was.

The sun was quickly setting, darkness falling down around them, and they hadn’t said a word in almost ten minutes. She still held his hand tightly, sitting on the dirty plastic chairs, watching strangers go back and forth. “Alice?” Ian said, his voice trembling, “what if no one comes for us?”

She turned to him, still trying to wear a confident smile as she spoke, “of course they will! Why wouldn’t they find us?”

“It’s a big place… and there are a lot of people here,” he mumbled, his chin trembling.

Alice squeezed his hand and smiled again. “Mom and Dad said that if we got separated to come and wait for them here,” she reassured him, “they are going to be here any moment to get us.”

“And then we’ll go home?” He asked her.

She nodded, “yes.”

Ian squeezed his eyes shut and shook his head slightly, trying to drown out the noises around him. “I don’t want to come to the fair ever again. I hate it here,” he said.

Alice chuckled slightly, “ok, we will tell mom and dad never to bring us o the fair again.”

“I don’t like getting lost,” he said.

“I know,” Alice agreed, “I don’t like being lost either. But if we stick together, we’ll always find our way back home.”

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don’t touch me//i love you 


yet another dead/dying meme turned into a gifset at the last minute


Here’s my design piece for Doctor Who - The Sontaran Experiment. My first piece of cover art that I’ve been really proud enough of to post publicly.

(earlier art and designs designs from me can be found on gallifreybase.com in The Monopticon Fan Art section under the guise of dwboy16 or Fictitious Designs)